FINA Announces Schedule for 2017 World Junior Championships in Indy

FINA has announced the official event schedule for this year’s World Junior Swimming Championships at the newly-refurbished IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The meet will take place from August 23rd through August 28th of 2017, which is about a week later than the last championships, held in Singapore back in 2015.

The event order will stay the same; however, start times for prelims have been pushed back half an hour to 9:30 CT.

Assuming FINA sticks to its usual age classifying criteria, the meet will feature boys ages 15-18 and girls aged 14-17 based on FINA’s age criteria, which go by year of birth. Athletes are classified based on their age on December 31st of the year of competition, so boys born any time during 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 are considered “Juniors” for the meet, no matter what their actual age on competition day, while girls born in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 are eligible. The upshot of all this is that male athletes who are 18 during the meet dates but turn 19 between September and December will not be eligible to compete. The same goes for girls who turn 18 during that time frame.

You can find more event info on the FINA World Juniors page.

This will be the first time the United States has ever hosted the senior or junior world championships. The host was originally scheduled to be Budapest, Hungary, but they were forced to step in and host the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships when Mexico pulled out of those duties for financial reasons. Instead of having to host both the Junior Worlds and the World Aquatics Championships in a single year, Budapest will host Junior Worlds in 2019.

Day 1 – W, August 23 Day 2 – Th, August 24 Day 3 – F, August 25
Heats – 9:30
Heats – 9:30 Heats – 9:30
400m Freestyle M
50m Breaststroke W
100m Backstroke M
400m Ind. Medley W
100m Breaststroke M
100m Backstroke W
4x100m Freestyle M
4x200m Freestyle W
200m Ind. Medley M
100m Freestyle W
100m Butterfly M
200m Butterfly W
200m Freestyle M
4x100m Medley Mixed
800m Freestyle W – slow heats
50m Butterfly W
50m Backstroke M
100m Breaststroke W
50m Freestyle M
200m Backstroke W
4x100m Freestyle Mixed
800m Freestyle M – slow heats
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
400m Freestyle M – Final
50m Breaststroke W – Semi
100m Backstroke M – Semi
400m Ind. Medley W – Final
100m Breaststroke M – Semi
100m Backstroke W – Semi
4x100m Freestyle M – Final
4x200m Freestyle W – Final
100m Backstroke M – Final
200m Butterfly W – Final
200m Freestyle M – Final
50m Breaststroke W – Final
100m Butterfly M – Semi
100m Freestyle W – Semi
100m Breaststroke M – Final
100m Backstroke W – Final
200m Ind. Medley M – Final
800m Freestyle W – fastest heat
4x100m Medley Mixed – Final
50m Butterfly W – Semi
50m Freestyle M – Semi
200m Backstroke W – Final
100m Butterfly M – Final
100m Breaststroke W – Semi
50m Backstroke M – Semi
100m Freestyle W – Final
800m Freestyle M – fastest heat
4x100m Freestyle Mixed – Final
Day 4 – Sat, August 26 Day 5 – Sun, August 27 Day 6 – M, August 28
Heats – 9:30 Heats – 9:30 Heats – 9:30
50m Backstroke W
50m Butterfly M
400m Freestyle W
200m Breaststroke M
200m Ind. Medley W
4x200m Freestyle M
100m Freestyle M
100m Butterfly W
400m Ind. Medley M
50m Freestyle W
50m Breaststroke M
4x100m Freestyle W
1500m Freestyle W – slow heats
200m Backstroke M
200m Breaststroke W
200m Butterfly M
200m Freestyle W
4x100m Medley M
4x100m Medley W
1500m Freestyle M – slow heats
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Finals – 18:00
50m Backstroke W – Semi
200m Breaststroke M – Final
50m Butterfly W – Final
50m Backstroke M – Final
100m Breaststroke W – Final
50m Butterfly M – Semi
400m Freestyle W – Final
50m Freestyle M – Final
200m Ind. Medley W – Final
4x200m Freestyle M – Final
1500m Freestyle W – fastest heat
100m Freestyle M – Semi
100m Butterfly W – Semi
50m Butterfly M – Final
50m Freestyle W – Semi
50m Breaststroke M – Semi
50m Backstroke W – Final
400m Ind. Medley M – Final
4x100m Freestyle W – Final
100m Freestyle M – Final
200m Breaststroke W – Final
200m Backstroke M – Final
100m Butterfly W – Final
1500m Freestyle M – fastest heat
50m Freestyle W – Final
200m Butterfly M – Final
50m Breaststroke M – Final
200m Freestyle W – Final
4x100m Medley M – Final
4x100m Medley W – Final


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there is no way a boy born in 1997 would be eligible.That would put him between 19-20y at the start of competition.You probably mean 1999-2002 for boys and 2000-2003 for girls.


How does one qualify?


I think in 2015 Singapore hosted, not Dubai.. Dubai was in 2013

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