Pre-Competitive Head Coach

Job Description:

Location: 1900 DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA

Pre-Competitive Head Coach – Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club, LLC

  • Hourly Salary commensurate with experience
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to work evenings from 3:45-7:15pm, Monday thru Thursday at the Lake Claire Pool, Atlanta, GA
  • Previous Coaching Experience Required
  • Competitive Swimming Experience Preferred

The Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club, LLC (MAAC) is looking for an hourly head coach for our pre-competitive level group. The pre-competitive group is divided into 2 levels – pre-competitive 1 and pre-competitive 2.  Both of these groups consist of swimmers between ages 5-10 who are newer to the sport of swimming. Our swimmers are learning the basics of competition strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle – and are working on swimming basics like starts, turns, streamline, kicking, etc.

As a coach, you are on deck during practice and responsible for creating practices each day, and correcting swimmers’ strokes, teaching drills, and encouraging a positive team atmosphere and helping swimmers learn to love swimming.

The pre-competitive group has 45 minute practices, 4 evenings a week.  Due to the multiple group practice schedule, you are responsible for being at the pool  Monday thru Thursday from 3:45pm to 7:15pm.


Mission and Vision of MAAC:

As a team, our goal is to build a competitive swim team that provides opportunities to Metro Atlanta youth to participate in a life changing, character building program. Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club (MAAC) and will endeavor to make water safety a priority while building an inclusive community. We will develop a diverse and competitive swim team that is reflective of Atlanta’s many unique cultures and ethnicities. We strive to make MAAC the premier choice for swimming lessons, age group, masters, and competitive national level swimming.

How to Apply

Email Resume to Coach Kathryn at [email protected]

Contact Information

Coach Kathryn Groce