Daniel Carr on Re-Swim: “You obviously don’t want that to happen” (Video)


In what has already been a meet of extraordinary events, a failure to remove the backstroke wedge mid-race gave California sophomore Daniel Carr a re-swim opportunity in the 100 backstroke that carries serious consequences in the team race.

Read more about Daniel Carr’s Re-Swim here.

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Seems like nice guy. Idk what he was talking about getting through lightning storms or whatever but found it ironic coming after he just talked about being stopped by tipping a tiny wedge. Love the salt they threw at the pac 12 event line up.

Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yeah, I think he should be given a re-interview to improve the lightning storm answer. Just to see how mad Texas fans can get

Joel Lin

It’s time for this nonsense to end. It was absolutely the right call to give a reswim.

He went 44.8 after all the physical + mental strain of getting warmed up & head straight after the disappointment. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. He earned it.


Exactly! I don’t understand all the rage–it is absolutely the correct call! They even put him back in the original lane instead of lane 4.


I didn’t see any controversy, was there any? Seemed clear he deserved a reswim what was the controversy?


If you go through the prelims and finals articles from yesterday you can see a major salt-fest, presumably from Texas and Alabama fans. It’s somewhat understandable, but there’s no perfect solution, and Carr getting a reswim is the one with least disruption.


Awarding the reswim is fair. He was obviously affected by the wedge, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have an advantage that waddell or Katz did not have. He still had to get up and do it, but he knew exactly what time it would take to make it in. He knew from the previous race what to correct. I understand he had a roller coaster of emotions but having the whole state of California solely cheering for you is an advantage the other swimmers did not have.

They made the correct decision to let him swim, but to say he didn’t have an advantage over everyone else on the field would be incorrect.


Didn’t he deserve a re-swim? Absolutely! That’s the only comment necessary. IMO, he would have earned his spot anyway without the wedge obstructing him. And I could argue that being protested for something you earned might have affected his final performance and hence was a disadvantage to him in the end.

Joel Lin

Exactly. People act like having the Cal supporters cheering him on, having open water & knowing what time to hit are all the things that made a difference. Well, Austin is arguably the best pool in the world & backstroke turbulence off the walls is pretty close to a total non-factor considering the underwater on turns. And last time I checked nobody ever went 44.8 because people cheered or you he knew what time it takes. Thousands of college guys swam the 100 back this year. How’d it work out for 99.999% of them who were told 44 is a lockdown finals time? World’s smallest 🎻 playing just for the Carr critics today.

Bears fan

I disagree that he had an advantage. He was tired from swimming two races right before. Then swimming a race by yourself is hard. All of those other guys were fresh (with the exception of coleman or anyone else who chose to do a double). Yeah it helps to have fans shouting your name, but texas could have brought out a hundred people to chant names if they wanted to. Carr deserves tons of credit for making it happen after all that adversity.


What a great guy

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