Missy Arrives With First Gold in Day 3 Evening Session

  343 Braden Keith | July 30th, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News, Previews & Recaps

Day 3 of the 2012 Olympics has some incredibly exciting finals, including Missy Franklin in her first Olympic final, and American Matt Grevers waiting to see if anybody in the world wants to challenge him in the men’s 100 backstroke.

Overall, though, this should be a bit “calmer” of a day. The biggest chance for upending comes in the 200 freestyle, where three swimmers already with gold medals around their necks (Ryan LochteSun Yang, and Yannick Agnel) will face off with the likes of Tae-Hwan Park and World Record holder Paul Biedermann.

Missy actually has two races tonight, starting with the 200 free semi-finals before that 100 back final. This will be a tall task for her to pull off a win, but a medal seems like a great chance.

Full results available here (in PDF, with splits and reaction times).
Live video from NBCOlympics. com (United States only).

Women’s 200 Free – Semifinal

Neither heat of this women’s 200 free was all that fast, but the first featuring Allison Schmitt and Camille Muffat was considerably, and not surprisingly, better than the 2nd. Australia’s Bronte Barratt had a great last 10 meters to take the top seed in 1:56.08, followed by Schmitt in 1:56.15 and Muffat in 1:56.18. Both of those swimmers cruised considerably, especially Muffat who was easy and balanced for the whole of the 200 meters. Those two, at least, will blow those numbers away in finals.

As for the 2nd heat, Italy’s Federica Pellegrini, the defending World Champion, took control of the race early to sit as the 4th seed overall in 1:56.67, followed in her heat by Britain’s Caitlin McClatchey (6th – 1:57.33), Kylie Palmer the second Australian (7th – 1:57.44), and American Missy Franklin in a nail-bitign 1:57.57 for 8th. That left her just two tenths ahead of Spains’ Melanie Costa-Schmid in 1:57.76.

If that was planned by Franklin, it was a perfect swim. She’ll be in lane 8, which is something we’ve seen a lot from big names at this meet. The results for those swimmers have been mixed; Phelps was 4th in the 400 IM, but Hansen and Adlington took a bronze in the women’s 400 free.

The other finalist is Russia’s Veronika Popova, who has come on hard in the last 18 months in the 100 and 200 frees, in a new Russian Record of 1:56.84. That puts her as the 5th seed.

Germany’s Silke Lippok went out very hard in this race, and was in the lead at the halfway mark. She couldn’t hold on though, and was 13th in 1:58.24. Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom is really struggling in this meet, and she was 12th in 1:58.12.

Men’s 200 Free – Final

France’s Yannick Agnel was a monster on his relay anchor on Sunday evening, and in the men’s 200 free, he proved that he is the real deal. Agnel broke out first coming off of the blocks, and led this race wire-to-wire en route to a 1:43.14. That’s a new French National Record, and ranks him third in history (4th best swim).

Agnel was out in a fast, but controlled, 50.69, where the race was still close. He really gassed this off of the last wall though – he is a very tall swimmer, and a very long swimmer, at 6’8. That really stood out in this race against competitors Tae-Hwan Park and Ryan Lochte, who are both just at or just over 6-feet tall. It also was evident against China’s Sun Yang, who though tall doesn’t have nearly Agnel’s underwaters. The Frenchman exploded off of the last wall and just pulled away from the competition, making it clear from the first stroke on that closing 50 that this race wasn’t going to be close.

Coming in at a tie for 2nd place were Asian rivals Yang and Park in matching 1:44.93’s. Yang couldn’t produce the closing speed we saw in his 400 free gold medal win. His closing split was 27.00 – six-tenths slower than in his 400.

The tie means that no silver medal will be awarded.

American Ryan Lochte was 4th in 1:45.04. As good as he looked in the 400 IM, his freestyles just haven’t been as good, between this swim and the 100 relay anchor last night. That’s half-a-second slower than he was to win the World Championship last year. He was followed by the World Record holder Paul Biedermann of Germany, who was 5th in 1:45.53. He’ll be left with just the medley relay (possibly) for a shot at his lone medal.

There was a big dropoff to 6th, where Robbie Renwick was 6th in 1:46.53, followed by Thomas Fraser-Holmes of Australia (1:46.93) and Danila Izotov (1:47.75).

Women’s 100 Back – Final

Franklin’s perfect pacing in the 200 free semi’s paid off here, just as it did in Omaha in June. She masterfully conserved just enough energy to swim a 58.33 – breaking her own American Record, and winning her first ever Olympic gold medal.

Coming into this meet, there were concerns about how she would handle the pressure. But that’s what makes Franklin unique as compared to so many of the other great teenage swimmers we’ve seen come and go: the pressure means nothing to her, if not more motivation. This race in particular is the one that the Franklin camp has been thinking about for months, having to swim two races in the same session. Franklin handled it with ease, though, winning this race on a fantastic turn. Turns were one of two weaknesses (along with the start) in Franklin’s race last summer, but she’s more-than cleared that issue up.

Franklin now has 5 more finals, and with plenty of confidence behind her now after breaking through for the win, she can’t be counted out in any of them.

As for Australia’s Emily Seebohm, who was so good in the first two rounds, she swam a very similar race to what she did in the semi-finals: out in a 28.57 to lead (a hair faster, but nothing worth mentioning), but ran out of steam on the back-half. She finished for silver in 58.68, four-tenths slower than her best from this meet. That silver will give her a fist career individual medal though; she swam on two medal-winning relays as a 16-year old in 2008.

In 3rd was Japan’s Satomi Suzuki in 58.83 – a new Japanese and Asian Record.

Russia’s Anastasia Zueva was a 58.9 at Russia’s Olympic Trials, but she couldn’t get under here in London and touched 4th in 59.00. That’s a slight improvement over her 5th place in 2008, but four years later she was hoping for a medal.

Britain’s Gemma Spofforth took 5th in 59.20, her best time in years, followed by Jhao Zing of China in 59.23 and Belinda Hocking of Australia in 59.29 for 7th. This is only the 2nd time in history (after 2011 Worlds) where we saw three swimmers go under 59 seconds in the same race, and even this was faster than the polyurethane-fueled madness of that season. This is still an extremely young group of swimmers, and we could see largely the same final in Rio in 2016.

Men’s 100 Back – Final

American Matt Grevers stepped up to the plate in this men’s 100 back. Only one other swimmer came up with him, but France’s Camille Lacourt struck out big time as the United States claimed their third gold medal of the meet with a 52.16 in this men’s 100 back.

Grevers and Lacourt, by the turn, had separated themselves as clear favorites with matching 25.3’s on their opening 50 meters. But Grevers leveraged his huge frame into a great set of underwater dolphin kicks; popping up well ahead and crushing the Olympic Record in 52.16. That took down the 52.54 set by Aaron Peirsol in 2008, a race that Grevers had a front row seat to as the silver medalist.

But now he owns gold and two of the four fastest times in history – this race was .08 slower than he was at Trials in June.

Lacourt faded all the way to 4th, which completed a disappointing two-year run since the 2010 European Championships. There, he came within a hair of both the 50 and 100 backstroke World Records, but hasn’t been anywhere near as good in either 2011 or 2012. His time was 53.08 – though he’s been faster than this gold medal time even in textile.

Nobody was close to Grevers at the final touch, but his countrymate Nick Thoman will be thrilled with his race. Thoman, the grandson of a former 100 backstroke World Record holder rin 1952 (yards – when that was a global standard) did something even his amazing ancestor couldn’t in this race: compete at the Olympics and win a medal. He took silver in 52.92 (also a bit slower than Trials).

Thoman’s coach David Marsh would say after the race “Nick was out great, and last 25 he did a perfect Richard W. Quickism: “just keep your arms movin’!” in reference to the late and legendary Richard Quick, under whom Marsh served as an assistant.

Just like the women’s race preceding, Japan earned another bronze here with the always-consistent Ryosuke Irie taking 3rd in 52.97.

As a sign of how disappointing this race was, The top five swimmers in this race ( including Liam Tancock in 53.35) were slower than they were at their respective trials.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke – Final

This women’s 100 breaststroke final got off to a rocky start. A technical malfunction that had the starting beep before the “take your mark” sent American Breeja Larson into the water. There was no disqualification, but the field was certainly shaken.

Through two rounds, this set up as a battle between the upstart Lithuanian 15-year old Ruta Meilutyte and American World Champion Rebecca Soni. This has been Soni’s race to win for about two years now; even when Meilutyte emerged at Britain’s Trials (she trains in Plymouth in the UK, where she moved from her native country two years ago) she looked like maybe a 2013 Worlds contender or a 2014.

Meilutyte was the fastest through the first two rounds of this race, though, and that held true in the final as well. Unshaken by what happened, Meilutyte swam exactly the race she’s been swimming all week: out in 30.56, back in 34.91, finishing in 1:05.47 for an Olympic gold medal.

Soni went out harder than she’s been, but was still far-too-conservative on the front-half. Meilutyte went into the turn just over a meter in front, and Soni just couldn’t make up enough ground. The two were head-and-head coming into the wall, but Meilutyte had a great finish to Soni’s less-than, and that gave her a win. Soni was 2nd in 1:05.55, to repeat a silver medal from 2008.

This is not the first bad finish the American has been touched out on this year. She was beaten by Larson at American Trials in a similar situation.

Japan nabbed a third-straight bronze medal with a 1:06.46 from Satomi SuzukiAlia Atkinson, who trains in the US in Southern Florida, took 4th in 1:06.93. That’s a surprise finish from her, though she’s shown to be a big-race swimmer, after winning a swimoff just to get to this final.

The defending champion Leisel Jones was 5th, followed by Larson in 1:06.96. On her first true long course taper as an elite swimmer, and her first American touring squad, Larson couldn’t have expected to be as fast as she was at Trials; however she will finish ranked 3rd in the world. She would seem to be far from done ascending in the women’s breaststrokes.

Russia’s Yuliya Efimova will be disappointed with her 7th-place finish in 1:06.98, and Rikke Moeller-Pedersen was 8th.

Men’s 200 fly – Semifinal

Michael Phelps commanded the second semi-final of this men’s 200 fly, and though he wound up just as the 4th-best overall in 1:54.53, but he was better on the last 50 (29.46) than all but one of the finalists (Austria’s Dinko Jukic – 29.46).

Phelps was better in his final 50 than in his 3rd, and still will be the favorite in this final.

As expected, Japan’s Takeshi Matsuda will be right in the race, though, in 1:54.25 out of the faster heat. It’s not uncommon in this 200 fly for one semi to be markedly better than the other. Strong young South African Chad le Clos will be the 2nd seed in 1:54.34, a new African Record, followed by a new Chinese record, and surprising swim, from Yin Chen in 1:54.43.

American Tyler Clary, Jukic, Poland’s Pawel Korzenowski, and Serbian Velimir Stjepanovic will round out the final, all 1:55.1 and better. Last year at Worlds, everyone continued to be strong even in a grueling third round of this race, so don’t expect times to get a whole lot slower on Tuesday.

Women’s 200 IM – Semifinal

Chinese 16-year old Shiwen Ye took command early of this 200 IM – her better of the two races – putting fear into the whole of the field even after just the semi-finals. She broke the Olympic Record already in 2:08.39, which is a new Olympic Record, clearing the 2:08.45 set by Australia’s Stephanie Rice en route to the gold in 2008.

It would be hard not to believe that Ye has another gear still. She closed in just a 30.59, so if she makes the final turn better than 1:38 tomorrow, expect to see the first-ever textile 2:07, at least.

The next four competitors, at least, will probably all be looking at better times in tomorrow’s final as well. Australia’s Alicia Coutts will be 2nd in 2:09.83, followed by the two Americans Caitlin Leverenz (2:10.06) and Ariana Kukors (2:10.08). This 200 is developing into Leverenz’s better event of the two IM’s, and thus far she’s been much faster than she was in the 400.

Leverenz’s college rival Katinka Hosszu sits 4th in 2:10.74, followed closely by Stephanie RiceHannah Miley, and Kirsty Coventry in 2:10.8’s and .9’s. That makes a third-straight Olympic final for Coventry.

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  1. cynthia curran says:

    This is interesting Missy Friends might have recommended the North Virginia Teams for elite or near national caliber swimmers under 19 years old. Here is the info I found. NOrth Virginia tends to be wealthier than the US as a whole and has had top swim programs for years.Although often an afterthought in the highly individualized swimming world, the team competition will be hard-fought between local powerhouses Curl-Burke — last year’s champion — and Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club, as well as 2010 winner NOVA Aquatic (Richmond) and an Aquajets Swim Team (Eden Prairie, Minn.) led by U.S. National Team member Rachel Bootsman.

    Curl-Burke and RMSC bring their largest squads ever to this year’s meet, with approximately 90 and 60 swimmers each. Among those swimmers are superstars such as Ledecky and Powell — who have already proved they can win at this meet — as well as Jack Conger and Janet Hu.

    Outside of the top stars, and more significant to the team competition, are the number of entries each team boasts in the top 20. Entering the meet, Curl-Burke has 50 individual entries in the top 20, as well as 14 relays in the top five, while RMSC has over 30 individual entries in the top 20, plus 12 relays in the top five. I think Missy is find in the age group/elite swimmer program she is in. The piece acts like she is the only national swimmer for the Colorado stars there are others. And I think that at once even some elite swimmers practice there. Top college and post college programs are located in different places than age group programs. I think Missy is too young for the complete elite program, some swimmers like Phelps and so forth did it at a young age but some like kids around there age.

  2. blah blah says:

    Why does a 17 year old do a much better interview than an experienced pro.

  3. Peter says:

    What exactly was wrong with Soni’s finish? Just saw the replay and it looked optimum to me, fully extended, no room for another stroke, no elbows bent from being too close. She lost it on the start. .14 slower reaction time, but nearly a body length behind at the FIRST pull. She actually closed the gap some during the first 50.

  4. Jean Marie says:

    If Missy could swim the 200free semi and then 15 minutes later swim the 100 back final, why couldn’t Matt Grevers swim the 100bk semi and then the 400 free relay final? Was it just favoritism?

  5. Philip Johnson says:

    NBC right now if you want to watch the races again. starting with the women’s 200 free semis.

  6. John says:

    Look at Ye Shi Wen at 2011 worlds. 200IM, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14IXh9S-tlg

    She did the same thing. Her freestyle swim is just so much stronger than the others.

    • Jg says:

      Look at China’s 400 girls times.

      Shao -62 .

      Li -63.

      At Ye’s rate she should be 3. 54 easy. In fact he should give up the time consuming ims & get the 100 -1500 . Plus relays.

      • Jg says:

        Make that finishing 100 of the 400. Shao came to Miami this year & went backwards . She should stay home with Ye & really learn how to free not waste her time with Dennis. He is just no good.:)

        Ditto the 5 men who swam under 3.46 in the pouring rain at the beginning of their camp ….Train at home with Ye.

      • aswimfan says:

        Finishing 400 IM in 29sec does not mean she can do it in 400 free.

        In 400 IM, ye may have been able to conserve more energy during the first 300 than she would in 400 free.

        • What!? Freestyle is the most efficient stroke so how can you say that? Of course you SHOULD have less stamina at the end of the 400 IM compared to the 400 Free. If you think this is true, show me some results from finals of an international competition where someone else has done it.

  7. Brian says:

    I think there is alot of flat swimming, primarily due to the fact that Trials was only three weeks ago.

    USA Swimming did so because NBC pushed for that, and at expense of their athletes. NBC wanted to profit off of the coverage when it would be looming in the minds of the US.

    Have the damn Trials 5-6 weeks out. That leaves 3 weeks of solid, hard training, then 2-3 weeks of tune-up and taper.

  8. cynthia curran says:

    Well, most breaststrokers can adjust to their body changed, I did ,I was far from even national level but it can be done and at age 18 approach my time time at almost age 15 in the 100 yard breaststroke. Even Megan Jenkins went to two olympics the first in 2000 and the second in 2008, Naill was the exception she I don’t think that she train that much after winning in 1992 and just swam college for enjoyment. Some breaststrokers that are girls may not do their best team in college but they can adjust to come close. Carlson is another one that I think is a second off of her high school time not certain about what occured with her.

    • Jg says:

      A breastroke talent never really goes away. The young girls I have known have just grown away from doing it mentally . They get tired of being over in the freeeek/slow lane.

      Young boys also often end up hating the thing.

      Breastroke is more than a bit dorky . Outside of competing in swimming it is the stroke of choice for ladies in flowered caps. .

  9. Dan says:

    Maybe Lochte will get serious again if he wants to be “the man.” No more 2 am late nights, no more of that stupid grill crap. Just race, please. I have no idea which Phelps will swim the 200 fly final – the 400 IM slug or the 4×100 relay bestl-on-the-team split guy. I certainly hope the latter. Magnussen had his slap in the face and we will soon see if he is back on his A game.

  10. Philip Johnson says:

    Aswimfan, those emply seats are given out to members of the british olympic committee & the IOC. this isn’t just just mutually exlusive to swimming either, just look at all the sports. TONS of emply seats. what a shame.

  11. drdov says:

    I can’t see the US win the 800 relay unless they jump into that pool with a 2 sec lead

  12. Jg says:

    My theory on men vs women . Take the mens time eg 50 secs & compare the womens. Occasionally when there is an exceptional exponent the gap widens or narrows but the gap rarely goes under ….

    Best man eva = best woman evah plus 10%. With modern sport the best is usually pretty recent or leftovers from the drug testing lag.

    In the power events it was usually + 15% but has been coming down . Of course if it is a distance jumped etc it is -.

    Take the clearest equal race in terms of best eva & physicality- The 100 mt backstroke.

    Here we have 2 each to minimise peds. Grevers Lacourt Thoman are 52.5.

    Franklin & Seebohm are 58.3. Franklin is taller than Irie & Seebohm is about 5’10!/2.

    The gap is still above 10% .

    The 400 free is Thorpe /Sun vs Pellegrini Moffat & Schmitt is stlll 10%

    Only He is under +10%..

    If she gets out front at 150m I advise her to just win it.

    • ZYNG43 says:

      Whaaaaattttt did all that mean 😮

    • Jiggsar says:

      More men vs women facts: Ye may have swam faster than Gary Hall Sr. ever has in the 400IM. Can someone check that? It’s faster than any of his WRs.

      Keep in mind that GH Sr had to do real backstroke turns (not freestyle flips) and couldn’t let his head go below water level on the breaststroke. This allowed, he’d have taken Ye. I’m sure of it. There’s no way he’d let himself get beaten by a girl. What other ‘legal’ differences are there in the 400 IM of the ’70s and today?

      • Ole 99 says:


        • Jg says:

          Goggles advantage goes across all events & both sexes.

          Another distinction is the old gender testing but I think that ended in 70. Remember even contemporary testing could not disqualify Semenya.

          Hermaphrodite is ok if the testosterone levels are within range. Of course these laydees might have other male characteristics eg lungs heart hip angles big strong hands etc.

      • Jg says:

        I did not think anyone would understand maths or stats here so had to go colloquial.

        There is a reason Americans are scoring very poorly in international maths for children at all ages. Number 24 at last testing.

        In 72 3 men went a tiny touch over the 4.00 for free & 2 tied at 4.30.9 for the Im. The girls have not reached Rick De Monts ‘time yet in the very best of races . However Ye has easily surpassed the men’s efforts of 72.

        These are the 2 comparatives most equal. Factor in the Back turn & the breast rule which is partly neutered because girls used to puff up /stuff their caps anyhow..I would guess 1.4 . Ye still the 72 champ.

        • CB says:

          I’m pretty sure most of us stupid Americans can understand math and statistics when communicated effectively and clearly.

      • Lane Four says:

        Hall Sr’s best was a 4:30.8 back in 72 at the Olympic Trials.

  13. Philip Johnson says:

    11 Olympic records set thus far & 3 world records. not to shabby..

  14. DanJohnRob says:

    Well, the US didn’t win at least one medal in every event, like I was hoping, but they have won 12 medals in 12 events thanks to Nick Thoman! And we have 4 golds in 3 days of competition, so we’re ahead of my goal for at least one gold per day, so score! I calculate I’ve earned 46 points in 3 days of the medal picks contest! Yahoo!

  15. Philip Johnson says:

    one thing is for sure, Agnel’s PB of 48.02 in the 100 free is going to crumble. I say he is capable of a low 47.

    • aswimfan says:

      I agree. He is on a roll.

    • DDias says:

      Do you know his RT from his relay split?I cant find…

      • john26 says:

        1 6 FRA – France 3:09.93
        LEVEAUX Amaury 0.73 (3) 48.13 23.43 48.13
        GILOT Fabien 0.21 (2) 1:35.80 22.53 47.67
        LEFERT Clement 0.13 (2) 2:23.19 22.09 47.39
        AGNEL Yannick 0.15 (1) 3:09.93 22.14 46.74

        2 5 USA – United States of America 3:10.38 0.45
        ADRIAN Nathan 0.65 (1) 47.89 22.76 47.89
        PHELPS Michael 0.19 (1) 1:35.04 22.63 47.15
        JONES Cullen 0.28 (1) 2:22.64 22.07 47.60
        LOCHTE Ryan 0.11 (2) 3:10.38 22.39 47.74

        3 3 RUS – Russian Federation 3:11.41 1.48
        GRECHIN Andrey 0.73 (5) 48.57 22.96 48.57
        LOBINTSEV Nikita 0.14 (4) 1:35.96 22.31 47.39
        MOROZOV Vladimir 0.32 (4) 2:23.81 22.75 47.85
        IZOTOV Danila 0.26 (3) 3:11.41 22.68 47.60

        4 4 AUS – Australia 3:11.63 1.70
        MAGNUSSEN James 0.68 (2) 48.03 22.95 48.03
        TARGETT Matt 0.14 (3) 1:35.86 22.62 47.83
        SULLIVAN Eamon 0.14 (3) 2:23.54 22.26 47.68
        ROBERTS James 0.26 (4) 3:11.63

  16. Paolo says:

    @Aswimfan: I’m Italian, in a neutral position. You, uhm…

  17. Philip Johnson says:

    Agnel’s swim in my opinion is equivalent to Magnussen’s 47.10. blows away the field & no one is close to it.

  18. Philip Johnson says:

    Biedermann’s fifth place finish duplicates what he achieved in Beijing. Renwick improves two spots from 8th to 6th from Beijing to London.

  19. Philip Johnson says:

    Agnel’s winning margin was 1.79 seconds. is that the largest in history for the event at the Olympics?

  20. Paolo says:

    @Aswimfan: you make the real sport-lover but I read for a while your comments and it’s quite clear your dislike versus Phelps and your Thorpe’s adoration.

    Aussie swimmers do not tested positive for banned substances? Yes, but Thorpey had that famous controversy, in late 2006.

    • aswimfan says:


      I only pointed out the truth when someone made undue disparaging remarks.
      Just because I don’t worship Phelps does not make me disliking him.. on the contrary..

      But I guess it must have hurt you as brazilian to have Cielo tested positive

      • Ole 99 says:

        Maybe I’m old and cynical, but I would wager an omniscient person would discover that a fair number of athletes from every country use performance enhancing drugs. The cheats are always ahead of the testers.

  21. aswimfan says:

    I am a bit let down by Sun Yang’s swim. I didn’t pick him to win 200, but I thought he could have gone faster. He came home in 27.00, while in worlds last year end of 1500 he came home in 25.9

    • Ole 99 says:

      His time in the 400 free was only 0.1 faster than he went in 2011, so I’m not all that surprised he only went around his best time in the 200 free as well.

    • Braden Keith says:

      Swimswammers – I need help on this. US had 489 medals coming in. Soni’s was the 12th of this meet, but NBC reports that it was number 500 overall. Sounds to me like she was 501. Any ideas?

  22. drdov says:

    The winner of the 100 breast was born in 1997
    jc i’m old

  23. mers says:

    USA swimming has a bright future in Franklin….Lochte never a gurantee for gold in the 200 free but a shut out….Hope he stays calm…re-groups and the coaches figure out what the plan is for the 4×200. Hope he shakes it off and kills it in his next event. I gave up on the live steam (NBC is dead to me) so I’m trying to figure out how Phelps is looking for the fly.

    Trying to figure out if Lochte times are ok vs. how he did at trials and worlds…is he getting PR and just getting smoked? Mainly wondering about the 200 free.

    • Ole 99 says:

      Can’t say for sure on Phelps. He didn’t look great, but then again the time wasn’t all that great. He showed he had speed last night, the question is the endurance.

      Lochte only went a 1:45.0, so no it was not a best time. He would have been silver with his time from Worlds last year.

      US and France are going to battle for the 4 x 200 Free. Lochte has the morning off to rest. Phelps will swim the final of the 200 Fly midway witin the finals session (about an hour between that race and the relay). Agnel will have the semis of the 100 free at the beginning of the finals session (so about an hour and ten minutes between that race and the relay).

      • mers says:

        I saw worlds and I figure it will be the US and France tight all the way through. The difference was that Lochte killed that anchor just based on his turns. I’m not so sure that is going to happen based on how well the French are doing (namely Angel). I’m thinking it would be Phelps to lead (seems like he is always lead on a relay) and Lochte to anchor? The French have me nervous so I’m not sure that’s a great idea anymore.

    • aswimfan says:

      Lochte was just getting smoked.

      I was laughed at when I said Phelps and Lochte duked it out mightily in 200 free at US trials, with people saying Lochte and Phelps were just “playing” “gliding” etc etc..

  24. aswimfan says:

    Ruta is still such a child

    UK, quick, give her citizenships and GBR passport!

  25. aswimfan says:

    Soni looks disappointed

  26. aswimfan says:

    Awwww… Ruta is crying… so cute

    • PsychoDad says:

      So happy for her, Grevers, and Missy. 2-3 years ago Missy came to Austin to swim at an age group meet at the UT Swim Center. A friend told me about her and that I was watching a future Olympic Champion. She was way taller and way faster than anyone that day.

  27. Philip Johnson says:

    she didn’t look expended at all.

  28. aswimfan says:


    Give one to me, and I’ll fly to London!

  29. aswimfan says:


    Ye Shiwen’s technique is really really good, she was always so high on the water

  30. aswimfan says:

    Second semi will be MUCH FASTER

  31. aswimfan says:

    This first semi is slow

  32. aswimfan says:

    Coventry surprised me with her prelims swim, especially after her injury just 2 months ago

    • beachmouse says:

      As long as all the relevant body pieces end up reattached, sometimes an involuntary extended taper does an overtrained body good.

  33. PsychoDad says:

    Serbia has butterfly covered now. Cavic World C on 50m, Olympic silver on 100m, and now Stjepanovic finalist on 200m. Well done.

  34. Ole 99 says:

    So does Nick D’Arcy have to go directly to the airport, or can he at least his the warm down pool first?

    Aussie women are having a heck of a meet. The guys… not so much (Sprenger being the big exception so far)

  35. aswimfan says:

    Can’t wait to watch another Ye’s brilliant swim!

  36. drdov says:

    right, now time for a WR in the woman’s 200im

  37. aswimfan says:

    irie standing next to Grevers


  38. Brian says:

    Aussie men are swimming awful at this meet.

    • Rafael says:

      this meet is just the most important meet for any athlete.

      Magnussen “Cielo Level mental confidence” that some others guys from AUS talked about is sounding like b****

      • aswimfan says:

        At least aussie swimmers do not tested positive for banned substance.

        Even popov etc. said Cielo et al should have been given the ban last year.

        I’d rather have swimmers under perform rather than taking illegal substance to boost performance.

    • Philip Johnson says:

      that is a understatement. hopefully Magnussen can pull it together in the 100 free.

    • Bobby says:

      besides sprenger

    • AmericanSwimSchool says:

      Similar to 1996

  39. Craig H says:

    This lady announcer is absolutely awful. “Phelps needs to take this out faster; I don’t know about his endurance. He’s so low in the water. This doesn’t look like him. I don’t think he’ll be able to make up this much ground.”

    Has she ever watched Phelps swim? He’s had the fastest last 50 since he was 15 in Sydney. She sounds like she has no idea what she’s talking about.

    • Sans Pallegrini says:

      Which broadcast? I’m watching CTV (canada) and we’re getting Joanne Malar, a IMer who’d swam at several olympics for the commentary. To me she’s great.

      • Brian says:

        Hah, the Brit announcers are awful. Not to mention the woman this morning who said that Phelps should have been looking to “make a statement in prelims, to let the world know he’s okay”.

        Newsflash: No one cares what the fans are thinking or worrying about. It’s all about strategy.

      • vwott says:

        The Canadian commentary is AWFUL! Joanne was a great swimmer but she makes so many mistakes and they never have their facts straight. I am constantly yelling at the TV.

    • backtothepoolture says:

      If you are watching the NBS live streaming the anouncers are Aussie, not British.

    • Dasher says:

      That announcer puts me to sleep with her monotone…

    • DanJohnRob says:

      I can’t believe the Australians, with all their amazing champions and coaches, can’t give us a better commentator than that woman! Why isn’t Thorpe doing the job? And why can’t it be somebody from the US commentating for NBC? There are SO MANY people who would do a better job! Why not Gold Medal Mel?! I LOVE his post-swim interviews!

  40. Philip Johnson says:

    France is having a fantastic meet so far.

  41. ZYNG43 says:

    Is Phelps looking beatable here? Kinda. Wow Peng is out

  42. Josh says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Nick D’Arcy isn’t within sniffing distance of the final. Somewhere in Australia, Simon Cowley is smiling.

  43. aswimfan says:

    Grevers is a giant

  44. LATSCOACH says:

    Wow Cseh and Peng out of the final

  45. aswimfan says:

    Phelps’ family really dressed up for the occasion

  46. Philip Johnson says:

    everyone is talking about Phelps doing down. What about Cseh? three-time Olympic silver medalist is having a rough meet.

  47. Brian says:

    Well, Missy has cemented her status as the stand out new face of the games…Gold Medal, that was brilliant.

  48. rjcid says:

    Prediction: Phelps 1.54.24

  49. drdov says:

    sub 155 is in to the final

  50. aswimfan says:

    Matsuda, so consistent

  51. Ole 99 says:

    interested to see the times in the 200 fly semis. The prelims were very quick. Will guys get faster, hold, or pull back?

  52. Philip Johnson says:

    Seebohm pulled a Coventry? swam lights out in the heats and semis, but couldn’t pull it together in the final.

    • aswimfan says:

      Ruta was also fastest in the prelims… but she held it together in the last 50.

      I think Seebohm had strategy wrong.. she should have gone out faster in the first 50, like she did in the prelims and semi

  53. drdov says:

    right now for the most gruelling torturous race in all of swimming
    200 fly

  54. ZYNG43 says:

    Tears of joy for Franklin. And she has great sportsmanship

  55. Shiki says:

    I think Fance is the favorite in the 800 free-relay now

    • AmericanSwimSchool says:

      Yes, Agnel swam a great 200, and France won the 4 x 100. In regards to the 4 x 200 …seriously…WAKE UP! No one has the depth right now at the 200 FR like the US, and watch Phelps lead off a jaw dropping time just to make a point.

  56. aswimfan says:

    I am so happy Aya Terakawa FINALLY wins olympics medal.

  57. PsychoDad says:

    Soni has been ruining American breastroke for some years now, with her short pull and wide elbows. Hopefully all little girls that are trying to copy her can go back now and try to swim real breaststrokie, the way Ruta is swimming it, or Brendan.

  58. Josh says:

    Ruta is also entered in the 50 and 100 free. She might be due for a big drop there too.

    • Ole 99 says:

      What is up with women swimming freestyle and Breastroke. It’s just wrong. Rules should be put in place to prevent this from continuing.

  59. Philip Johnson says:

    Agnel just seems way to talented to be just swimming the 100 & 200. hopefully, in the future he picks up the 400 free. talking about the 400 free, the rest of the field was very very slow. Shanghai was overall faster than here.

  60. beachmouse says:

    Ruta’s in that golden year that female teenage phenom breaststrokers frequently hit. It’ll be interesting to see if she continues to progress like a Liesel Jones or is this year’s Anita Nall.

    • Sans Pallegrini says:

      Amanda Beard was a 15 yo in Atlanta. Her strokes compared to Ruta is even more typical of younger swimmer but she went on to win gold at 22. But you’re right.

  61. Ole 99 says:

    Not the best olympics for the USC folks so far.

  62. aswimfan says:

    when it comes to the olympics, nothing is ever concrete.

    remember when Jones was the absolute pick to win 200 in Beijing? and Soni beat her

    Before London, Soni was the prohibitive fave to win 100, but now Ruta beat her

    Only at the Olympics!!

    I wished the olympics is a 2 years event


    • Peter says:

      What was Soni’s reaction time? I know she’s not the best underwater, but she was 1/2 bodylength behind after the start. I wonder if that malfunction messed up her start?

  63. Philip Johnson says:

    lol they are interviewing her, Ruta seems so dazed and confused.

  64. ZYNG43 says:

    WOW… Im suprised Soni didnt get it. Congrats to Ruta

  65. aswimfan says:

    Woohooo… RUTA… the greatest surprise of the games!

    Although I only got soni and suzuki in my picks lol

  66. drdov says:

    15 yr olds should be banned from olympic finals

  67. aswimfan says:


    YOUNGEST EVER TO WIN w100 breast!!!!!!

  68. bbrswimmer says:

    Is this an age group meet or the Olympics? come on, first Park’s “dq” and now this!

  69. ZYNG43 says:

    this is the olympics. there should be no system problems!!!!!!

  70. Bobby says:

    she should not be dq, there was a sound!

  71. drdov says:

    The starter machine is being fixed by a mechanic at the moment!!!!!!

  72. Philip Johnson says:

    wasn’t her fault?

  73. aswimfan says:


  74. Philip Johnson says:

    lol nervous…

  75. aswimfan says:


  76. aswimfan says:

    This is Jones’ fourth straight olympics final

  77. gosharks says:

    Lochte haters out in full force.

    Shifting gears, is the USA 800 relay in danger of losing to France? I want to see Phelps lead off for the time, but we need him to anchor. Lochte can’t finish a freestyle race at this meet.

  78. drdov says:

    I’m normally obsessing over the stats by now
    But omega is being weird
    what up with that?????

  79. Ole 99 says:

    Everyone is so darn tall these days. US should start recruiting basketball/volleyball players to switch over.

  80. ZYNG43 says:

    The stupid announcers are getting Tae-Hwan Park’s name backwards

  81. aswimfan says:

    Ruta Meilutyte!!!!!!!

  82. Philip Johnson says:

    Agnel 200 free is the swim of night so far hands down.

  83. rjcid says:

    playing black jack blind folded > my picks.

  84. lv2srf95 says:

    I just realized now we don’t have to see that stupid grill.

  85. aswimfan says:

    Agnel is suddenly a co-favorite in 100 free

    Good thing I have him in my picks

  86. Philip Johnson says:

    Agnel should go to the 400, he would dominate.

    • aswimfan says:

      No, it was a good decision that he dropped 400 free, as I said all along.
      Sun Yang’s endurance is better

  87. Jeff says:

    Franklin will be an outside smoker in the 200free 2mro.. Stoked!

  88. aswimfan says:

    Sun Yang is really tall.

  89. Lisa says:

    BEAUTIFUL swim by Agnel! WOW And AMAZING swims from Frankling and Grevers!! WOO

    Can it go on record that Ryan Lochte is the most OVERHYPED swimmer ever. So much for being greater then phelps as Gold Medal Mel predicted.

  90. Danielle H. says:

    Krayzelburg, Piersol, Grevers, Coughlin, Franklin… Americans have dominated the 100 back over the years, yes?

  91. aswimfan says:

    Lacourt touched first on the first wall, but Grevers blew Lacourt out of water right after the turn. Grevers really has great turn and underwater, especially for a big tall guy

  92. drdov says:

    Disappointed in Grevers
    I’m a WR slut

  93. ZYNG43 says:


  94. bbrswimmer says:

    thoman was slower than trials, but it doesn’t matter. USA 1-2!!!

  95. aswimfan says:

    Wow Thoman! who knew?!

    Lacourt is shut out
    he couldn’t hold

  96. LATSCOACH says:

    YES 1-2!

  97. Philip Johnson says:

    American sweep!!

    • beachmouse says:

      Remember how in about 2010ish we were all bemoaning the lack of elite American backstrokers once you looked beyond Piersol? Seems like long ago.

  98. rjcid says:

    Grevers WR?!

  99. bbrswimmer says:

    that was also a great swim for spofforth 59.2!

  100. aswimfan says:

    Grevers great underwater

  101. aswimfan says:

    m 100 back


  102. Danielle H. says:

    Hell yeah Missy Franklin! Such a gutsy double but she pulled it off!

  103. Ole 99 says:

    Wow… did not think Franklin would be able to do that after just inching into the final for the 200 free. US needed that after men’s 200 free.

  104. bbrswimmer says:

    Let that girl skip interviews and get a long warm down, she deserves it!

  105. aswimfan says:

    Seebohm went from fastest to slowest in her prelims-semi-final

  106. beachmouse says:

    Bobo underestimated her.

    I’m rather digging the Chinese girls’ silly hats.

  107. Rafael says:

    Agnel closed the last 50 on a ridiculous Pace



    Oh no he´s not chinese so that´s okay!

  108. aswimfan says:

    So I was correct all along: Missy need not drop 100-200 free!

    Where’s Bobo Gigi? lol

  109. Philip Johnson says:

    i guess she knew what she was doing in the 200 free semis.

  110. gosharks says:


  111. ZYNG43 says:


  112. aswimfan says:



    just 20 mins after 200 free!!

  113. LATSCOACH says:

    Wow what a performance by Missy

  114. Philip Johnson says:


  115. ZYNG43 says:

    Missy Franklin back up already… This could prove to be a mistake. Also where is BOBO GIGI???

  116. rjcid says:

    side note: russia always has the best warm ups… every olympics i end up saying i want them…

  117. lv2srf95 says:

    yeah lochte sucks!!!

  118. aswimfan says:

    Lochte is shut out.

    Phelps wouldn’t have medaled even if he’d swum
    He made good decision by dropping it

  119. Philip Johnson says:

    that 1:43.13 by Agnel is the current WR in my eyes.

  120. ZYNG43 says:

    OUCH… really bad swim for Lochte

  121. aswimfan says:

    That is TRULY one of the greatest swims of all time!!!

    Agnel is the star of London

  122. Ole 99 says:

    Lochte with another terrible finish at the wall.

  123. Philip Johnson says:

    this was a blowout like the 200 free in Beijing.

  124. rjcid says:

    and terrible finish….

  125. aswimfan says:

    That is THE MOST BESTEST GREATEST 200 FREE SWIM since Thorpe’s 1:44.06 in 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just unbelievable

    he destroyed the field

    • drdov says:

      You mean since Phelps’ Melbourne 1:43.86

      • aswimfan says:

        Not really, Phelps’ melbourne was a virtuoso in turns and underwater, but not so much as on top of water swimming

        • drdov says:

          Thorpe had that funny full body suit remember

          • aswimfan says:

            so did Phelps in melbourne, remember?

            Phelps wore full body suit Speedo FS II Pro, which was far far more advance than the textile adidas that Thorpe wore in 2001.

            The difference was only arm sleeves.

            And arms sleeves actually hindered more full range movement of the elbows.

          • Scuba Steve says:

            Agree completely with Aswimfan. The FS II Pro was fast, and I considered Thorpe’s the better swim. Agnel’s is the proper successor to the textile record. That leaves Phelps with just one textile record – the 200 Fly. If you had told me that fact after Melbourne 2007 I wouldn’t have believed it.

        • jean michel says:

          we don`t care ho

  126. Philip Johnson says:

    1:43.14? are you kidding me?

  127. ZYNG43 says:

    I cant believe im missing this bc the feed is frozen

  128. rjcid says:

    Lochte has a good start!

  129. aswimfan says:


  130. aswimfan says:

    Wow Agnel is away FAST

  131. aswimfan says:

    Is the crowd chanting LOCHTE or ROBBIE? lol

  132. aswimfan says:

    m 200 free!!!

    Always the most exciting!!! (except beijing… that was a ho hum)

  133. aswimfan says:

    Braden, tonight is not MIssy’s first final. She already had final on the first day (w4x100 free). If you meant *individual* final…..

  134. gosharks says:

    Wow I was sweating for Franklin, but her start seems to have really improved.

  135. aswimfan says:

    I hope Missy still conserved some energy for the Seebohm’s assault

  136. ZYNG43 says:

    Close call franklin

  137. aswimfan says:

    Missy just made it !!!!!! yay

  138. aswimfan says:

    missy is in danger

  139. Philip Johnson says:

    Franklin should of dropped the 200 free.

  140. aswimfan says:

    I’m surprised with mcClatchey

  141. aswimfan says:

    this second semi is slow

  142. aswimfan says:

    per usual, Lippok is away fastest, but she won’t be able to hold

  143. ZYNG43 says:

    Wearing headphones disrespectful to the crowd ?!?! are you kidding nbc… they need their focus

  144. aswimfan says:

    Barratt certainly didn’t want to miss the final like she did yesterday in the 400

  145. Philip Johnson says:

    sjostrom continues to disappoint.

  146. aswimfan says:

    woww Barratt is keeping up

  147. LATSCOACH says:

    Good thing my usual site is streaming today so that I don’t have to watch the NBC stream that barely works

  148. ZYNG43 says:

    These commentators for the live feed suck… as annoying as rowdy

    • Kevin Lane says:

      Can someone please tell Rowdy to shut up? At least shut up during the start of the swims? Jeebus is he ever annoying! It seems as if he believes he can somehow enter a swimmers brain and then tell everyone what that swimmer is thinking……

  149. Ole 99 says:

    One reason not to work for a large German investment bank… they are blocking internet access to the olympic coverage. Might need to go buy an iPad right now. If anyone’s got an alternative stream for today’s finals, for the love of Jebus, please post it.

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