Flashback to Junior World Championships With Michael Andrew (VIDEO)

Michael Andrew posted a new video to his YouTube channel this morning.  Andrew interviewed teammates and competitors from Junior World Championships, asking what their most memorable moment was and what they learned from the meet. We get to see behind the scene footage from the pool, hotel, dinner room, and on the bus.

Most interviewed noted that their teammates were the biggest part of their World Junior Championship experience. “What really will stick with me,” Andrew reflected at the end of the video from his home in Kansas, “is the incredible support from the Team USA staff and my teammates. You guys know I train alone, I race alone apart from being with my family all the time. It was huge for me to go into a setting that was so, not foreign, but just something I don’t get to experience very often. To feel super welcome was incredible.” “My second night of racing was terrible,” “I felt like I was prepared to handle it,” Andrew admitted regarding his heavy schedule of races. Andrew remembered that after his 50 breast final he sat down and called his parents. Instead of dwelling on a rough night of racing he stayed positive and finished the meet in World Junior Record fashion (x6). Andrew learned to stay “determined, positive and focused.” “Once your race is over, assess what you can and then focus on the next thing.”

Michael Andrew took a short break to relax before getting back to the grind. Andrew spent the past week and half jet skiing and wake surfing at a friends cabin. Andrew started his season up this past Wednesday, “we are training for something that you guys are going to find very very hard to believe”.

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Woo just me or does it sound like hes getting his 400 IM training started????

Steve Nolan

I think he’s decided to focus solely on 25s.


Open water

crooked donald

Nope. Dancing with the Stars.


Nice work MA!!

Tom from Chicago

MA broke 6 WJR during this meet, yet trains alone; that is really impressive, especially since it was done in 3 different strokes. Most top level swimmers like Phelps and Ledecky are notorious for racing other swimmers during practice, so MA is somewhat training somewhat blind. The USRPT is very technical, so I guess he should have some idea of where he is at. He has certainly developed world class speed. Now it will be fascinating to see if he can bring his success to the 100s where it counts.


Wait. Did you just kinda sorta compare Michael Andrew to Phelps? Because last I checked, Phelps deserves to be in a class of his own. And since you mentioned it, no. Phelps did not have anyone to “race” during training. I mean… who would that be to challenge him? He won EVERY gold medal at the flipping Olympics. He raced himself. He had to challenge himself. Paaa-leeez!

crooked donald

You’re obviously talking 2008 and earlier, because after that, Kalisz, Agnel, Dwyer and others all kicked Phelps’ butt in practice, that is when he went to practice. See Bowman’s recent talk at ASCA.


From the book No Limits by Phelps he talks about how Erik Vendt was an absolute monster in practice and it was not uncommon for him to beat Phelps on sets

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