Former LSU Tiger Matt Klotz Finishes As Runner-Up of Big Brother 25

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November 10th, 2023 Deaf Swimming, News

Courtesy: Sam Hawke

After 100 days in the Big Brother house, deaf swimming world record holder Matt Klotz finished as the runner-up on the 25th edition of the American reality show.

Klotz lost Part 3 of the Final Head of Household competition to fellow houseguest and ally Jag Bains. Because the two were allies since the beginning of the season and Klotz had saved Bains in the Path to Power twist in Week 4, Bains evicted the remaining houseguest, Bowie Jane, bringing Klotz with him to the Final 2 to face the jury of seven evicted houseguests.

In his final speech to the jury, Klotz cited his strong social and physical game as reasons why he deserved the jury’s votes. As the first deaf Big Brother player, Klotz was required to have a strong social game. As he noted in his speech, he “couldn’t hear 85% of the conversations in the house.”

Klotz said he wasn’t prepared for Bains’ strategy regarding the final speech, where he poked holes in Klotz’s game.

Only two of the 7 jury members cast their votes in favor of Klotz, leaving him with the runner-up prize of $75,000.

Klotz also received enough votes in the America’s Favorite Houseguest contest to be in finish in the top three, though Cameron Hardin was the ultimate winner of the $50,000 prize after receiving the most votes from America.

The popular Rob Has a Podcast finale recap discussed potential problems with the voting system (with 10 votes allowed per email address, rather than phone number as in previous years) leading to this result.

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23 days ago

Matt represented the deaf and swimming community very well on the show! Congrats!

23 days ago

Does… Does this qualify as news?

Reply to  Anonymous
23 days ago

Can someone please show me how to post GIFs so I can post the one with Abe Simpson yelling at the clouds?

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Here Comes Lezak
Reply to  2Fat4Speed
22 days ago

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Survivor Fan
23 days ago

One of the most frustrating finales of all time. Matt wasn’t strong in his final questioning, but he played a strong and really well rounded game. His opponent literally got voted out earlier in the season and had one dimension to his game that, for better or worse (and in my opinion worse), is easier to showcase to a jury. Matt’s game was subtle and deadly. Unfortunate but it’s par for the course with recent Big Brother.