Ledecky: “I’m happy with the changes I’ve made this weekend” (Video)

Reported by Lauren Neidigh.


  1. Katie Ledecky– 1:55.34
  2. Siobhan Haughey– 1:58.14
  3. Katie Drabot– 1:58.85

Stanford’s Katie Ledecky blasted her way to the top of the world rankings, tearing through the water en route to a world-leading 1:55.34. That was also a new Meet Record for Ledecky, taking down the former mark of 1:55.68 done by Femke Heemskerk in 2015.

There were 2 members of the Cardinal on tonight’s podium, as Katie Drabot joined her teammate with a 1:58.85 for bronze. Finishing between them was Michigan’s Siobhan Haughey with a 1:58.14. Cal’s Katie McLaughlin was just a few tenths shy of the podium in 1:49.11, while Wisconsin’s Cierra Runge (1:59.82) joined them under 2:00 to take 5th.

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4 years ago

Nice time .

4 years ago

Ledecky is amazing. She’s truly the greatest female swimmer of all time.

bobo gigi
Reply to  SchoolingFTW
4 years ago

Greatest female freestyler of all time, yes, probably. But hard to compare to other strokes or best versatile women in history.
Same remark about Bolt for example. I’m not a fan but he’s the greatest male sprinter of all time. However it would be unfair to call him the greatest athlete of all time. For example I consider Carl Lewis a better athlete. He was great on sprint but also won 4 long jump olympic gold medals in a row! And why I would consider Bolt greater than Ashton Eaton too? The best decathlete of all time is the best athlete of all time too. The most versatile athlete. Why I would consider Bolt greater than Kenenisa Bekele? The… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

You have to be born two thousand years ago Bobo to enjoy gladiators fights. You are missing blood. Hosszu will be 31 in Tokyo and Ledecky at prime 23.

Bruce White
Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Al Oerter was discus, not shot put

4 years ago

Katie L is an awesome freestyle swimmer. More speed than Debbie Meyer or Janet Evans and obviouly better at the longer distances than any of the world’s best-ever sprinters. The most talented female swimmer of all-time might well be Tracey Caulkins, who was an incredible IM specialist and was quite exceptional at every stroke and distance. Had the USA competed in Moscow, Tracey’s Olympic medal collection would likely have been impressive. Tough break for many, but more so for her than most. Caulkins came on the scene full throttle in 1977 and certainly a victim of the 1970 boycott. Not as dominant in 1984 after Paul Bergen left Nashville and she went off to Florida. Still did well in LA… Read more »

Lane Four
Reply to  Tigerswim22
4 years ago

Beautiful posting, Tiger. Bravo.

Reply to  Tigerswim22
4 years ago

I don’t see the purposes of such debate and why it would be great. It is an endless talking of talk lovers when no criteria are specified. It is all the matter of taste and personal preferences. I personally don’t understand how IMer of any sort and level can be better than a great stroker. How Hosszu can even be compared to Cate Campbell or Sarah Sjostrom. Do you know her ranks at individual strokes? I assume you don’t. In IM (very artificial competition) she beats those who are significantly weaker than she is in one or more strokes. But someone else’s weakness doesn’t make her great. The IM competition especially on women side is very shallow and there is… Read more »

Reply to  Prickle
4 years ago

Have you ever swam a 400IM? Do you know the pain these athletes go through?

Reply to  Peter
4 years ago

Yea, I have swum. No I have never experienced the pain of exhaustion when swimming because my biological protection system uses the other way to inform me about being over the limits. Either with vomiting or cramps.
Can I ask you, why are so interested in details of my personal life? Are you running the some kind of research on Pricklesh population ?

Reply to  Tigerswim22
4 years ago

I’d say Tracy Caulkins or Yana Klochkova, who won everything there was to win in the IMs and broke world records, plus won back-to-back 200/400 IM victories in consecutive Olympiads and an Olympic silver in the 800 free and a long course World title in the 400 free.

Jim C
4 years ago

Some people seem to believe that in choosing the greatest swimmer of all time only IM swimmers should be considered. Among non-pitchers the toughest position in baseball is that of the catcher. But in picking the greatest I would not limit myself to just looking at catchers.

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Coleman Hodges

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