Katie Ledecky on Off Events: “My best event when I was younger was 2Fly”


Reported by Michael Hamann.


Top 8 finishers:

  1. Katie Ledecky (Gator): 8:12.03
  2. Mariah Denigan (Indiana): 8:31.12
  3. Kensey McMahon (Alabama): 8:31.92
  4. Erica Sullivan (Unattached): 8:34.37
  5. Cavan Gormsen (Long Island): 8:35.48
  6. Elise Bauer (Gator): 8:37.11
  7. Sierra Schmidt (Scottsdale): 8:41.06
  8. Tylor Mathieu (Gator): 8:41.68

In traditional Katie Ledecky fashion, the greatest of all time dominated the final heat, winning by nearly 20 seconds in 8:12.03. Ledecky was out fast, flipping in 4:02.71 at the halfway point, less than a second faster off of her World Record pace. While she faded over the second half of the race, she still put together a dominant performance.

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Wate Wut
15 days ago

I don’t get it: the headline discusses 200 FL but none of the content even comes close to mentioning it.

15 days ago

“when i was younger ” how young?? katie you were breaking world records in distance at 15???

15 days ago

Actually disgusting

16 days ago

Anyone think she has an off chance at the American or US open record in either the 4IM or 2Fly?

tea rex
Reply to  Hank
15 days ago

Nope, but I’m glad she is getting to swim some other events.
Katie – second half of your career is all 200 fly! Go for it!

16 days ago

…… and then Yuri came along.

Shaquil Ohniel
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
13 days ago


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