Get ready for a nailbiter: Final projected scores show a 4-point Texas victory

Big thanks to SwimSwam’s Anne Lepesant for running the numbers for us all week.

This one’s been close the whole way, and based on our prelims scoring analysis, it’s going to stay that way right down to the bitter end.

The 2014 Men’s NCAA Championships have been dominated by a mostly three-team battle between Texas, California and Florida. After last night, Texas led by 6, but our projected margin has the meet coming down even closer than that.

First things first: we once again scored out prelims and compared them to the psych sheets we scored out a month ago. These scores include all the individual events of the morning, and also include platform diving prelims. We make special note of that as our scorings the past two days did not include diving. The prelims score column still includes psych sheet points for the 1650, which is swum as timed finals this afternoon into the evening.

Continuing the trend of the past two days, Texas and Cal are rising fast, picking up major points from their seeded places. The Longhorns gained 69 points, the most of any team. Their chief rivals Cal, though, gained the second-most, at a +54 for the morning, and with the Bears already seeded with more points, Cal is set to be the highest-scoring team tonight with 125 prelims points.

Florida gained 5 of their own after being projected as the best day 3 team, but Cal’s surge put the Bears ahead of the Gators.

The biggest dropoffs were NC State, which lost 33.5 points from their seeds.

Reminder: the first column includes every prelims event scored out, including platform diving, plus psych sheet seeds of the 1650. The second column shows the psych sheet seeds of every event. The “+/-” column shows the rise or fall in total points.

DAY 3 Prelims Day 3 Psych +/-
Cal 125 71 54
Florida 117 112 5
Texas 108 39 69
Michigan 93.5 102 -8.5
Auburn 85.5 87 -1.5
Georgia 63 69 -6
Alabama 51 45 6
NC State 47.5 81 -33.5
Tennessee 45.5 54 -8.5
Indiana 45 36 9
Arizona 39 30 9
USC 37 17 20
Louisville 35 49 -14
Stanford 25.5 11 14.5
Ohio St 18 21 -3
Penn St 16 36 -20
Northwestern 16 16 0
CSUB 12 12 0
West Virginia 12 0 12
Missouri 11 4 7
Minnesota 9.5 19 -9.5
Hawai’i 9 9 0
Arizona St 9 6 3
Purdue 7 13 -6
Virginia 7 13 -6
Yale 7 7 0
LSU 7 0 7
Florida St 6 17 -11
Penn 6 6 0
Columbia 5 1 4
UNLV 4 4 0
Denver 3 3 0
Virginia Tech 2 11 -9
Wisconsin 1 15 -14
Utah 0 16 -16
Notre Dame 0 15 -15
UNC 0 12 -12
Dartmouth 0 7 -7
Navy 0 6 -6
Georgia Tech 0 5 -5
WKU 0 5 -5
Texas A&M 0 2 -2
Harvard 0 1 -1


Now here’s the chart you’ve been waiting for: combining prelims points with each team’s current running total gives us a projected final score and the projected final standings. Remember, these include the prelims results of every event (diving included) except the 1650 free, using psych sheet points for the 1650 instead.

The projections have the meet coming down to the last relay, with Texas ultimately winning by just 4 points. But with the relay counting as double points, those 4 could change in a hurry – winning the 400 free relay yields 40 points, and second place is just 34. With Cal and Texas seeded 2 and 3 right now, either team moving up to win would be a devastating final blow.

Both teams are also seeded very similar in the 1650. Texas’s Sam Lewis is 15th and Cal’s Jeremy Bagshaw 16th. A jump into the top 8 for either would be a big enough point swing to change these standings.

Outside of that mile and the aforementioned 400 free relay, here are some of the biggest wildcards to keep an eye on for the top two teams tonight:

  • Can Ryan Murphy defend his top seed in the 200 back? If not, Cal loses at least 3 points.
  • Will Texas freshman Jack Conger finally put together a great finals swim and move up in that event?
  • Can John Murray upend Marcelo Chierighini and Joao de Lucca in the 100 free for Texas? If he wins, that’s +3 for the Longhorns.
  • 200 breast: can Chuck Katis or Josh Prenot move up for Cal in the A final? And can Texas freshman Will Licon hold his 9th place seed, or will the Longhorns lose the 2+ points if he doesn’t?

Florida would need a giant night to make a run. With two men seeded in the top 4 of the mile, it would appear the Gators have more room to move down from these numbers than up. But again, the relay will be huge, as Florida sits 4th. That’s ideally the best position, as moving up would both gain more points for Florida and take points away from Texas or Cal.

Of course, a relay DQ would basically blow these projections up, and at the rate we’ve been seeing false starts called at this meet, there’s a real chance something like that could happen again tonight.

Our projected scores have Michigan solidly 4th, moving away from Georgia after things got relatively close last night. The Bulldogs are a solid 5th, and then things get fairly tight again between Auburn, Arizona and USC. It’s also worth noting that while Stanford has had some disappointing swims, they’re still projected to get into the top 10, holding their 9th place position from a night ago. Indiana leads a group of teams battling for the final top 10 spot.


Projected Final Score
Texas 441.5
Cal 437.5
Florida 396
Michigan 318.5
Georgia 263
Auburn 217.5
Arizona 197.5
USC 177
Stanford 156.5
Indiana 140
Louisville 123
Alabama 118.5
Tennessee 109.5
NC State 104
Missouri 96
Florida St 90
Penn St 60
Ohio St 54
Virginia Tech 41
Arizona St 37
Duke 36
Minnesota 34.5
Miami (FL) 26
West Virginia 26
Hawai’i 22
Purdue 22
Virginia 22
Northwestern 16
Notre Dame 14
Fresno St 12
Navy 12
WKU 11
South Carolina 10
Utah 9
Wisconsin 9
Kentucky 7
Yale 7
Penn 6
Columbia 5
Dartmouth 4
Harvard 4
Denver 3
Texas A&M 3
Wyoming 3
Georgia Tech 1.5


Swim fans, start resting up for tonight, because it looks like the final session will raise some heart rates.

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Ugh, I hope this isn’t one of those final results where Cal has the best swim team and Texas has the best swimming/diving team.


It would be unheard of if Texas won the NCAA Division 1 Swimming & Diving Championships


I believe it is the NCAA Div. 1 Swimming and Diving Championship.


It actually is, and that’s why I said that. The only two sports that get lumped together solely for economic reasons, because one of the sports is so small and not popular enough to be economically viable on it’s own, just because they both take place in water. (Luckily there is no Gymnastics and Trampoline championship just because both take place in a gym and Trampoline is a small sport).

I think Texas should have 16 more on the scored out prelims if you factor diving (5 from the B finalist and at least 11 from hixon)… should give them even more of a buffer


I think they did it correctly. The points aren’t in the prelims score but in the final score. According to the first chart, Cal outscores Texas by 17 from prelims. Texas holds a 6 point lead so that means an 11 point Cal lead. Add in 11+4 (I think the B finalist from Texas in the Platform event was 13th) from the Platform prelims gives you a 4 point Texas lead. I will admit my bias, I am a Texas fan from my time in the old SWC, but in my opinion Texas has been better in the mornings and Cal better in the evenings. By this, I think Cal might take it.

you are right! my mistake.

Written Courage

I agree with KSC. However you cannot deny the fact Eddie Reese has his team ready.

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