See ya Cuba: Chloe McCardel’s Swimming to Florida

It’s one of the most notable swim crossings ever attempted – Havana to Key West – and Australian marathon swimmer Chloe McCardel is now swimming in the waters with Cuba behind her. If successful, McCardel will be the first person to successful swim the 104 mile stretch without the assistance of a shark cage. On top of this, she’s doing it in accordance with the rules of the English Channel Swim Federation – nothing but a swimsuit. The swim has become legendary primarily thought the effort of American marathon swimmer Diana Nyad who has attempted the swim 4 times since 1978; she’s been thwarted by venomous jelly fish. Nyad recently released a video stating she will again try the swim this year at the age of 63.  Another famous Australian marathon swimmer, Penny Palfrey, was cut short on this swim in 2012 but was also unable to make it through debilitating pain of the jelly fish

McCardel has a wealth of experience in long swims including a win of the 28 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, 6 English Channel crossings and 2 English Channel double crossings. These accomplishments are a testament to her physical ability, but perhaps more important, they are indicators of her mental fortitude. At 28 years old McCardel also has relative youth on her side. This may help her in the swim that is expected to last over 60 hours.

Weather report call for clear skys and calm waters for the next 3 days, but that’s no guarantee. You can follow live GPS tracking of the swim here.


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11 years ago

a lot of people have done this, in fact if you make it to florida from cuba you are an american citizen, if they catch you in the middle they send you back

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