Japan’s Olympic Roster Nears 30-Strong With One Trials Day Left


There remains just one day of these 2021 Japan Olympic Trials, with just the Olympic events of the men’s and women’s 50m free, as well as the men’s 1500m free left to race.

Today, both Waka Kobori and Miyu Namba made it a double in terms of mid-distance freestyle events, with both adding the 800m free to their already-qualified 400m freestyle performances earlier in the meet.

Also, in the highly-anticipated men’s 100m butterfly contest, which saw 6 men get under 52-seconds, it was Naoki Mizunuma who snared the top prize to represent Japan both in the individual event, as well as on the medley relay. Takeshi Kawamoto, the man who matched the nation’s record last night in semifinals, settled for runner-up, still qualifying for the Olympics in the event.

Unofficial Japanese Olympic Roster:

  1. Yuki Ikari – men’s 400m IM
  2. Yui Ohashi – women’s 400m IM, 20m IM
  3. Daiya Seto – men’s 200m IM/400m IM (officially pre-qualified), 200m fly
  4. Ageha Tanigawa – women’s 400m IM
  5. Waka Kobori – women’s 400m free, 800m free
  6. Miyu Namba – women’s 400m free, 800m free
  7. Rikako Ikee – women’s medley relay (fly), 400m free relay
  8. Shoma Sato – men’s medley relay (breast), 200m breast
  9. Katsuo Matsumoto – men’s 200m free, 400m free relay
  10. Kanako Watanabe – women’s 100m breast, 200m breast medley relay
  11. Reona Aoki – women’s 100m breast
  12. Ryosuke Irie – men’s 100m back, 200m back, medley relay
  13. Konosuke Yanagimoto – men’s 800m free relay
  14. Kosuke Hagino – men’s 800m free relay, 200m IM
  15. Takahashi Kotaro – men’s 800m free relay
  16. Tomoru Honda – men’s 200m fly
  17. Miho Teramura – women’s 200m IM
  18. Katsumi Nakamura – men’s 100m free, 400m free relay
  19. Kaiya Seki – men’s 400m free relay
  20. Namba Akira – men’s 400m free relay
  21. Suzuka Hasegawa – women’s 200m fly
  22. Ryuya Mura – men’s 200m breast
  23. Natsumi Sakai – women’s 400m free relay
  24. Chihiro Igarashi – women’s 400m free relay
  25. Rika Omoto – women’s 400m free relay
  26. Keita Sunama – men’s 200m back
  27. Naoki Mizunuma – men’s 100m fly, medley relay
  28. Takeshi Kawamoto – men’s 100 fly

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