James Gibson on ISL Final: “We’ve got our strategy down” (Video)


In preparation for the ISL finale, the media sat down with all 4 GMs of the teams in the final. James Gibson, the GM for Energy Standard, the defending league champions, is confident in where his team stands. After losing their monumental first match in league history to the Cali Condors in Match #1 of this season, they’re ready to take revenge.

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10 days ago

Not sure where to post this… but clicking on a link to an article and having it go to a full page ad and having to click out of it to see the article is quite annoying.

Reply to  SCCOACH
10 days ago

Our apologies. We are aware of this and we are stopping it – our ad server didn’t notify us before they started presenting these ads. We agree 100% that it is annoying.

Reply to  SCCOACH
10 days ago

First-world problems am I right?

10 days ago

Strategy is not paying the athletes

Sun Yangs Hammer
10 days ago

That strategy is rules that make you win. Why not when you own the league.

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