Korean Swimming Fed Investigation Leads To 14 Total Arrests

In the continuing story of alleged corruption within the Korean Swimming Federation (KSF), Yonhap is reporting that a total of 10 KSF Board members and 4 businessmen have been indicted on corruption charges since the ordeal began.

We’ve been following the unfolding investigation, which began with South Korean prosecutors raiding the KSF headquarters, which was followed by arrests of executive-level officials. Then earlier this month, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office levied indictments all stemming from officials and coaches having allegedly received bribes in exchange for peddling influence over the selection of national aquatic team members.

5 of the 14 individuals indicted are currently in custody, with the man surnamed Chung, being charged with having allegedly received $388,000 alone during the time span of 2004 to 2015. Another Board member with the surname of Lee has been charged with taking $1.1 million.

Noh Min-sang, Korean Olympian Park Tae Hwan’s former coach, was also alleged to have given approximately 90 million won to Chug during the years 2009 and 2012. However, the statute of limitations has run out and Noh is, therefore, exempt from indictment. (Yonhap)

Earlier this month news outlets reported that KSF President Lee Ki-heung would be handing in his resignation some time this month, but nothing concrete has transpired as of yet in that regard.

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Joohan Lee

This notouriously corrupted organization has been put under the direct control of the Korean Olympic Committee as of yesterday, and many some parents and coaches are asking a complete rebuilding of the swimming program in Korea and the structure of the organization. We have to see how it evolves.

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