Celebrity Swim Tuesday

Paralympic Champ Jessica Long To Star in Toyota Super Bowl Ad

13-time Paralympic swimming gold medalist Jessica Long is the star of Toyota’s new television ad, set to air during Super Bowl LV this weekend.


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Michael Phelps Enshrined In Design For Arizona Corn Maze

An Arizona corn maze has themed its 2020 design after Olympic swimming icon Michael Phelps, donning his pile of gold medals.


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Mack Horton Nominated For Australian Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award

Australian swimmer Mack Horton is nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for ‘Favorite Sports Star’ in Australia and New Zealand.


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Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 10: A Play-Or-Eat Gamble

Her two best allies were voted out back-to-back in a twisty double tribal last episode. Elizabeth Beisel now has to regain her footing in the game.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 9: A Twisty Double-Tribal

It’s a major twist with two players eliminated as we enter the endgame of Survivor: Island of the Idols with Olympian Elizabeth Beisel.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 8: Serious Issues Raised & Game Halted

It’s a case study all-too-relevant to swimming: one player’s tendency for unwanted touching leads to a tricky and imperfect analysis of perception and safety.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 7: Women’s Alliances Rising

It’s an odd contrast of intensely complex strategy and thoughtful discussion about gender in group dynamics as Elizabeth Beisel’s Survivor game continues.

More Celebrity Swim Tuesday

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 6: An Island of the Idols Alliance?

There’s a game-changing advantage in play with a 4-4 split between alliances on Beisel’s tribe in one of the most dramatic episodes of the season so far.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 5: Detective Dean is On the Case

Detective Dean wants to know who burned him last week – and Elizabeth Beisel is one of his prime suspects. We recap Beisel’s island adventure for week 5.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 4: The Classic Blindfold Challenge

Six tribe members are walking blindfolded through a field of painfully firm objects. Who is directing them? Elizabeth Beisel, of course.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 3: The Coolest Water Challenge Ever

The immunity challenge heads back to the water, giving Elizabeth Beisel another clear chance to shine. But the women’s alliance is on the rocks in week 3.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 2: Finally A Water Challenge

The Survivor 39 cast take to the water for their immunity/reward challenge this week, and it’s time for Elizabeth Beisel to show off her skills.

Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 1: An Early Big Gamble

Three-time Olympian Elizabeth Beisel took a central role in last night’s premiere episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols. We recap her major gamble.

Beisel on Survivor: ‘I will definitely not announce that I’m an Olympian’

Elizabeth Beisel is part of Survivor’s 39th season premiering tomorrow, and she says pre-game that she won’t be announcing her Olympian status.

Ryan Lochte To Compete on Celebrity Family Feud Sunday

Fresh off his January stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Olympian and current Olympic hopeful Ryan Lochte will appear on this season of Celebrity Family Feud.