ISL Announces Head Coaches For Season 2

The head coaches for the the International Swimming League’s second season were announced during the league’s press conference launch on Wednesday, with several new “bench bosses” put in place compared to last year.

Perhaps the most notable change comes from the Cali Condors, who have hired Jeff Julian as head coach to take over for Gregg Troy. Julian is currently the coach at Rose Bowl Aquatics, and he was also previously an assistant at USC.

Note: it was originally announced that Jonty Skinner was the new head coach of the Cali Condors. This has since been corrected.

Martin Truijens, the former head coach of Denmark’s National Training Centre, will take over for Peter Andrew as the NY Breakers head coach, and Jozsef Nagy will head Iron after serving as Arpad Petrov‘s assistant last year.

The two new teams—Toronto Titans and Tokyo Frog Kings—have also announced their coaching roster. Byron McDonald, the longtime head coach at the University of Toronto, will head the Titans, and former USC head coach Dave Salo will lead the Frog Kings.

Matteo Giunta (Aqua Centurions), Cyndi Gallagher (DC Trident), David Marsh (LA Current), Melanie Marshall (London Roar) and James Gibson (Energy Standard) will remain in place from last season.


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2 years ago

So these coaches leave their home program for a month? Good gig if you can get it. I guess you take your horse(s) with you and leave the scraps with the asst coach.

Reply to  Coach
2 years ago

I think that’s why you see many of the head coaches are retired from primary jobs (Cyndi Gallagher, for example at UCLA; Martin Truijens I don’t think has a permanent training group).

Gregg Troy, who was going to be the head coach for the Condors before COVID, seems to have gotten his entire training group into ISL.

Miami Vice
2 years ago

Surprised to see Gregg Troy no longer coaching the Cali Condors and replaced by Jonty Skinner…

Reply to  Miami Vice
2 years ago

He’s in the high risk group due to age, honestly not surprised to see him sit this year out

Reply to  DMacNCheez
2 years ago

They’re basically the same age though (Troy is 69, Skinner is 66, according to wikipedia)

Reply to  Barry
2 years ago

I guess we all get to make the personal choice of what we feel safe with.

(Also Skinner was a misprint, Coach is Jeff Julian who seems to be 45)

Corn Pop
Reply to  DMacNCheez
2 years ago

There are some big names in that team .for a unknown coach to handle . .

Reply to  DMacNCheez
2 years ago

Skinner was actually announced today by the ISL. The Condors clarified that they’re working on some kind of co-head coach arrangement, but until that point, Julian is the name they’re pushing as their head coach.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

I thought Skinner retired from coaching?

Mean Dean
2 years ago

Didn’t expect NY breakers to get a coaching switch, but it seems like this may help the team in the right direction

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