Qin Haiyang Turns In 2:08.87 200 Breast On Night 5 Of 2024 Chinese Nationals


Day 5 of the 2024 Chinese National Swimming Championship unfolded tonight from Shenzhen with multiple swimmers making the cut for this summer’s Olympic Games.

As a reminder, the individual event times from the 2023 World Championships, 2024 World Championships and this competition will be ranked to determine which swimmers will see their names added to the provisional roster for Paris 2024.

We are keeping track of the lineup as it develops throughout this 10-day competition, with the latest updates included at the bottom of this post.

We already reported how 19-year-old Pan Zhanle unleashed a winning time of 46.97 to take the men’s 100m freestyle, registering the 6th-best performance in the process.

Pan owns the world record, courtesy of the 46.80 notched as lead-off on the Chinese men’s 4x100m free relay in Doha this past February.

The women’s edition of the 100m free saw 22-year-old Yang Junxuan take down Zhang Yufei‘s national record.

Yang touched in 52.68 to join Zhang as the only Chinese women ever to have broken the 53-second barrier in the event.

All eyes were on 24-year-old Qin Haiyang in the men’s 200m breast, seeing what he would do as a follow-up to the world record-setting performance of 2:05.48 turned in for gold at last year’s World Championships.

Tonight Qin was on the subdued side but still got the job done, touching in 2:08.87 as the sole swimmer of the pack to dip under the 2:10 barrier.

Behind him was Dong Zhihao, the reigning world junior record holder in this event. Dong logged 2:10.08 and, although that’s off the Olympic Qualification Time of 2:09.68, the 19-year-old already secured his Olympic berth via his 2:07.94 from winning the 200m breast event at this year’s World Championships.

Gao Weizhong won the women’s 1500m free event in a time of 16:06.19, clearing the OQT of 16:09.09 in the process.

Gao is China’s 5th-fastest performer in history, owning a lifetime best of 16:01.13 from last year’s Chinese Nationals.

Li Bingjie‘s time of 15:45.71 from the 2023 World Championships adds her to the list of Olympic qualifiers.

The men’s 200m fly final saw Niu Guangheng get to the wall first, registering a time of 1:55.46. His performance was within half a second of his career-quickest 1:55.05, a time he produced at last year’s Chinese Spring Nationals.

Nearly joining Niu in Olympic qualification was tonight’s silver medalist Xu Fang. The 20-year-old put up 1:56.97, a result just .20 off his lifetime best, but not enough to clear the OQT of 1:55.78.


  • Olympic multi-medalist Zhang opted out of the women’s 100m free to instead focus on the 200m fly. She topped the field in tonight’s semi-final, registering a time of 2:07.50. She’s already been as fast as 2:05.57, the result she posted for gold at last year’s Asian Games. Gong Zhenqi already dipped under the 2:07.43 World Aquatics Olympic Qualification Time in the heats, hitting 2:08.27 for the 2nd seed. Chen Luying is also in the hunt, holding fast as the 3rd-seeded swimmer in 2:09.22.
  • Tang Qianting, China’s newly-minted 100m breaststroke Asian Record holder, was the swiftest in the 200m breast semi-final. She hit 2:26.14 to hold a narrow advantage over 2012 400m IM Olympic champion Yi Shiwen. Yi logged 2:26.53 to flank Tang for tomorrow night’s main event while Zhu Leiju also put her hat into the potential Olympic qualification ring with a time of 2:27.23.
  • Olympic medalist Xu Jiayu settled for taking the 2nd seed in the men’s 200m back, putting up a semi time of 1:58.86. Beating the 100m back champion so far was Tao Guannan who touched in 1:57.80 as the only other sub-2:00 athlete tonight. Wang Yutian rounded out the top 3 seeds in 2:00.20.

Chinese Olympic Qualifiers Through Day 5

  • Note: times crossed out means a swimmer was faster than the qualifying standard, but was either faster at a prior qualifying meet, or are not in the top two swimmers during the qualifying period.

OQT’s Clocked Thus Far at the 2024 Chinese Nationals

  • Men’s 100m free – Pan Zhanle (46.97), Wang Haoyu (48.11)
  • Men’s 200m free – Pan Zhanle (1:45.68), Ji Xinjie (1:45.86)
  • Men’s 400m free – Pan Zhanle (3:45.58), Zhang Zhanshuo (3:45.82)
  • Men’s 800m free – Zhang Zhanshuo (7:47.84), Fei Liwei (7:47.86)
  • Men’s 100m back – Xu Jiayu (52.39)
  • Men’s 100m breast – Qin Haiyang (58.24), Sun Jiajun (58.73)
  • Men’s 200m breast – Qin Haiyang (2:08.87)
  • Men’s 200m fly – Niu Guangheng (1:55.46)
  • Women’s 100m free – Yang Junxuan (52.68), Wu Qingfeng (53.25)
  • Women’s 200m free – Yang Junxuan (1:54.37), Li Bingjie (1:56.29)
  • Women’s 400m free – Li Bingjie (4:04.03), Liu Yaxin (4:04.88)
  • Women’s 1500m free – Gao Weizhong (16:05.19)
  • Women’s 100m back – Wan Letian (59.02), Wang Xueer (59.61)
  • Women’s 100m fly – Zhang Yufei (56.36)Yu Yiting (56.82)
  • Women’s 100m breast – Tang Qianting (1:04.39), Yang Chang (1:06.79)

OQT’s Clocked From 2023/2024 World Championships

  • Men’s 100m free – Pan Zhanle (46.80), Wang Haoyu (48.06)
  • Men’s 1500m free – Fei Liwei (14:50.51)
  • Men’s 100m back – Xu Jiayu (52.54)
  • Men’s 100m breast – Qin Haiyang (57.69), Yan Zibei (59.23)
  • Men’s 200m breast – Qin Haiyang (2:05.48), Dong Zhihao (2:07.94)
  • Women’s 50m free – Zhang Yufei (24.15), Cheng Yujie (24.45)
  • Women’s 100m free – Cheng Yujie (53.39)
  • Women’s 200m free – Li Bingjie (1:55.83), Liu Yaxin (1:56.97)
  • Women’s 400m free – Li Bingjie (4:01.62), Yang Peiqi (4:05.73)
  • Women’s 800m free – Li Bingjie (8:13.31)
  • Women’s 1500m free – Li Bingjie (15:45.71)
  • Women’s 100m back – Wan Letian (59.49)
  • Women’s 200m back – Peng Xuwei (2:06.74)
  • Women’s 100m breast – Tang Qianting (1:05.27)Yang Chang (1:06.75)
  • Women’s 100 fly – Zhang Yufei (56.12)
  • Women’s 200m IM – Yu Yiting (2:08.74)

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T Boi Swims
29 days ago

Sorry but you can’t be that big, swim such a fast 50m 100m & 200m breaststroke. Never before has that been seen. It was obvious from the world’s thay he was on it. Oh dear he’s on the gear…

Reply to  T Boi Swims
18 days ago

Brah, all his tests came back negative in the world championships and you can’t rule out accidental contamination. Don’t presume just because you made up your mind.

29 days ago

Hope his lunch was uncontaminated.

Juice McGee
1 month ago

There’s a place for this guy & the other Chinese swimmers. It’s call the Enhanced Games.

Reply to  Juice McGee
1 month ago

James Magnussen moment

Reply to  Juice McGee
29 days ago

Carl Lewis, Marion Jones, Shayna Jack …

Reply to  Juice McGee
18 days ago

So Chinese swimmers can’t be great athletes and it has to be cheating if they win?

The amounts in their system are too low to be performance enhancing. And contamination become more plausible given the relatively low amounts. That was already determined by Wada who bases their decisions on real science.

It’s surprising how even when wada clears them, that people still jump to ugly and jealous unsubstantiated accusations.

Last edited 18 days ago by Steven
1 month ago

Wasn’t he listed amongst the 23 swimmer tested positive prior to 2021 Tokyo games?

1 month ago

Given the recent revelations by WADA. It is hard to trust these times as legitimate. Just wondering if they are clean?

Reply to  CoachD
1 month ago

us should ask this question to themselves firstly

T Boi Swims
Reply to  blue
29 days ago

Oh dear, he’s on the gear

1 month ago

This one is the big worry for me Qin Hiayang, he is 24 years old, he has only become world class in the last 2 years, prior to last year showed no potential to be WR in 200 & a major threat in the 100.

Normally you see swimmers progressed, he jumped 3 seconds at age 23 years old to be WR in the 200 breast.

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

He was a WJR holder in the 200br and swam 2.07.3 aged 18, but it was never ratified. I don’t trust his performances personally, but to say he didn’t show this potential until recently isn’t accurate – He was an exceptional junior who, like many, plateaued before continuing progress.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dee
Reply to  Dee
1 month ago

Thanks, my knowledge not a great as your, I just looked at the times form the last 4-5 years & until last year was not showing anything that shows that this guy has progressed to the world class swimmer he became at age 23 years.

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

24 years old, wr holder, is not world class, god

Slow Breastroker
Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

Now do the same analysis for Nick Fink who was much older than Qin when he gained massive improvements.

Reply to  Slow Breastroker
1 month ago

Yeah not a big fan of Funk.

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

Sorry Fink.

Brit swim fan
Reply to  Slow Breastroker
1 month ago

Im not a fan of this comparison, simply because:
-Qin’s improvements have been on another level compared to Fink’s and across all three distances.
-Fink’s improvement in the 50 and 100 has somewhat come at the cost of his 200 form.

If anything you are doing a disservice to Qin comparing him to Fink, but I understand the wider sentiment that improvements can be made at more ‘advanced ages’ in the sport.

Slow Breastroker
1 month ago

I think it’s only a matter of time before China replace USA as the world’s top swimming nation.

Reply to  Slow Breastroker
1 month ago

Absolutely miles off – China hasn’t even unseated Australia as heir to the thrown yet.

Reply to  Slow Breastroker
1 month ago

Not before LA28

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Slow Breastroker
1 month ago

calm down, champ

Last edited 1 month ago by Emily Se-Bom Lee
1 month ago

Zhihao was only 2:10, well off of his 2:07 from Doha

That training group is definitely training through this meet to an extent

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