Luka Mijatovic Lowers Own 13-14 500 Freestyle NAG to 4:15.71

by Laura Rosado 55

December 17th, 2023 News, Previews & Recaps, Records


  • December 14-18, 2023
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Meet Mobile: 2023 CA Dec CA CV Speedo Sectionals at GWSC

After shattering his own 13-14 NAG record in the 1650 on night 1 and taking over the 13-14 400 IM NAG on day 2, 14-year-old Luka Mijatovic was on record watch in the 500 free on night 3, where he was already the fastest 13-14 boy by over seven seconds.

After clocking 4:21.87 in the morning, Mijatovic found another gear tonight to post a mind-boggling 4:15.71, clearing his own 13-14 record by 1.36 seconds.

To put that into perspective, that time would rank #2 among 15-16 boys, just 0.35 seconds behind Drew Kibler. He would also be the 16th fastest athlete in the NCAA so far this season. He’s also 3.4% faster than the second-fastest swimmer in the 13-14 age group, which appears to make this swim the most dominant NAG record on the books.

Since March of this year, Mijatovic has lowered the record by just over nine seconds. The second-best swimmer in age group history and former record-holder is Lleyton Plattel, who swam 4:24.79 in 2017.

Compared to his swim in November, Mijatovic was out almost four-tenths slower at the 100, but descended the next four 100s to nearly even split his race. He’s made remarkable improvements to his back-half since first taking over the record. See a split comparison below.

Luka Mijatovic Luka Mijatovic Luka Mijatovic
New Record Old Record (November 2023) Old Record (March 2023)
100y 49.42 49.03 49.49
200y 52.33 52.33 53.48
300y 52.00 52.84 54.02
400y 51.79 52.27 53.84
500y 50.17 50.60 51.67
Total Time 4:15.71 4:17.07 4:22.50

Mijatovic is entered in the 1000 free and the 200 IM for the final day of the meet. He already broke his own 13-14 NAG record in the former during his record-breaking 1650 free (8:53.01), but will look to lower it. Mijatovic will also look to climb the 200 IM all-time list, where he is currently #9 with his entry time of 1:49.08.

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6 months ago

He just did it again in the 1000…unbelievable. Also crazy how deep the Sandpipers are…

6 months ago

8:46 in 1000…incredible

Reply to  PhillyMark
6 months ago

He negative split it too! 4:23.6 first 500 4:22.8 second 500! 1.5 seconds away from the 15-16 NAG record and 3 seconds away from the 17-18 NAG record

6 months ago

8:46 1000 free. I’m dead

6 months ago

He’d be 4:13 if his coach can tell him to stop circle swimming in races

Reply to  Dman
6 months ago

Not like the coach is the one swimming the race. At the end of the day it’s up to the swimmer to make the change.

6 months ago

For all non-Americans, this converts to these ranges:

400FR SCM: 3:39.44 – 3:43.74
400FR LCM: 3:48.22 – 3:50.07

At age 14. Nuts.

Reply to  SwimmerFan99
6 months ago

Conversion is always wrong and favours scy, this swim is incredible but realistically is roughly on par with his 3.52 from summer (which is still an improvement because of turns)

6 months ago

His post-race reaction was ICE COLD. This dude goes hard.

6 months ago

bruh theres a rumor on the pool deck that he wanted to go 4:14 so he was like meh afterwards 💀

6 months ago

great performance luka. keep it healthy and fast.
.ok guidance and motivation, but why to convert pools and times?
what you do in scy = it is scy time. lcm=lcm.

Last edited 6 months ago by louiggi