IU Swimming holds 8 new “unofficial” records

by Jessica Campbell 10

September 26th, 2013 News

Unoffiicial, yet legit.

The Indiana University swim team competed in an unofficial swim meet at the Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center Thursday night, setting 8 “unofficial” world records in men and women mixed relays.

The team was racing to establish world records of mixed, men and women, freestyle and medley relays in short and long course meters (SCM, LCM).

The records will not be official until certified by the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA).

For proof of swims, the pool was measured before and immediately after the meet and the swimmers were drug tested throughout the night.

Eric Demlinger and his assistant work for Bledsoe Riggert Guerrettaz a land surveying organization in Bloomington, Ind.

“We were called to measure the pool before and after,” Demlinger said. “It has to be immediately after

to certify the records.”

Demlinger measuring the lanes after moving the bulkhead.

Demlinger measuring the lanes after moving the bulkhead. Photo by Jessica Campbell

Demlinger measured each individual lane, for 25 and 50 meters, making sure the measurement stayed within 3 cm.

“We had to do it touchpad to touchpad,” he said. “It was hard because it was underwater.”

The meet was an informal match-up against IU and local swim teams such as, Councilman Center Swim Team, Bloomington Swim Club and Martinsville Swim Club.

Coach Ray Looze came into the pool without exact line-ups, but excited for the event.

“We kept it on a down-low to other teams,” he said. “We didn’t want them to know, because these records will be short-lived.”

The events consisted of the mainly focused events, the mixed relays, but also women and men only relays and individual events.

Allie Day, a junior, said the meet was “a once in a lifetime opportunity,” for herself and everyone who competed.

“It let me feel like a world record holder,” she said. “which is an awesome feeling.”


New FINA World Records Set:

Hoosiers compete for 8 new world records in  LCM and SCM relays.

Hoosiers compete for 8 new world records in LCM and SCM relays. Photo By Jessica Campbell

4×100 LCM mixed freestyle relay

Lindsay Vrooman, Kait Flederbach, Steve Schmuhl, Jackson Miller – 3:45.38

4×100 LCM mixed medley relay

Allie Day, Mike Hurley, Tanner Kurz, Haley Lips – 4:13.47

4×50 SCM mixed medley relay

James Wells, Cody Miller, Gia Dalesandro, Olivia Barker – 1:49.87

4×50 SCM mixed freestyle relay

Bailey Pressey, Stephanie Armstrong, Tanner Kurz, Cody Miller – 1:41.16

4×50 SCM women’s freestyle relay

Stephanie Marchuk, Claudia DiCapua, Audrey Scott, Grace Padget – 1:54.97

4×50 SCM men’s freestyle relay

Cody Miller, James Wells, Matt Gerth, Philip Butler – 1:36.81

4×50 SCM women’s medley relay

Grace Padget, Heather Hayes, Bailey Pressey, Claudia DiCapua – 2:04.34

4×50 SCM men’s medley relay

Curtis Goss, Blaine Nichols, Kyle Johnson, Tanner Kurz – 1:50.07



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Mixed 100lcm relay will be sub 3:20 soon enough, 25 secs faster

bobo gigi

Can anyone on earth explain to me why times which are not world records are called world records?
Perhaps I have missed something.


They just worked the system to get some pub. Think they are stretching to keep up with the creativity of Michigan.


It does seem a little daft that there are European records faster than some of these new world records… 🙂

bobo gigi

That’s why I ask the question. 🙂
For examples.
Men’s 4X50 medley relay. 1.31.80 by Russia
Women’s 4X50 medley relay. 1.42.69 by the Netherlands.
And today we read that 1.50.07 and 2.04.34 are the new world records.

bobo gigi

Danishswimfan, can you confirm we are not April 1 today?


I think the point is that all those times were swum prior to FINA recognising official world records. But given that these were properly ratified by FINA affiliated continental associations such as LEN it does seem a bit odd that they can’t be recognised, assuming all other current FINA regulations were adhered to. I can understand not including shiny suit records as they would not count under current FINA regulations.

And it’s definitely not April 1st in Denmark 🙂

bobo gigi

I was almost sure it wasn’t April 1st today.
Thank you for the confirmation.
And also thank you for the explanation.
I knew I had missed something.

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