A Look Back: All 2014 Commonwealth Games medalists and times from Glasgow

With the swimming portion of the 2014 Commonwealth Games now wrapped up in Glasgow, Scotland, we’ve put together a collection of all the medalists from each of the 44 events over the past six days. Each medalist is listed, along with her or her country and the finals time.

We’ve also added splits for each of the members of the medal-winning relays.

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You can find full results of the meet here.

Men’s Medalists

Event Gold   Silver   Bronze
50 Free Ben Proud, England 21.92 Cameron McEvoy, Australia 22.00 James Magnussen, Australia 22.10
100 Free James Magnussen, Australia 48.11 Cameron McEvoy, Australia 48.34 Tommaso D’Orsogna, Australia 49.04
200 Free Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Australia 1:45.08 Cameron McEvoy, Australia 1:45.56 Calum Jarvis, Wales 1:46.93
400 free Ryan Cochrane, Canada 3:43.46 David McKeon, Australia 3:44.09 James Guy, England 3:44.58
1500 free Ryan Cochrane, Canada 14:44.03 Mack Horton, Australia 14:48.76 Daniel Jervis, Wales 14:55.33
50 back Ben Treffers, Australia 24.67 Mitch Larkin, Australia 24.80 Liam Tancock, England 24.98
100 back Chris Walker-Hebborn, England 53.12 Mitch Larkin, Australia 53.59 Josh Beaver, Australia and Liam Tancock, England 53.75
200 back Mitch Larkin, Australia 1:55.83 Josh Beaver, Australia 1:56.19 Matson Lawson, Australia 1:56.63
50 breast Cameron van der Burgh, South Africa 26.76 Adam Peaty, England 26.78 Christian Sprenger, Australia 25.46
100 breast Adam Peaty, England 58.94 Cameron van der Burgh, South Africa 59.28 Ross Murdoch, Scotland 59.47
200 breast Ross Murdoch, Scotland 2:07.30 Michael Jamieson, Scotland 2:08.40 Andrew Willis, England 2:09.87
50 fly Ben Proud, England 22.93 Roland Schoeman, South Africa 23.13 Chad le Clos, South Africa 23.36
100 fly Chad le Clos, South Africa 51.29 Joseph Schooling, Singapore 51.69 Adam Barrett, England 51.93
200 fly Chad le Clos, South Africa 1:55.07 Grant Irvine, Australia 1:56.34 Sebastien Rousseau, South Africa 1:56.43
200 IM Daniel Tranter, Australia 1:57.83 Dan Wallace, Scotland 1:58.72 Chad le Clos, South Africa 1:58.85
400 IM Dan Wallace, Scotland 4:11.20 Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Australia 4:12.04 Sebastien Rousseau, South Africa 4:13.09
100 free S9 Rowan Crothers, Australia 54.58 Matthew Cowdrey, Australia 56.33 Brenden Hall, Australia 56.85
200 free S14 Daniel Fox, Australia 1:57.89 Thomas Hamer, England 2:00.27 Jack Thomas, Wales 2:01.27
200 IM SM8 Ollie Hynd, England 2:22.86 Jesse Aungles, Australia 2:31.25 Blake Cochrane, Australia 2:32.72
4×100 free relay Australia 3:13.44 South Africa 3:15.17 England 3:16.37
Tommaso D’Orsogna 49.26 Chad le Clos 48.53 Adam Brown 49.47
Matt Abood 48.77 Roland Schoeman 48.78 James Disney-May 48.81
James Magnussen 47.49 Leith Shankland 48.14 Adam Barrett 49.04
Cameron McEvoy 47.92 Caydon Muller 49.72 Ben Proud 49.05
4×200 free relay Australia 7:07.38 Scotland 7:09.18 South Africa 7:10.36
Cameron McEvoy 1:48.10 Dan Wallace 1:47.37 Devon Brown 1:47.49
David McKeon 1:45.82 Stephen Milne 1:47.17 Chad le Clos 1:47.13
Ned McKendry 1:48.28 Duncan Scott 1:46.18 Sebastien Rousseau 1:47.03
Thomas Fraser-Holmes 1:45.18 Robbie Renwick 1:47.46 Dylan Bosch 1:48.71
4×100 medley relay England 3:31.51 Australia 3:32.21 South Africa 3:34.47
Chris Walker-Hebborn 53.40 Mitch Larkin 53.59 Sebastien Rousseau 55.33
Adam Peaty 58.59 Christian Sprenger 59.64 Cameron van der Burgh 59.64
Adam Barrett 51.02 Jayden Hadler 51.81 Chad le Clos 51.05
Adam Brown 48.50 James Magnussen 47.17 Leith Shankland 48.69

Women’s Medalists

Event Gold   Silver   Bronze
50 Free Fran Halsall, England 23.96 Cate Campbell, Australia 24.00 Bronte Campbell, Australia 24.20
100 Free Cate Campbell, Australia 52.68 Bronte Campbell, Australia 52.86 Emma McKeon, Australia 53.61
200 Free Emma McKeon, Australia 1:55.57 Siobhan O’Connor, England 1:55.82 Bronte Barratt, Australia 1:56.62
400 free Lauren Boyle, New Zealand 4:04.47 Jazz Carlin, Wales 4:05.16 Bronte Barratt, Australia 4:06.02
800 free Jazz Carlin, Wales 8:18.11 Lauren Boyle, New Zealand 8:20.59 Brittany MacLean, Canada 8:20.91
50 back Georgia Davies, Wales 27.56 Lauren Quigley, England 27.69 Brooklynn Snodgrass, Canada 27.97
100 back Emily Seebohm, Australia 59.37 Georgia Davies, Wales 59.58 Belinda Hocking, Australia 59.93
200 back Belinda Hocking, Australia 2:07.24 Emily Seebohm, Australia 2:08.51 Hilary Caldwell, Canada 2:08.55
50 breast Leiston Pickett, Australia 30.59 Alia Atkinson, Jamaica 30.67 Corrie Scott, Scotland 30.75
100 breast Sophie Taylor, England 1:06.35 Lorna Tonks, Australia 1:07.34 Alia Atkinson, Jamaica 1:08.14
200 breast Taylor McKeown, Australia 2:22.36 Sally Hunter, Australia 2:23.33 Molly Renshaw, England 2:25.00
50 fly Fran Halsall, England 25.20 Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Bahamas 25.53 Brittany Elmslie, Australia 25.91
100 fly Katerine Savard, Canada 57.40 Siobhan O’Connor, England 57.45 Emma McKeon, Australia 57.66
200 fly Audrey Lacroix, Canada 2:07.61 Aimee Willmott, England 2:08.07 Maddie Groves, Australia 2:08.44
200 IM Siobhan O’Connor, England 2:08.21 Alicia Coutts, Australia 2:10.30 Hannah Miley, Scotland 2:10.74
400 IM Hannah Miley, Scotland 4:31.76 Aimee Willmott, England 4:33.01 Keryn McMaster, Australia 4:36.35
100 free S8 Maddison Elliot, Australia 1:05.32 Stephanie Slater, England 1:05.73 Lakeisha Patterson, Australia 1:08.98
100 breast SB9 Sophie Pascoe, New Zealand 1:19.36 Madeleine Scott, Australia 1:21.38 Erraid Davies, Scotland 1:21.68
200 IM SM10 Sophie Pascoe, New Zealand 2:27.74 Katherine Downie, Australia 2:31.98 Aurelie Rivard, Canada 2:32.09
4×100 free relay Australia 3:30.98 England 3:35.72 Canada 3:40.00
Bronte Campbell 53.15 Siobhan O’Connor 54.06 Victoria Poon 55.29
Melanie Schlanger 52.76 Fran Halsall 53.17 Sandrine Mainville 54.69
Emma McKeon 52.91 Amy Smith 53.88 Michelle Williams 54.66
Cate Campbell 52.16 Rebecca Turner 54.61 Alyson Ackman 55.34
4×200 free relay Australia 7:49.90 Canada 7:51.67 England 7:52.45
Emma McKeon 1:56.01 Sam Cheverton 1:57.99 Siobhan O’Connor 1:57.19
Alicia Coutts 1:59.34 Brittany MacLean 1:56.87 Amelia Maughan 1:59.53
Brittany Elmslie 1:57.89 Alyson Ackman 1:58.43 Ellie Faulkner 1:58.08
Bronte Barratt 1:56.66 Emily Overholt 1:58.38 Becki Turner 1:57.65
4×100 medley relay Australia 3:56.23 England 3:57.03 Canada 4:00.57
Emily Seebohm 59.41 Lauren Quigley 1:00.17 Sinead Russell 59.94
Lorna Tonks 1:08.28 Sophie Taylor 1:06.39 Tera van Beilen 1:08.01
Emma McKeon 56.95 Siobhan O’Connor 57.89 Katerine Savard 57.72
Cate Campbell 51.59 Fran Halsall 52.58 Sandrine Mainville 54.90

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9 years ago

As an unbiased US oberver, it seems to me like all of the participating nations had something to be proud about:

Australia certainly was dominant! Its established stars, Cate Campbell and Magnussen, performed well (or well enough for Mag), and McEvoy and Bronte Campbell continue to move out of their shadows. Also, a lot of young talent is emerging from their ranks. I had never heard of Emma McKeon, but she really impressed me!

England surpassed expectations as far as I could see; it’s too bad Halsall couldn’t have performed like this in London, but young stars are emerging rapidly for them (O’Connor, Proud, etc).

Host Scotland had some significant wins and even enough depth to contend for a… Read more »

9 years ago

Men’s 50 free times should be 21.92 for gold, then the 22.00 and 22.10

9 years ago

it would be great if the rank (in terms of best times this year) was also listed. That way, you can kind of see where these numbers fall relatively to the rest of the world’s performances. Is Magnussen not fully tapered…waiting for PanPacs to race Nathan Adrian? His times are very similar to Adrian’s times untapered…

Reply to  anon
9 years ago

Magnussen split 47.1 in the Medley relay. His fastest split since 2011.

Also, magnussen has always performed worse in international championships since 2011.
His untapered swims are actually faster 47s in season earlier this year.

Reply to  aswimfan
9 years ago

As far as I can remember, he has only once swam under 47:49, leading off a 4×100 relay or the 100 free, and that was the 47:10. It almost seems like the 47.1 has been as much a blessing as a curse. He is a fairly consistent 47.5-7 guy, however with that 47.1 in there everything afterwards seems a bit like he is not reaching his full potential. Even if you take the 47.1 as an outlier, I don’t think his times have improved much in 3 years. I think there might be something psychological going on. He swam that 47.1 when no one expected that from him, now people expect a faster time. Though I am not an expert,… Read more »

Reply to  Cabry
9 years ago

The results from 2011 worlds onwards do show some evidence that Magnussen swam best when the pressure is little.
However, credit is due to him that he was still blasting 47.53 to finish 0.01 behind Adrian in London after that disastrous relay swim and when the pressure was at the highest. He also won worlds last year, although I must say that I felt he could have been faster in Barcelona.

Reply to  Cabry
9 years ago

Who knows if the 47.10 was a curse, or maybe the curse started when he said the first time he felt he could take the record from Cielo and turned it into an obsession. However, right now I can’t imagine anyone else beating that 46.91, even though Nathan Adrian is having a fantastic season. That at least for the time being; by 2016, some of the fast kids out there might be ready for the challenge!

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