Michael Andrew Swims Within 2-Tenths of Best Time in 200 IM Prelims


On the final morning of the 2019 Richmond Pro Swim Series stop, Michael Andrew broke out the 2nd-best 200 meter IM of his career, qualifying first by over 2 seconds in 1:59.35.

In the first race of a Saturday triple, Andrew missed his personal best of 1:59.12 from the 2017 Pro Swim Series meet in Indianapolis by just two-tenths of a second. This race has one that’s long held intrigue for both fans of and detractors from Andrew, given his world-class times over 50 and 100 meters of all 4 strokes.

He’s never quite put together the senior-level 200 IM that it’s felt like he is capable of, which is in part due to the fact that at the World Junior Championships, where Andrew swam so well otherwise in 2017, the race is scheduled 18 minutes after the final of the 100 breaststroke.

While his splitting was quite different from that in his best time, he still (faded or backed off) on the final 50, the freestyle leg. We should get a better idea of which in the final.

Split Comparison:

Fly Split Back Split Breast Split Free Split Total Time
Michael Andrew PB – 2017 Indy PSS 24.83 30.10 34.23 29.96 1:59.12
Michael Andrew Prelims – 2019 Richmond PSS 24.69 30.58 33.55 30.53 1:59.35

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This is evolving into such a Phelps/Lochte-esque rivalry it’s not even funny. Look out for Dressel v. Andrew in 2020 boys and girls

Samuel Huntington

I don’t see this at all. It may happen but right now, not really.


Phelps lochte was two guys going back and forth on world records and world championships, head and shoulders above anyone else in the world in multiple events over almost 12 years… this is a fun rivalry but it’s not that yet


Not when you come home in 30.5!




Ol’ Longhorn

Same as Kalisz prelims.


After a 33.5 breaststroke …


Guy’s an enigma

Michael Schwartz

Not really. The guy doesn’t know how to breath properly in freestyle and that’s it. That’s why he can pull off a 100 in every other stroke and why his 50 Free is world class, but his best time in the 100 free is barely under 50s. Andrew swimming free and holding his breath is bueno…Andrew Swimming free and breathing… is no bueno.


He should do some stretching to open up his thoracic area / upper back rotation around his spine. He has a very flat freestyle which is not as much of a problem in 50s but he could benefit from better rotation in 100s.


I think he actually just needs to bring on another coach…I’m not saying replace his dad because that’s not going to happen, but bringing in someone who is on board with USRPT and has a better understanding of technique and body mechanics to figure out how he should be breathing. I mean strictly from a business perspective the Andrews are missing out on their best chance at a gold medal at LCM worlds or they Olympics (relay) and the increased sponsorship money that could come with that medal


He is a phenomenally gifted swimmer. Someone like David Marsh or Gary Hall Sr would know what to with his free. I don’t know why he doesn’t get some supplemental lessons with coaches like that? When you see him next to CD it’s very clear…CD has a massive shoulder rotation to both sides, and MA has it only to his right. AND even with that lack of rotation, he still goes so fast. If he can go 21 in his 50 free, he really should be able to go 48 in the 100. I’ve always thought that he could be one of the best in the world at the 200IM. But he would probably have to adjust his training to… Read more »


He is flexible, has strength and balance does yoga and stretching, and surfing. He has great rotation when you see overhead views like at Pan Pacs. Just seeing a side view and not in slow motion does not show the great rotation that he has.


Cool Anonymous, I’ll look at the overhead shots!
What is amazing though, is that after the start, CD of course is ahead of him (cuz of his great underwaters) but then MA catches him. That means that MA is swimming faster in the middle of the pool.

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