Dryland Education: 4 FREE Resources from SURGE Strength

It’s rare that swim coaches have much of a dryland education background. Yes, many coaches may have experience in exercise science, physiology, and maybe even psychology; but few have formal strength & conditioning education.

SURGE Strength is changing dryland education. Here are four FREE resources from SURGE Strength that you should be taking advantage of if you’re looking for better dryland outcomes that you’re currently generating.


Dryland Education Resource #1 – SURGE Strength Academy

You can now enroll for FREE in the SURGE Strength Academy and take our Dryland 101 Courses. There are currently a number of Dryland 101 Courses that are available now. In addition, we’re continuing to create future Dryland 101 Courses to release soon.


SURGE Strength Dryland Education



Here’s more information on the most popular Dryland 101 Courses in the SURGE Strength Academy:


Writing Workouts – 101

Exercises alone don’t make a dryland workout successful. Part of the dryland education process that SURGE Strength continually strives to accomplish is making dryland as simple, but also as effective as possible.

In the Writing Workouts Dryland 101 Course you’ll learn the parameters you need to account for in each dryland workout you create. Simply putting a few exercises on a whiteboard won’t get it done in terms of dryland results.

After taking the Writing Workouts Dryland 101 Course you’ll have learned the best methods in order to create effective, safe, and enjoyable dryland workouts.



Core Training – 101

Core training is essential to swimmers but it’s sometimes hard to know where to start or how to access an athlete’s core ability.

In the Core Training Dryland 101 Course, you’ll learn all of that and more. If you accomplish nothing else in your dryland program, giving your athletes a stronger core will make the dryland program worthwhile.

Take the Core Training Dryland 101 Course to learn how to progress swimmers of any ability level in their core exercises and how to build a strong core that translates to faster swimming.



Building the Pull-up – 101

Pull-ups can be intimidating to many athletes and coaches. Many athletes can’t do them and most coaches don’t know how to break down something as big as going from zero to multiple pull-ups.

In the Building the Pull-up Dryland 101 Course you’ll learn exactly how to progress an athlete with no pull-up ability to one that can confidently do multiple pull-ups. Don’t miss this area of dryland that can have such a positive effect on a swimmer’s performance.

Take the Building the Pull-up Dryland 101 Course to discover how to train an athlete that can’t do a single pull-up into an athlete that can do multiple, strict, bodyweight pull-ups. Increasing a swimmer’s ability to do pull-ups, even by just a few reps, can have game-changing results in their swimming performance.

SURGE Strength Dryland Education



Dryland Education Resource #2 – SURGE Strength Podcast

The SURGE Strength Podcast is the second podcast Chris Ritter and the RITTER Team has started. The other being the long-time Swim Coaches Base Podcast.

The SURGE Strength Podcast has a new episode every Thursday morning. For each show, Chris begins with updates and also what he’s observing lately in regards to dryland and performance in general. The next segment is “Inside the SURGE Strength Academy” where you can listen to a lesson from the actual curriculum for the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification. Finally, each episode ends with “DrylandTalk” where Chris interviews someone or answers questions about dryland training for swimmers.

The SURGE Strength Podcast is among the most popular swimming podcasts. Subscribe, listen and spread the word to others wanting dryland help today!


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Dryland Education Resource #3 – SURGE Strength Instagram

For reminders on dryland principles and examples of exercise techniques, you need to be following @surge.strength on Instagram.

Our team posts to this account regularly and we also want to be able to repost from other coaches and athletes that are implementing the principles we teach in the SURGE Strength Academy.

Follow us, tag us in your dryland posts and you might be featured next time!



Dryland Education Resource #4 – SURGE Strength YouTube Channel

We had to put the hundreds of exercises we create our dryland programs somewhere. Check out SURGE Strength’s YouTube Channel with exercises to incorporate into your dryland program, as well as selected lessons from the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification.



Bonus Dryland Education Resource – Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)

More and more coaches, swimmers, and even parents are becoming SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC).

dryland education


For the first time, swim coaches can work through a formal dryland education process. After enrolling and passing the exam, swim coaches will be able to identify themselves as SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC). This credential demonstrates to others that they understand the principles of a sound dryland program.

The curriculum of the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification is designed to provide a foundational understanding of athletic development and strength training principles. Those principles are then specifically related to swimmers and improving their performance.

Never has such a thorough dryland education resource been made available to swim coaches. Anyone that is interested in increasing their dryland training knowledge base should enroll in the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification. Dryland doesn’t need to be complicated. Through this process, you’ll learn the principles for your swimmers’ success.

The SURGE Strength Dryland Certification is an on-demand, self-paced, video-based learning experience that’s delivered 100% online. This isn’t just another certification where you read through a binder and mail it in. We take great pride in raising the industry standard for dryland training, education, and now certification. This curriculum and exam standard will continue that tradition.

Once certified (SSDC), you’ll retain access to the curriculum as well as opportunities to continue your dryland education. You’ll continue to learn at the Graduate Level of the SURGE Strength Academy. You are granted admission to the Graduate Level only once you are SURGE Strength Dryland Certified.

No matter where you are, coaches worldwide can now learn more to help their swimmers through dryland training. Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) today and join coaches from around the world who are improving their dryland programs.




SURGE Strength





SURGE Strength

Courtesy of SwimSwam’s exclusive dryland training partner, SURGE Strength.

SURGE Strength, a strength training brand created by Chris Ritter, CEO of RITTER Sports Performance, aims to build better athletes and faster swimmers through dryland programs, and coaching education.

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