Justin Ress: “I swam distance in high school” (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.

Justin Ress: “It’s crazy, I’ve actually always wanted to be a sprinter, but I swam distance in high school, distance my first year in college. My coaches put me in the mid-distance group my sophomore year, and then I had a good 50 freestyle so they put me in the sprint group this summer and I’ve loved it so far. I’m still star struck from all of these big names in that heat.”


  • American Record: Randall Bal, 24.33. 2008
  • U.S. Open Record: Junya Koga, 24.36, 2015
  • LC National Meet Record: David Plummer, 24.52, 2013
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 25.29
  1. Justin Ress, WOLF, 24.41
  2. Ryan Murphy, CAL, 24.64
  3. Matt Grevers, FORD, 24.67

NC State’s Justin Ress had that big swim many believed he could have, knocking about half a second off his best time to win the men’s 50 back in 24.41 and qualify for the World Championships. Ress breaks David Plummer‘s meet record of 24.52 from 2013, and moves past China’s Xu Jiayu (24.42) for #1 in the world this year.

Out in lane 1, Ryan Murphy gave it everything he had and appeared to be leading early, but was passed by Ress and takes 2nd in 24.64. Matt Grevers was right there for 3rd in 24.67, lowering his prelim time.

John Shebat (24.88) and Taylor Dale (24.93) also had big swims to crack the 25-second barrier in 4th and 5th. Indiana’s Bob Glover took the B-final in 25.20, and Bryce Mefford won the C-final in 25.93.

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Just sayin

Dressel: fly is new to me

Ress: I did distance up until this summer

These guys are crazy can’t wait to see what they do in the future

Ex Quaker

Leah Smith, Zach Apple, Dakota Luther, Hannah Stevens, Pace Clark… It’s been a wonderful week of new breakthroughs.




Totally Awesome Trials !


Dressel might say that fly is new to him, but he was 45 in the 100 yd fly in high school so he should have some experience.

tea rex

Is Justin Ress related to Eric Ress?

tea rex – nope, no (close) relation.

tea rex

Thanks Braden


Glad for Justin and agree that his future is bright. Sad that we have to suffer through the boring distance events. Why not swim the 50s of each stroke, 200 Med and 200 Free Relay in World and Olympic competition?? Get rid of the 400, 800 and 1500 events. If those athletes want to swim distance, there are open water events. I know this sentiment is not popular with many democrats.


There’s a bit of a difference between the 400 and an open water swim…

The Donald

Since when are the 400 , 800, and 1500 comparable to the 5k and 10k. The open water races absolutely dwarf the 4,8, and 15, turning them into the sprints that you so cherish. Maybe it’s just that you have so little brain power that you can’t stay focused for over 3 minutes.


Not only is this statement ignorant, it’s insulting. Those swimmers train just as hard and are just as dedicated as those who sprint. By taking away there events you would eliminate alot of outstanding talent. Plus if you look purely at distance gone in an event, the 400, 800, and 1500 are closer to the 50s then the the 5k. It takes a different set of talent and training to do the 5k and the 10k then the 4, 8, and 15. So to suggest they can all just start doing them instead is ignorant and insulting . I’m sorry you don’t truly have an understanding or appreciation for the sport. I guarantee you Justin does have it, especially with… Read more »


Because I much prefer the exciting, short, speed events does not mean I do not appreciate the sport. I also enjoy the speed events in Track and Field. The truly talented athletes are those who compete in the 200, 100 and 50 yard/meter races. It is the left overs athlete who can not cut it in the speed events who are relegated to distance and who make many of we learned and sophisticated individuals suffer through the slow paced events. Add the 50s, 200 Relays and the 800 Medley and we will see more interest in our sport. Speed is King!!! Distance races are for the intellectually challenged spectators. While I admire the athletes who slug it out in the… Read more »


So basically by your logic, ledecky isn’t talented. And for that matter neither is Phelps. Theyre not doing 50s. Ledecky is just now starting to do shorter events, and oh by the way beating most of the sprinters. Why you have a beef with distance swimming i don’t know. But ask anyone what the hardest event is, and it’s almost unanimously the 400 I’m. All these elite swimmers are talented. To sit here and say they only do distance because they lack talent is wrong. And no clearly you don’t appreciate it. Notice the down votes you are getting. You are alone in your opinions. Since you don’t know swimming, I’ll use a different sport to help you understand what… Read more »


True visionaries are misunderstood by the plebeian throng. The down votes inspire the fact that in time the boring events will go the way of the standing broad jump. How sorry are you that in your opinion I do not have true love of the sport of swimming? I have the courage to be the vanguard for truths which few are willing to address. Choose which you would prefer to watch: In track the men’s 100 meter or the 10K, women’s college basketball or an NBA game, NASCAR or Forest Gump running across America. Wake up and enjoy the unbridled excitement of watching Tommy Brady instead of Bubba Watson.


Not once did I take issue with you saying you preferred to watch sprints over distancer. Everyone has their preferences. So to answer your question, you would be able to find someone who would enjoy any one of those events over the others. What I have an issue with is how you said the distance events shouldn’t be events and then followed that by saying they weren’t talented. Those are the only problems I addressed in my reply to you. Never about your opinion towards race preference. And for the record, there are plenty of people out there who would rather watch bubba Watson than Tom Brady, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to get at. Next time… Read more »


Many of us here love the 400, 800 and 1,500 – those events are tough – really tough – and i admire those young guys training in those events . They love the sport as much as sprinters do and make it enjoyable for us to watch .

Todd Kramer

Dawgpaddle is just a troll trying to get a rise out of people. Just ignore him/her.

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