Practice + Pancakes: Virginia Tech Suits Up for 8×100 Off the Blocks

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

In conjunction with the Pro Swim Series stop in Greensboro, SwimSwam is embarking on the East Coast Pancake Tour 2019. This tour will be taking fans to various swimming programs along the east coast for Practice + Pancakes, Beyond the Pancakes, and maybe a few more pancake goodies thrown in.

The tour actually started on Saturday morning of the Pro Swim, when we took a drive up to Virginia Tech. The hokies were coming off of a tri-meet with Queens and Pitt Friday afternoon, but head coach Sergio Lopez wasn’t letting the racing stop there. The whole team suited up and dove 8×100 on 12:00 (8 heats on 1:30), 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 100%.

Highlights included post-grad Egyptian Farida Osman touching for a 49 100 free and 53 100 fly, freestyle ace Lane Stone rocking a 44 100 free on the last swim of the day, and school record-holder Antani Ivanov dropping a wowing 46.9 100 fly on his last 100 of the day, only .8 off of his own school record.

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11 months ago

Would love to see P&P go to mid-major programs as well and give some attention to some of the fantastic mid-major programs and swimmers out there.

Reply to  STRK
11 months ago

And maybe some D 2&3 schools as well! There are some incredible swimmers there and the team environment is great!

Reply to  Nswim
11 months ago

West Chester?

Reply to  Xman
11 months ago

I here they may be at queens next

Reply to  Xman
11 months ago


2 Cents
Reply to  STRK
11 months ago

Wait… MIDdle of the pack of a MAJOR conference isn’t a “mid-major”? I think teams like VT are the swimming equivalent of a mid-major especially considering their history.

11 months ago

We wish that Sergio would pay as much attention to the college team as he does the international pros! Looks like a lot of swimmers in that pool at one time. Is that even legal?

Reply to  ACC Fan
11 months ago

How does that work out with compliance? I thought you must be in school to be allowed to practice with the college team.

Reply to  Reed
11 months ago

I have heard something like that also, but my understanding is that pro groups are often intermingled with college teams – so it must not be a strict requirement. Can someone with firsthand knowledge speak to this?

The Man Himself
Reply to  swimgeek
11 months ago

I know the Cal pros, at least on the men’s side, also swim with the team, so it is either a really lax rule or not one at all.

Reply to  ACC Fan
11 months ago

He has a long way to go if he’s going to catch UVA, NC State, Louisville, Norte Dame and Duke…

11 months ago

Come to division 2 schools

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