Michael Phelps Is Not The Center Of Attention In New Ad Campaign

Even with the greatest Olympic swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps, enjoying his life in retirement, we’re still treated to celebrity-type appearances by the GOAT throughout the media. Most recently, Boomer’s dad appeared in the newest commercial for ‘Silk’, America’s top plant-based beverage brand.

In a new ad campaign entitled “Progress is Perfection”, 32-year-old Phelps is actually not the center of attention. Instead, the video highlights the routine of ‘Greg’, the ‘hardworking everyman’ who just does his own thing with Phelps ‘butterflying’ around him in the pool.

Per its news release, Silk believes that any small step towards a healthy, active, and positive life should be considered progress, and that is ‘perfect’. As such, the video shows Greg drinking Silk every morning and swimming laps every day in an effort to be healthy, having no goals of achieving Phelpsian levels of fitness.

“We see a lot of extremes around food and healthy living these days, but that’s not real life for most people and Silk recognizes that,” said Carlos Veraza, President of Essential Dairy & Plant Based for DanoneWave. “The message of the Progress is Perfection campaign is if you’re making choices that are just a little better, however you define ‘better’, then that is perfection.” (PR News)

Whatever the message, we’re just happy to see Phelps getting wet again!

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Anyone else double take when they see the Dos Equis sculptor commercial? Could be a relative of MP, IMO.

Caeleb Dressel Will Get 7 golds in Tokyo

Yea. That’s Michael in 25 years


For some reason it brings me joy to see the GOAT in this commercial having fun with “Greg”


Same! Love the self-deprecating humor, similar to Lochte’s appearance in NatGeo’s Shark Week (err, I mean, SharkFest) commercial (viewable on youtube)

tammy touchpad error

Keto (a fat based diet) is perfection. Silk (and Bulletproof Coffee or Tea mixed with Kerrygold Butter) helps me achieve my fat macros and avoid carbs, fueling me in my lifelong quest to redistribute the balance of wealth so that everyone in the world has the chance to enjoy a happy, healthy life, in addition to saving the planet from overproduction so that my future grandchildren are able to breathe oxygen and not carbon dioxide. We are all responsible. Consume more fat, and be a hero.

#fatasfuel #ketones #BACONNN #savetheplanet #capitalismkills #glutenkills #sugariscancer

Steve Nolan

I downvoted this until I got to the hastag.

Capitalism does kill, my comrade.

Justin Thompson

I often ignore the success of the capitalistic markets and take life advice from Tammy as well. ?

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