Pinheiros Take the Arthur Sapaio Carepa Trophy By Over 100 Points

The Pinheiros took another top club honour, this time at the Arthur Sapaio Carepa Trophy, which is also the Brazilian Youth Championships.

The Pinheiros won the competition by over 100 points over Curitibano.

The championships are separated into two youth categories, Youth I and Youth II. Youth I are athletes born in 2000 whereas Youth II are athletes born in 1999.

High Point Awards went to:

Youth I female – Rafaela Raurich 51 points

Youth II female – Maria Paula Heitmann 44 points

Youth I male – João Vitor 31 points

Youth II male – Caio Rodrigues Pumputis 66 points

Top Performances went to:

Youth I female – Rafaela Raurich 200 freestyle 2:02.07 911 points

Youth II female – Maria Paula Heitmann 200 freestyle 2:01.20 921 points

Youth I male – João Victor Pena 100 freestyle 52.86 829 points

Youth II male – Caio Pumputis 200 breaststroke 2:16.40 903 points

The competition was strong this year as there were 14 records broken over the four day event.

Half of those records were taken down in the final two days of competition.

Caio Pumputis etched his name in the record books twice on Friday in both the men’s 200 breaststroke and 200 IM. Pumputis won the Youth II 200 breaststroke in a time of 2:16.40, dropping almost six seconds off his lifetime best. He beat the record of 2:19.99 set by Felipe Monni in 2012 by almost two and a half seconds.

With the 200 breaststroke and 200 IM being back to back, which meant that breaking both records would be extremely hard to achieve, Pumputis went for the 200 IM meet record in the morning, a feat he achieved. He posted a 2:05.70 breaking the record of 2:06.04 set by Giuliano Rocco in 2009.

Even though the thought was achieving the record in the evening would be a tough task Pumputis almost accomplished it winning the event in a time of 2:05.79.

On the final day of the competition Puputis also took gold in the 100 breaststroke posting a time of 1:04.10.

Luiza Goeji also had some extremely impressive performances on the final two days of competition. On Friday evening Goeji won the women’s Youth I 200 breaststroke in a time of 2:39.86 beating the record of 2:40.57 set by Rafaeli Coutinho in 2011.

Goeji went on to break the meet record in the 100 breaststroke on the final night of competition posting a time of 1:12.70. The previous record of 1:14.11 was set by Gabriele Roncatto in 2013.

Goeji was not the only swimmer to post a time under the previous record, Ana Zortea collected the silver touching in a time of 1:13.59.

The women’s Youth I 400 IM was another race that saw two swimmers swim faster than the competition record. Maida Chebaraka won the event posting a time of 4:20.03 followed very closely by Rafaela Raurich who touched in a time of 4:20.43. The previous record of 4:23.63 was set by Bruna Primati in 2012.

Raurich had to settle for the silver in the 400 IM, but that was not the case in the 100 freestyle where she took the event in a time of 57.02. With that time she broke the record of Maria Paula Heitmann which was set in 2014.

Fernanda Goeji won the women’s Youth I 200 IM on Friday in a time of 2:22.12. With that win Goeji took titles in four events, which is the total number of events which she swam at the meet.

Minas set a new meet record in the mixed 4 x 50 medley relay taking the event in a time of 1:52.55.

Other winners on the final two days include:

  • Women’s Youth II 100 freestyle – Maria Paula Heitmann – 56.87
  • Men’s Youth I 100 freestyle – Joao Victor Pena – 52.86
  • Men’s Youth II 100 freestyle – Breno Correia – 51.56
  • Women’s Youth II 200 breaststroke – Emily Lopes – 2:40.30
  • Men’s Youth I 200 breaststroke – Lucas Pittan – 2:27.66
  • Women’s Youth II – 200 IM – Clarissa Rodrigues – 2:25.45
  • Men’s Youth I – 200 IM – Isaac Saraina – 2:13.16
  • Women’s Youth I – 50 freestyle – Luiza Goeji – 27.36
  • Women’s Youth II – 50 freestyle – Clarissa Rodrigues – 26.23
  • Men’s Youth I – 50 freestyle – Lucas Peixoto – 24.49
  • Men’s Youth II – 50 freestyle – Enzo Sasho – 23.93
  • Women’s Youth II – 100 breaststroke – Heloiza Alves 1:13.59
  • Men’s Youth I – 100 breaststroke – Lucca Castro – 1:07.59
  • Women’s Youth I – 200 butterfly – Beatriz Pizotto – 2:22.87
  • Women’s Youth II – 200 butterfly – Beatriz Silva – 2:25.06
  • Men’s Youth I – 200 butterfly – Felipe Lemos – 2:13.32
  • Men’s Youth II – 200 butterfly – Matheus Gonche – 2:03.95
  • Women’s Youth II – 400 IM – Maria Heitmann – 4:20.84
  • Men’s Youth I – 400 IM – Cristian Machado – 4:09.59
  • Men’s Youth II – 400 IM – Breno Correia – 4:02.44


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7 years ago

Great results by Caio Pumputis!By the way, another Brazilian sprinter in the making with Breno Correia dropping from 53.36 to 51.56 in100free.

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