IOC Member Dick Pound Says Athletes Should Be Prioritized for COVID-19 Vaccines

Dick Pound, who has been one of the most visible members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since the beginning of the coronavirus shutdown, has said that he believes athletes should be moved to the front of the Covid-19 vaccine queue.

While Pound advocated for the prioritization of Olympic athletes, he did state that health care workers and those at most from the disease should receive the first treatments.

“Clearly health workers come first and the really vulnerable would be a close second. Then you start triaging how you would use the remaining dosages. And as I say, for the very, very small numbers involved and the very symbolic meaning of a successful Games in this context, my guess, and it’s only a guess, would be that most countries would be very much in favor of it. Both from a policy perspective and probably from the perspective of the public as well.”

Pound went on to state that he feels that the world would benefit from what he referred to as a “worldwide success” such as the Olympic Games.

Speaking specifically of his home country of Canada, Pound stated that, with only 300 to 400 vaccines being needed of the millions available, he didn’t feel as if there would be a public outcry if it ensures the country’s ability to participate in the Games.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are currently slated to kick off on July 23, 2021, following their year-long postponement due to coronavirus concerns. Last April Pound stated that,if the Games don’t occur in 2021 as currently planned, they won’t be able to occur at all.

Late last year, IOC president Thomas Bach said that he was ‘very confident’ that the Tokyo Olympics will go on in 2021.

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Old Man Chalmers
17 days ago

you tell them, dick pound

Reply to  Old Man Chalmers
17 days ago

Dick Pound is an inspiration to all of us

17 days ago

I agree. The number of athletes that’ll attend the Olympic is tiny comparative to the number of people getting vacinated so it’ll make very little difference if the athletes are vaccinated but who’s gonna vaccinate the athletes from countries without access to vaccines? Maybe the IOC will have to source some vaccines and provide them where necessary?

Jacob Toews
Reply to  Troyy
17 days ago

No to Dick Pound and his athletes. Then we will have to include the coaches, trainers, doctors, the athletes therapists and all the hangers on including Dick and the boy.
Absolut NO.

17 days ago

What would they do about trials? A lot of countries don’t actually know who their Olympians are until a month or so beforehand and the vaccines seem to need at least 3 weeks between doses plus a further period to reach immunity. That will be complicated by the fact most would travel from their home country to Tokyo in that 3 week window.

Will people jump out of the pool at trials and get jabbed immediately?

Reply to  Togger
17 days ago

A reverse drug test! Instead of seeing what you inject after a race, they inject you!

Reply to  Entgegen
17 days ago

In Russia, needle injects you!