Michael Phelps Relaxes while other Olympians Enjoy the Limelight

Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Brendan Hansen, Dana Vollmer and Nathan Adrian hit the talk show circuit, everywhere from NBC to CNN, while Michael Phelps hits the Maldive Islands, plays golf, and…wait for it…enjoys Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and beer.

Phelps appears to have found the right balance between his celebrity-life, work-life and relaxation. As early as January of 2012, it was the main topic of conversation among the traveling horde of reporters that followed Phelps from Grand Prix to Grand Prix to his gold medal performances at the Olympic Games: “Phelps seems happy!” “He’s so relaxed.” “Phelps looks like he’s actually enjoying himself.”

After Phelps’ fourth iconic performance at an Olympic Games, here’s where he went to decompress, The Maldive Islands:

Michael Phelps points to a map of the Maldive Islands

Michael Phelps photo from a prop plane flying over The Maldives

Michael Phelps lands at his Maldive Island resort with his boys. Phelps is in the green shirt.

Michael Phelps begins his Maldives vacation

Michael Phelps plays volleyball on the beach

Michael Phelps ate dinner with his boys and a bird

Michael Phelps checks out a device that can make him go faster in the water

Michael Phelps doesn’t appear to be going faster with the aquatic device than he could under his own power…and, clearly, he did not bring a pair of goggles for the trip.

Michael Phelps with the catch of the day and dinner…?

Michael Phelps relaxes in the Maldive Islands

Phelps tweeted that this was his best vacation ever:

Michael Phelps ‏@MichaelPhelps

Thanks to the @ConradMaldives, I had the best vacation ever! Got to hang out with some friends after the Olympics. Check out the pics!

Celebrity-wise, yes, there’s been talk of a reality golf show, his Wheaties box cover was unveiled, and the Louis Vuitton ad slipping out during the Olympic Blackout Period –the International Olympic Committee’s dictatorial rule 40 — was news for 48 hours, but, for the most part, Phelps has remained low-key.

Phelps has tweeted happy birthday to Olympic peer, Natalie Coughlin, stayed in-touch with fellow flyer, Ian Crocker (who arguably remains the fastest textile suit 100m flyer in history with a 50.4), and tweeted his support to the USA National Swimming Team at Jr. Pan Pacific Championships, in particular, to his former training teammate at North Baltimore Aquatic Club, Chase Kalisz. (Kalisz improved on his US Trials 400 IM personal best going a 4:12 in Hawaii.)

TMZ and other celebrity sites have tried to spin negative news about Phelps’ girlfriend, but it’s all benign fluff.  Phelps appears to be in complete control and prepared for his long life as a sports celebrity.

QUESTION: Like Phelps’ favorite basketball player, Michael Jordan, will Phelps enjoy lucrative endorsement contracts and visibility for the next twenty years or longer?

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11 years ago

So happy he’s enjoying life! His vacation pics look amazing!

Reply to  Lisa
11 years ago

Thank You to MP & SwimSwam for sharing these awesome pics! Maldives is so beautiful. Does not surprise me MP wants to distance himself from the lime life and allow other swim stars to enjoy some press time! Looking forward to seeing MP expand and grow his MPFoundation

11 years ago

Good for Mike. He deserves this rest. There will probably never be another MP.

11 years ago

His agent said Phelps had recently signed 2 more sponsorships, but he didn’t want to say what those sponsors were.

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
11 years ago

I see, it makes sense. By the way, his Speedo contract expires next year, if I’m not wrong. What do you think, are both sides interested to renew it, considering Phelps has retired?

Reply to  Liliana
11 years ago

He’s aiming to keep in shape, so he could still do the shoots and catalogs if they wanted him too. But I feel like they will revise the contract in some other way, as in he will do more events and things… Guess we will have to see!

11 years ago

I would never find the right words to describe how much I admire Phelps.

I saw his brilliance in Athens, his passion in Beijing and his happiness in London. I don’t care if he has done his mistakes in life, who hasn’t?? And he was a kid during most of his career, it’s remarkable how well he handled the turmoil of the fame.

Honestly, I’m very moved by everything he has done, it’s been amazing to live and say I saw him in his very best shape.

I’m gonna miss him in the pool, but one can tell he’s doing the right thing, he’s happy.

Reply to  Analaura Gallardo Sánchez
11 years ago

Its nice to see Phelps enjoy himself. He seems at peace with himself. He has given so much to raise the bar in the sport of swimming, he deserves to enjoy new experiences and what life has to offer. I agree that he has matured since the last Olympics! Keep the happiness Michael.. you are a legend!

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