QUIZ: Last 5 World Champions In All Men’s Swimming Events

Can you name the past five World Champions in each men’s swimming event?

A few notes on this quiz:

  • As always, the quiz will accept last names only.
  • Spellings must be correct, or at least relatively close to be accepted.
  • The quiz includes gold medalists from the 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 long course World Championships. Short course World Championships are not included.
  • The quiz covers all individual events, and all relay events. For the relays, you only need to enter the correct country.
  • There are 100 total answers in this quiz – how many can you name in just ten minutes?

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8 months ago

97/100 in 4 minutes. Struggled with Koch, Wellbrock & Franca Silva.

8 months ago

not too bad 99/100. Couldn’t remember who won 50breast in 2011.

Reply to  Jumba
8 months ago

Exact same here! Once I saw the name I instantly remembered his finish in that race

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
8 months ago

haha yes! He was actually quite close to the 100 title also but couldnt put together 3 great swims.

Reply to  Jumba
8 months ago

??? The winner of the 50 in 2011 didn’t even final in the 100

Reply to  iLikePsych
8 months ago

And the top 2 in the 100 were not very close.

Ad Djo
Reply to  Jumba
8 months ago

Sprenger the Aussie finished by a great margin

Ad Djo
Reply to  Jumba
8 months ago

Van Der Burgh

8 months ago

93/100. I could SEE the pics of Ning and Wellbock from their wikis in my head but couldn’t think of their names to save my life. I’d like to apologize to Chase Kalisz too

Reply to  DCSwim
8 months ago

You’re not the only one who forgot about Chase Kalisz, also was the only American swimmer I missed

Le swim
Reply to  Nswim
8 months ago

I forgot his spelling. Remembered him from looking at the us national team roster

8 months ago

It didn’t register UK, if s

8 months ago

89 for me. Camille Lacourt totally slipped my mind as I was trying to remember who the 50 back winners were over the decade.

Last edited 8 months ago by MTK
Kadee Whipple
8 months ago

33/100 I can’t spell

8 months ago

I always have trouble spelling Paltrinieri

8 months ago

98/100, couldn’t remember Daniel Gyurta because breaststroke isn’t a real stroke 🙁

Reply to  25Backstroke
8 months ago

I’m the same with backstroke. Only got Rylov and Lochte

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