Missy Franklin Breaks 100 Back American Record

Missy Franklin has been fighting the urge to see herself as an “Olympian”. Though media across the world wanted to anoint her before she set foot in Omaha, she insisted she was an “Olympic hopeful”, just like the other 1,840 swimmers at the meet.

And in the women’s 100 back, she not only became an Olympian, she became an American Record holder in the race, with a 58.85 to blow away the field.

She looked like she might be in trouble headed into the turn; she only went out in 29.11, which left her 4th at the turn. But she came home in a nearly-even 29.74 to mark a 58.85 that breaks Natalie Coughlin’s American Record in the event, set back in 2009 in a rubber suit.

The comparative splits are below, and highlight how vastly different these two swim their races.

Coughlin ’08: 28.39 – 58.94
Franklin ’12: 29.11 – 29.74

This swim also took down a 58.97, also swum by Coughlin, that was the old U.S. Open Record.

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Jean Michel

Great MIssy Franklin ! owesome time ! way to start the Olympic team ……

Cheers from home! Way to go!

John Sampson

Look out world….

Im still mind boggled…%5.8 not even 20 minutes after a 200 free?! WHAT?! No matter how easy she coasted in the 200 free, you cannot i repeat CANNOT escape that event without losing energy. she is a superstar.

Is that time fastest in the world this year? I know anastasia has been 58 but i dont know the tenths…

John Sampson



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