Matt McLean, Olympian, World Champion loves training group: “couldn’t ask for anything more”

Matt McLean, Olympic Gold Medalist, University of Virginia college alum, and current NBAC Swimmer had a great 500 race tonight. He also talks about his coaches, Mark Bernardino, Bob Bowman, Jon Urbanchek, and more.

He also talks about training: Connor, Yannick, Gabe, Tom, and all training partners – “a fun group”. “I couldn’t ask for anything more”. “Everyday is a great opportunity.”

He gives sound advice too:  “Persevere, stay tough, and work hard”. There will be times you struggle; those times make you tough, and “good things will come to you”.

He also runs clinics, which we have heard, swimmers have loved!

Great guy, with an inspirational attitude.

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