Lochte: “It’s time for me to start doing my job again” (Video)

Reported by Anne Lepesant.


  • American: 1:54.00 7/28/2011 Ryan Lochte
  • U.S. Open: 1:54.56 7/10/2009 Ryan Lochte
  • U.S. Open Meet: 1:59.26 11/30/2006 Michael F Phelps
  1. GOLD- Ryan Lochte, Trojan Swim Club 1:59.24
  2. SILVER- Xavier Mohammed, Swim Wales 2:00.47
  3. BRONZE- Sam Stewart, Longhorn Aquatics 2:01.51

The field was bunched at the fly wall, but Texas A&M’s Brock Bonetti turned just ahead of Trojan Swim Club’s Ryan Lochte. Lochte had a smooth backstroke leg and pulled ahead of the field, although Swim Wales’ Xavier Mohammedstayed with him. The pair had the clear lead heading into the breaststroke, where Lochte broke away and led by about 3/4 of a body heading into the freestyle. Lochte increased his lead over the final 50 meters and touched in a new U.S. Open meet record of 1:59.24, taking 2/100 off Michael Phelps’ 2006 meet mark.

Mohammed finished second with 2:00.47. Third place went to Sam Stewart of Longhorn Aquatics in 2:01.51.

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Im assuming he is talking about his part time job at Mcdonalds? Lack of a degree didnt leave him with many job options


He does have a degree. He graduated from the University of Florida.


He has degree… from U Florida..Sports Management…


Agghh give it a break, plenty of other forums for toxic commentary you can go play on.


Nope. Part-time reality TV contestant.


Or he could be talking about the task of taking lots of time off and making babies in his excessive free time


have you seen Kayla Rae? I’d be making babies with her too if she let me.


Bro, have some respect.


isn’t she an Instagram “Model”….?


Sub 2:00 is a pretty nice staring point.


Pretty good time, for a visibly out of shape Lochte, always fun to watch him swim and going to be interesting to see what kind of form he can get back into !

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