C’Wealth Games Gold Medalist Duncan Scott Absent From Euros Start Lists


  • August 11th – August 17th (pool swimming)
  • Parco Del Foro Italico, Rome, Italy
  • LCM (50m)
  • Entries
  • Live Results

The 2022 European Championships are nearly upon us with the pool swimming action kicking off on Thursday, August 11th.

The entry lists have been published, giving us a glimpse into the matchups ready to take place at Parco Del Foro Italico on both the men’s and women’s sides over the course of the 7-day affair.

We reported how two-time world champion David Popovici has opted to try the 400m free on for size, while Swedish superstar Sarah Sjostrom has limited herself to just the 50m fly and 50m free.

Spain’s Mireia Belmonte is at least initially entered in the 4oom free, 400m IM, 100m fly and 200m fly, while Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu is looking to medal in the 2o0m fly, 200m IM and 400m IM.

As for Hungary’s 200m fly world record holder Kristof Milak, the 22-year-old is entered in the 100m free, 200m free, 100m fly and 200m fly.

Although British Olympic champion Tom Dean is entered in the 100m free, 200m free and 200m IM, he’ll be without teammates Duncan ScottAdam Peaty and James Guy.

The aforementioned competed at the just-concluded Commonwealth Games, with Scott coming off of a bout with COVID-19. He opted out of this year’s World Championships, but the versatile ace bounced back with a massive 6 medals at the Games in Birmingham, including 200m free and 200m IM golds.

Additional Notes:

  • Both Russia and Belarus are banned from this year’s European Championships. Per our report published on March 3rd of this year, “LEN strongly condemns the actions of the Russian government supported by Belarus, in its invasion of Ukraine. “This act of war has shattered the lives of Ukrainian citizens and is totally against the spirit of sport.”
  • Romanian Robert Glinta is absent from the start lists, as is Hugo Gonzalez of Spain. Both were medalists last year in Budapest, Hungary. France’s Florent Manaudou is also opting out of this competition.
  • Denmark’s Pernille Blume, the fiance of Manaudou, will not be competing.

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1 month ago

As Scott was never listed on the GB team announcement for euros it shouldn’t be a massive surprise that he’s not on the start lists.

1 month ago

Two of French World medalists Marchand and Henique are out.
Elendt and Miroslaw are out for Germany, probably because of clash with school.
Kenderesi and Kapas are out for Hungary.

Italy is the only powerhouse sending a whole team, which isn’t surprising as it’s the host nation.

Scuncan Dott
1 month ago

Also no Renshaw, Wood, Burras or Jervis for GB, with Greenbank only doing the 200 Back.

1 month ago

Would be interesting to see how the times compare to comm games especially for Popovici

Reply to  Verram
1 month ago

It doesn’t matter how the times compare. The outcome will be the same.

If Euros are faster it will be “See Euros were faster, Comm Games is trash”.

If Euros are slower it will be “Comm Games swimmers had easier heats so their times don’t count, Comm Games is trash”.

Reply to  Jamesabc
1 month ago

I think it’s just poor scheduling for Comms this year with Budapest so close. What a hectic championship season. Both competitions suffer

Last edited 1 month ago by See
Reply to  See
1 month ago

CG dates were set some years before and did not move and likewise with Euros. Rather its a case of Worlds being suddenly shoehorned into the 2022 calendar, then called off then “on again” in close proximity to two other significant meets who’s dates were already set down.

Reply to  commonwombat
1 month ago

What I meant^ apologies. Budapest being forced in there affects what could have possibly been a more intriguing Euros and comms.

Glad to see the kiwis get some shine, Summer Mc got a better 400 IM schedule, and Ben Proud did UK proud on home soil but comms seemed a little tired in some races.

Reply to  Verram
1 month ago

Stronger on the men’s side; probably weaker on the women’s

1 month ago

Miss Belmont back in action !!

1 month ago

Roughly a half full-strength british team, excited to see how the rotation team steps up. Nice to see Holly Hibbott seemingly rejuvenated doing Fly tho – Its definitely a big weak spot for British Swimming right now!

Last edited 1 month ago by Jess
Alison England
Reply to  Jess
1 month ago

Yes, we are in great need of a female 100m ‘flyer, and it looks like Brodie Williams could be the 100m backstroker we need for the relays in Paris.

Thomas Selig
Reply to  Alison England
1 month ago

In terms of backstrokers, it will be interesting to see how the three youngsters Adam, Marshall, and Somerset get on here. Marshall had some promising swims at Euro Juniors, and may well be GB’s next 100 backstroke hope.

Alison England
Reply to  Thomas Selig
1 month ago

Let’s hope so. It is a shame that this weak leg has prevented us winning Olympic medley relay gold.

Reply to  Jess
1 month ago

Very upsetting that so many swimmers are not on the British team who could have been given a chance, but that is not the British selectors’ policy. There are events with one entry only and yet the next ranked swimmer could have made a final too. Very frustrating to see swimmers entered from other countries on much slower times, yet GB have not filled their 4 full spaces. Focus on relays and younger swimmers in preparation for Paris, means so many swimmers get overlooked.

Success Leaves Clues
Reply to  Lola
1 month ago

How dare they focus on preparation for Paris – anyone would think they might be doing their job….
Let’s go back to big teams, swimming poorly and no medals….

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