Pre Men’s NCAA Interview: Top Sprinter Derek Toomey – ready to go!

by Katrina Radke 8

March 25th, 2013 News, Video Interview

Derek Toomey, Captain and Junior at University of Minnesota, talks with Katrina Radke about how he has improved from a 20.5 at the end of his high school career (and thank you to Peter and Braden for sharing what he was like as a freshman in high school – 25.77!) to 19.11. This time places him 3rd going into the 50 at NCAAs. He also talks about his nice 18.3 split on the relay at the conference meet. He is also seeded 5th in the 100, going into NCAAs.

He talks about how he has been fortunate to train with sprint coaches Dennis Dale and Steve Miller, and how he is ready to race his best and put himself in contention to win.

For those interested in his background before college: please note the post by JB (thanks JB):

He was coached in Madison at the Badger Aquatic Club by Drew Walden and Jack Pettinger – interestingly, they also coached Ivy Martin (Big 10 Recordholder in 50 Free), Drew Teudits (Big 10 Recordholder in 200 Back), Aja Van Hout, Ruby Martin, and quite a few other athletes in the Big 10 right now.

The top 16 seeds in Event 4: 50 Freestyle

1 Chierighini, Marcelo JR Auburn 18.85A
2 Morozov, Vladimir JR Southern Cali 18.86A
3 Toomey, Derek JR Minnesota 19.11A
4 Deborde, Bradley JR Florida 19.12A
5 Ortiz, Bruno SO Michigan 19.27A
6 Murray, Paul JR Florida St 19.34B
7 Tucker, Daniel JR Purdue 19.35B
8 Turk, Zachary SR Michigan 19.39B
9 Weber, Mark SR Florida St 19.42B
10 Kanorr, Daniel SR Indiana 19.43B
11 Schnur, Jason SR Ohio St 19.44B
12 Walsh, Edward SR Tennessee 19.46B
13 Lee, Oliver JR Harvard 19.52B
14 Wagner, John JR Southern Cali 19.53B
15 Boffa, Jonathan JR NC State 19.55B
16 Dalton, John SR Texas A&M 19.56

Event 17 100 Freestyle: Top 16 seeds:

1 Morozov, Vladimir JR Southern Cali 41.38A
2 Chierighini, Marcelo JR Auburn 41.60A
3 De Lucca, Joao JR Louisville 42.05A
4 Wayne, Aaron SR Stanford 42.48B
5 Toomey, Derek JR Minnesota 42.60B
6 Smith, Giles JR Arizona 42.63B
7 Rairden, Samuel JR Tennessee 42.64B
8 Boffa, Jonathan JR NC State 42.69B
9 Hill, Daxon SR Texas 42.71B
10 Dalton, John SR Texas A&M 42.74B
11 Ortiz, Bruno SO Michigan 42.76B
12 Sadauskas, Mindaugas SR So. Methodist 42.77B
13 Murray, Paul JR Florida St 42.78B
14 Blondell, Caryle SO Louisville 42.79B
15 Soedel, Nicholas SO Univ of Utah 42.83B
16 Tucker, Daniel JR Purdue 42.84


Katrina Radke is an Olympic Swimmer, Sport Psychology Professor, Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress, and 7 Ultimate Fitness Routines. She also runs a motivational, peak potential business, WECOACH4U with her husband, Olympic Coach and former Stanford Coach, Ross Gerry.

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7 years ago

20.5? Ask him what his best time was his freshman year of high school? Young man has come a long, long way!

Reply to  Peter
7 years ago

25.77! #swimgeek

7 years ago

anyone know how big he is?

7 years ago

I sure don’t see many underclassmen, and no freshman, in either of the top 16 50 and 100 seeds. Only Ortiz in the 50 and Ortiz again in the 100, joining him in the 100 is Blondell – Louisville and Soedel – Utah. Speaking of Utah how is that program looking in terms of being solvent with the head coach being fired and the AD under pressure? My IU could really use that Utah sprinter!

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