Greensboro To Host YMCA Nationals Through 2023 (SCY) & 2021 (LCM)

The Greensboro Aquatic Center has announced that it will host five YMCA Nationals events in short and long course between 2020 and 2023.

The Greensboro Aquatic Center, or GAC, is based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. The multi-pool facility has been a perennial host of major events, from college invites to YMCA Nationals to the Greensboro Pro Swim Series in late 2019. GAC was already set to host the 2020 Short Course YMCA Nationals (colloquially known as YNats), but will now add five more YMCA Nationals events, including the 2020 long course YMCA National meet.

Here’s a look at the new events announced by GAC, according to the local FOX news affiliate:

  • 2020 YMCA Long Course Nationals
  • 2021 YMCA Short Course Nationals
  • 2021 YMCA Long Course Nationals
  • 2022 YMCA Short Course Nationals
  • 2023 YMCA Long Course Nationals

Short course nationals typically take place in the spring. The 2020 edition will run from March 30 through April 3 of this year. The long course version takes place in the summer – this year’s event will be from July 30 through August 3.

Greensboro has been the regular host of the short course meet since 2012, but started hosting the long course meet for the first time in 2017. GAC officials say the facility put in bids for all five events and won them, per the local CBS station. City officials say the events will bring as much as $20.2 million into the local economy, with more than 3500 swimmers, parents and coaches attending each meet.

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Barron Matern
1 year ago

Better than Maryland but still not Ft. Lauderdale.

1 year ago

… if we ever have another Y Nats 😬

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