NHSCA Announces Scholar Athletes of the Year

The National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) has announced the 2017 High School Academic All-Americans for the 2016/17 school year. The award recognizes those student-athletes who have excelled both in the field of play and in the classroom.

163 Academic All-Americans were selected this year. Honorees came from 12 different sports, and swimming claimed 9 of the 162 spots.

“This year’s Academic All Americans are the epitome of what a student-athlete is,” NHSCA CEO Bobby Ferraro said. “Not only do they excel on the playing field, mat, court, pool, and track, but they also excel in the classroom, these student-athletes are leaders in and out of the classroom and are the future leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to deem them Academic All Americans.

Class of 2019 swimming NHSCA Academic All Americans:

  • Cora Dupre competed for Mariemont High School in Ohio.  Coached by Kevin Maness, she placed three times at state and received All State honors both her freshman and sophomore year.  Out of the pool, she maintained a GPA of 3.7.
  • Kathryn Lyons (California) is sophomore standout who competed in both water polo and swimming. She goes to Miramonte High School and is coached by Noel Murphy. In the classroom she achieved a 4.0 GPA.

Class of 2018 swimming NHSCA Academic All Americans:

  • Olivia Grossklaus (Arizona) competed for Red Mountain High School.  Coached by Michael Peterson, she finishined 1st in the 100 Fly and 3rd in the 50 Free at State Championships.  She maintained a GPA of 3.9 this school year.  This ranked Olivia 35/868 students in her class.
  • Helen Schawe (Texas) swam for Veterans Memorial High School. Her and her Coach Dee Hargis saw their team to a 22nd place finish at State Championships in the 400 Free Relay.  In the classroom Schawe’s 4.0 GPA ranked her 25/500 students in her class.

Class of 2017 NHSCA Academic All Americans:

  • Peter Baltes is a senior from Pennsylvania.  He will be attending Notre Dame this coming fall.  Competing for Central Bucks High School West, Baltes finshed in the top 16 at State Championships three times in his career.  He finished high school ranked #34 academically in his class, with a GPA of 3.9.
  • Dylan Kemp is a butterfly/breaststroke specialist from Oklahoma.  Representing Guymon High School, he finished in the top 8 at State Championships 6 times in his career, with a second place finish highlighting his senior year. Ranked #1 in his class academically with a 3.9 GPA, he will be studying political science and pre-law at Texas Christian University in the fall.
  • Freestyler and Iowa high school record holder Mykenzie Leehy competed for Lewis Central High School.  Coached by Bruce Schomburg, she placed 4 times at state Championships during her swimming career.  Ranked #55 in her class with a 4.0 GPA, she will be swimming for the University of Houston in the fall.
  • Benjamin Loutzenhiser went to General McLane High School.  Coached by Benjamin Loutzenhiser, he swam on both the 400 and 200 freestyle relays at State Championships, finishing 14th and 15th in his junior and senior year. With a 3.8 GPA, he will go on to study at SUNY Maritime College.
  • Greg Reed competed for Hidden Valley High School.  He swam his way to three first place finishes at State Championships during his high school career.  With a 3.8 GPA, he will go on to study and compete at the University of Georgia in the fall. 

A full list of NHSCA 2017 Academic All Americans:

Class of 2020

  • Konner Doucet (Wrestling)
  • Dalton Harkins (Wrestling)
  • Thomas McCormick (Wrestling)
  • Trevor Nugent (Wrestling)

Class of 2019

  • Ian Arnold (Wrestling)
  • Raegan Ashby (Volleyball)
  • Earl Blake (Wrestling)
  • Brett Bober (Wrestling)
  • John Carroll (Wrestling)
  • Marcus Castillo (Wrestling)
  • Brysen Collier (Wrestling)
  • Aidan Connet (Wrestling
  • Tyler Crew (Wrestling)
  • Jack (Wrestling)
  • Cora Dupre (Swimming)
  • Benjamin Fielding (Wrestling)
  • Nick Florschutz (Wrestling)
  • Kekana Fouret (Wrestling)
  • Ryan Garlitz (Wrestling)
  • Tyler Glynn (Wrestling)
  • Henry Hague (Wrestling)
  • Josh Heindselman (Wrestling)
  • Daniel Ivko (Wrestling)
  • Umer Khan (Wrestling)
  • Meredith Kiekintveld (Track and Field)
  • Kathryn Lyons (Water polo and Swimming)
  • Sean McCormick (Wrestling)
  • Jaxon Miller (Wrestling)
  • Santino Morina (Football and Wrestling)
  • Ryan Morrow (Wrestling)
  • Joey Perkins (Wrestling)
  • Wyatt Pfau (Wrestling)
  • Anna Tod (Soccer)
  • Savanna White (Volleyball)
  • Collin Yinger (Wrestling)

Class of 2018

  • Zach Alexander (Wrestling)
  • Grant Aronoff (Wrestling)
  • Michael Beard (Wrestling)
  • Mason Berges (Basketball)
  • Josh Burrus (Wrestling)
  • Cameron Calabrese (Track and Field)
  • Logan Chappell (Wrestling)
  • Makayla Christensen (Soccer)
  • Nate Clements (Wrestling)
  • Andrew Cota (Wrestling)
  • P.J. Crane (Wrestling)
  • Sean Crumbliss (Wrestling)
  • Brendan Devine (Wrestling)
  • Andrew Esses (Tennis)
  • Derek Giallombardo (Wrestling)
  • Kade Grigsby (Wrestling)
  • Gavin Grime (Wrestling)
  • Olivia Grossklaus (Swimming)
  • Tanner Harris (Wrestling)
  • Adam Henderson (Wrestling)
  • Christian Hernandez (Wrestling)
  • Chris Hisey (Wrestling)
  • Alex Isbrandt (Wrestling )
  • Chris Johnson (Wrestling)
  • Ryan Karoly (Wrestling)
  • Jude Lloyd (Wrestling)
  • Ryan Luth (Wrestling)
  • Matt Mitchler (Wrestling)
  • Dailen Presgrove (Wrestling)
  • Cade Ridley (Wrestling)
  • Mark Salvatore (Wrestling)
  • Avery Sanchez (Soccer)
  • Chloe Sands (Tennis)
  • Helen Schawe (Swimming)
  • Kai Sexson (Wrestling)
  • Grant Speer (Wrestling)
  • Joe Taylor (Wrestling)
  • Grayson Timmins (Basketball)
  • Christopher Vasquez (Wrestling)
  • Jadon Williams (Wrestling)
  • Cole Wyman (Wrestling)
  • Luke Young (Wrestling)

Class of 2017

  • Ryan Aker (Wrestling)
  • Joseph Altorfer (Wrestling)
  • Faith Anderson (Wrestling)
  • Jack Anderson (Wrestling)
  • Peter Baltes (Swimming)
  • Andrew Berreyesa (Wrestling)
  • Matthew Blackman (Soccer)
  • Matthew Bolduc (Wrestling)
  • Lucas Briggs (Soccer and Baseball)
  • Michael Chang (Wrestling)
  • Frank Wyatt Chapman (Track and Field)
  • Christopher Cheadle (Wrestling)
  • Nate Cluff (Track and Field)
  • Jesse Conley (Wrestling)
  • Drew Cozzolino (Wrestling)
  • Bryce Crew (Wrestling)
  • Jayce Cunha (Wrestling)
  • Matt Daner (Wrestling )
  • Aliyah Daniel (Track and Field)
  • Chaz Davis (Track and Field)
  • Jake DuVall (Wrestling)
  • Kyle Elliott (Wrestling)
  • Atreyu Glasscock (Track and Field)
  • Abigail Greenleaf (Track and Field)
  • Quintin Holland (Wrestling)
  • Moriah Hopkins (Volleyball)
  • Anthony Huynh (Tennis)
  • Seth Janney (Wrestling)
  • Colby Johnson (Wrestling )
  • Jewel Johnson (Softball)
  • Christopher Jones (Wrestling)
  • Dylan Keeney (Wrestling)
  • Dylan Kemp (Swimming)
  • Meredith Kiekintveld (Track and Field)
  • Adam Kinyon (Wrestling)
  • Brandon Kipper (Wrestling)
  • Jeff Klenk (Wrestling)
  • Corey Knoth (Wrestling )
  • Brandon Konecny (Wrestling)
  • Dominic LaJoie (Wrestling)
  • Mykenzie Leehy (Swimming)
  • Wyatt Lewis (Wrestling)
  • Benjamin Loutzenhiser (Swimming)
  • Lorna MacFarlane (Soccer)
  • Brendan MacNabb (Wrestling)
  • Matt Malcom (Wrestling)
  • Mackenzie Mann (Track and Field)
  • Noah Mattin (Wrestling)
  • Haylea Mikuls (Soccer)
  • Malcolm Mitchell (Wrestling)
  • Gerardo Moceri (Track and Field)
  • Stephen Moreno (Wrestling)
  • Mason Moser (Wrestling)
  • Patrick Moynihan (Wrestling)
  • Matthew Muller (Wrestling)
  • Evan Muller (Wrestling)
  • Olivia Nichols (Soccer)
  • Lexi Palacio (Soccer)
  • Timothy Paris (Wrestling)
  • Chase Parr (Wrestling)
  • Lilli Patterson (Field Hockey)
  • Connor Pearson (Wrestling)
  • Tyler Phares (Wrestling)
  • Casey Randles (Wrestling)
  • Greg Reed (Swimming)
  • Franky Renteria (Wrestling)
  • Eric Reynolds (Wrestling)
  • Hunter Richard  (Wrestling)
  • Katelynn Riner (Volleyball)
  • Gracie Salts (Soccer)
  • Anna Schouten (Track and Field)
  • Garrett Schwindt (Wrestling)
  • Sean Sesnan (Wrestling)
  • Rodrigo Silva (Wrestling)
  • Julia Simkus (Soccer)
  • Sadie Sweeney (Track and Field)
  • John (JT)Turner (Football)
  • Zachary Van Alst (Wrestling)
  • Kamren VanBuskirk (Wrestling)
  • Andre Vella (Wrestling)
  • Dolce Vincent (Wrestling)
  • Tyrone Watson (Wrestling)
  • Kevin Wentland (Wrestling)
  • Korben White (track & field, football, and basketball)
  • Ronnie Williams Jr(Wrestling)
  • Brad Willis (Baseball)
  • Ethan Young (Wrestling)

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4 years ago

Some missing. This can’t be the full list of swimmers

olde coach
4 years ago

Never heard of this group before. Not to be confused with NISC ……National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Assoc

4 years ago

What exactly is the criteria for this anyway? And where did this group come from? Seems very arbitrary. I personally know many other swimmers who were Academic All Americans this year from their high school as well as US Swimming’s Academic All Americans. And none of them are on this list. Too many groups creating too many awards…

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