Oakland Swim Coach Added To SafeSport Database With Temporary Restriction

Oakland, California swim coach Cameron Redd has been added to the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s database of banned individuals on a temporary restriction.

Redd was formerly an athlete with the Oakland Undercurrent, and was more recently affiliated with that club as a non-athlete member of USA Swimming. His entry in the SafeSport database lists Oakland, CA as his city. Redd’s sanction includes is due to allegations of misconduct, per the database.

Redd was added to the database on January 7, 2020. He’s under a “temporary restriction” that appears to limit his contact with athletes, though doesn’t fully ban him from participation. His restrictions listed in the database are “No Contact Directive(s), Contact / Communication Limitation(s), Travel / Lodging Restriction(s), No Unsupervised Coaching / Training.”

The Oakland Undercurrent already have one coach on the banned list: Ben Sheppard was permanently banned in 2013 for allegedly making inappropriate comments and sending inappropriate messages to swimmers.

We reached out to the Oakland Undercurrent for comment on Redd’s current employment status and the allegations against him, but the club declined to comment at this time. Redd does not yet appear on USA Swimming’s list of temporary bans. It’s unclear how long his restrictions will be in place moving forward, and the Center for SafeSport typically does not comment on specific matters.

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