ISL Salaries Hit $15K Per Swimmer For 2020 Season

International Swimming League athletes will make $1500 a month for a ten-month period, with all athletes earning the same base salary.

ISL officials confirmed that pay structure in a press conference today. That ultimately sets athlete salaries at $15,000 per swimmer for the 2020 season. Athletes will earn $1500 a month starting in September of 2020 and ending in June of 2021.

Last year, each team had a $150,000 salary cap, sources tell SwimSwam, but athletes could earn up to $25,000. That suggests that while the top athletes could be seeing base salaries drop this year, the vast majority of ISL athletes should see major pay increases.

The base salaries also don’t include pay to ISL ambassadors, which went above base salary pay for ambassadors last year.

The base salaries also don’t include prize money, which is where the top-level athletes really earn their livings. Last year, Sarah Sjostrom led all swimmers with $139,700 in prize money alone across the series. She was by far the biggest earner, with Caeleb Dressel sitting second at $98,700.

Five athletes earned more than $50,000 in prize money. 26 athletes earned more than $25,000. And based on last year’s prize money system, 60 athletes earned more in prize money than this year’s base salary total of $15,000.

You can see the full 2019 prize money list here.

The prize money is heavily weighted to the most successful teams. The top 14 earners all came from teams that competed in the league finale in Las Vegas. The top earner on a team that didn’t qualify for the finale was Vladimir Morozov at $34,400.

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1 month ago

This is progress

Reply to  Coach
1 month ago

All the isl news got me excited for the future of the sport.

Jim karpinski
1 month ago

does the isl pay for food and lodging while in Budapest? Do the athletes have to pay their own travel expense and will they have to pay to get to the season end meet wherever that is

Reply to  Jim karpinski
1 month ago

The ISL covers all expenses for participating. I’m not sure if, say, an athlete needs to leave early or come and go if there would be a different arrangement, but aside from any especially unique cases, generally the league covers costs to travel and compete.

Worth acknowledging that travel costs were covered for many top athletes for the FINA World Cup Series and the FINA Champions Series too.

Book it!
1 month ago

Do the teams pay for all the travel to & from meets?

Reply to  Book it!
1 month ago

We don’t know for sure if it’s teams or leagues (at this point, it seems like that’s all one pool of money), but yes, travel is paid for.

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