Federica Pellegrini Did Not Plan to Race 200 Freestyle at 2021 European Champs


Following her second-place finish in the 200m freestyle at the 2021 European Championships, Italian Federica Pellegrini told reporters that she did not even intend to swim the event individually, instead planning to swim only relays at the Championships.  

“I’m really very happy. When I came here, my original plan was just to swim the relays but when I saw how good it was going I decided to keep my entry in this event too,” Pellegrini, the reigning World Champion in the 200 freestyle, stated.

Pellegrini also said that she was “happy” with her final time of 1:56.26. “I’m very happy with my time, it’s more than a second better than my qualifying time. It was a very exciting and beautiful race.”

Hungarian superstar Katinka Hosszu expressed a different sentiment regarding her performance in the 200 butterfly final. Although she claimed that she swam a “good race,” Hosszu stated that she “cannot be satisfied.” 

“I cannot be satisfied though it was a good race but now I don’t have the feeling that I gave everything and I always tell that I can only be content with a swim if I gave the maximum, then the placement is not that important,” Hosszu stated. “Today I think I chose the wrong tactics as I rather followed Bogi (Kapas) who usually didn’t push hard over the first half. My game plan differs as I wish to have a bit stronger first half so it was a good lesson to rather stick to my own plan that to adjust to others.”

Other Quotes

  • Following her victory in the 200 butterfly, Hosszu’s country mate Boglarka Kapas stated, “I think now I feel really comfortable in this event, I know what to do, when, how to react, that’s what I’m practicing. Of course, I’m aware that the international field at the Olympics will present a lot more challenges but I think I’m on a good way to face all.”
  • After Great Britain won the mixed 4×100 medley relay, Breaststroker Adam Peaty expressed content with the team’s performance, “We haven’t been swimming this mixed relay for a while. Of course, we had to make changes to the team depending on the weaknesses we see. This mixed relay is a new element in my schedule. I’m very happy where I’m at the moment as well as the whole British swimming.”

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3 years ago

boy this gets old. didnt she “officially retire” from the 200free like 4 years ago already?
that was her own comment at the time at least.
( https://swimswam.com/pellegrini-going-top-retiring-200-free-worlds-gold/ )
idm her swimming it but why not just shut up about how you’re never swimming it again and how unprepared you always are.. allegedly. just seems very unlikeable.

Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

Nice article, thanks. On the main page it says “Federica Pellegrini tesis that” – am not cetain what that means. Please correct it thanks.

3 years ago

In aussie parlance it’s like Johnny Farnham announcing his farewell tour that goes on for 20 years lol …

3 years ago

She’s been one last 200 free away from not swimming it ever again for years now, maybe that’s her way of convincing herself to train for it at this stage in her career

Reply to  Dudeman
3 years ago

She is a great swimmer and truly a winner, but she doesn’t have the luxury to focus on other events. This has always been her best event and will always be.

3 years ago

Nice training session for her!

3 years ago

She always tends to say she doesn’t intend to swim 200 free.. I think it’s a strategy that works well for her because people assume she’s unprepared or hasn’t trained for 200 then she ends up swimming a 1:54

Last edited 3 years ago by Verram
Reply to  Verram
3 years ago

I am hoping she pulls the same trick in Tokyo on the path to a gold there in 200m free.

Reply to  MaggieMacNeilWalker
3 years ago

Ahh yes because the rest of the field will relax and not prepare as hard because they don’t think Pellegrini is in the field as if she’s even a podium favorite 😂

Reply to  MaggieMacNeilWalker
3 years ago

The last 2 olympics Pellegrini finished off the podium I think she a world championship performance swimmer

3 years ago

During last seasons whenever Pellegrini performed exceptionally well at main meets of the season there were no prior hints that that is coming. And vice versa.
I wouldn’t make any conclusions based on her pretty modest performance at EC.

Troll Longhorn
Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

1:56 a training swim

3 years ago

Let’s see how much Hosszu “will give” tomorrow in 200IM final. She has to give a lot competing against 5 swimmers who showed practically same results as she did in semi-final.

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