Head Coach – Carlile Swimming Team

Applications due 12/19/18

Job Description:

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia


Carlile Swimming Team is seeking applicants for the role of Head Coach, Carlile Swimming Team.

Carlile Swimming provides swimming programs for all ages, from babies to Olympians. We have been pioneering new teaching and training methods for more than half a century and we are recognised worldwide as a leader in all aspects of aquatic education. Carlile Swimming employs over 600 staff across 9 swim schools and 4 competitive training sites. Every week we help 25,000+ kids become safer and more confident in and around the water.

Our company founders, Forbes and Ursula Carlile, are world renowned Olympic swim coaches, pioneering sports scientists and educators. Their collective passion and dedication to excellence in swimming training and education has resulted in well-deserved global recognition and awards over many years.

Carlile Swimming has a proud history of performance excellence in competitive swimming and is seeking a new Head Coach of the Carlile Swimming Team.  A brief description of the experience and personal attributes of the person we are seeking is provided below.

Desired Experience, Qualities and Attributes of the Head Coach


Strategy and Vision

  • Strong strategy formulation ability – to meaningfully contribute to an evolving strategy that will take the Carlile Swimming Team to be the leading high-performance program in the country


Team Leadership

  • Appreciative of the heritage and values underpinning the Carlile culture, while also understanding what it takes to evolve a world-class competitive swim team, with distinctive strength at all levels of the pipeline
  • Demonstrates honesty and humility, presence and credibility, an engaging communicator; has the track record to gain immediate respect as a source of leadership for the entire Carlile Swimming Team
  • Can work with, and leverage, the Carlile system and pathways i.e. someone who – while having primary responsibility for the high-performance program – will take an interest at all levels. Can identify talent and foster a system that encourages and nurtures talent.


 Technical Excellence

  • Diversity of experience coaching swimmers to success at domestic and international level, across multiple events and disciplines, with male and female athletes
  • High technical expertise (ideally with sound understanding of principles of physiology, biomechanics, strength and conditioning and sports psychology), and the ability to apply – and communicate – this information in a practical manner to enhance the performance of swimmers
  • The nous and professional standing to pull together a network of leading specialists in each required technical area to advise coaches and swimmers as required and supplement Carlile coaches’ expertise and experience
  • The discipline and foresight to encourage a performance planning culture amongst the coaching staff that delivers a process that articulates the actions required to give each swimmer the best possible chance to achieve target goals, while also looking after the well-being and growth of the ‘whole person’


People Leadership

  • The credibility to attract, develop and retain the best coaching talent in the country
  • A proven track record of creating a positive team environment for our coaches and knows how to support and develop them to reach their potential


Stakeholder Leadership

  • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills across the range of stakeholder groups – internal to Carlile e.g. parent groups, and external to Carlile e.g. SSSM providers, media, SAL, SNSW, ASCTA, NSWIS, sponsors


Personal Attributes

  • Unquestioned ethics and integrity; sound moral compass
  • Interested in the athlete as a whole person, and swimming’s role in personal development
  • Grounded, centred behaviour; measured and consistent in demeanour and decision-making process; calm under pressure; steady and consistent style that people at all levels of the Team can line up to
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the Carlile history, and will be proud and excited to make a contribution to the Carlile legacy and honour the traditions of Forbes and Ursula Carlile
  • Demonstrates the energy and motivation to get their hands dirty and build a high-performance program, as well as maintain it
  • Curious to learn, to personally grow, to challenge themselves, to be open to new perspectives

How to Apply

How to Apply

Please email your written application, including your CV, by the closing date to:


Matt Adair

Competitive Programs Manager

Carlile Swimming

Suite 152, 117 Old Pittwater Road

Brookvale, NSW 2100


Email – [email protected]

Contact Information

Matt Adair

phone: +61 413 843 659