Coach’s Log: Chris Plumb, Carmel Swim Club

At Junior Nationals I was talking with Chris Plumb, Head Coach of Carmel Swim Club, about resistance training and he shared with me a pretty unique system that he uses at his pool in Indiana. Because he can’t hang a pulley system from the ceiling at his facility, he got inventive and came up with a pulley system where the bucket goes underwater. This could be a big help to those coaches in similar situations or, like myself, outside. So I brought him on to talk about it.

Here are the sets he typically does with his swimmers on the pulley system:

Set #1) 20×50 on :60

Set #2) 4×5 on :60  with :30 rest after 5.  The first set of 5 with whiffle balls to help increase awareness.

Set #3) Alternating between pulleys and swimming

Pulleys – 8×50 on :60

Swimming – 8×50 odd) Distance Per Stroke (we call N-2 and N being your normal stroke count #) even) 200 Race Pace at N-1

Set #4) Heavy Pulleys 3×5 on 1:30 with 200 easy bt RD’s

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6 years ago

I built my own power towers. I’d love to see a pic or video of this system. Thanks for all you guys do. Happy New Year.

Reply to  Joe
6 years ago

Or I could watch the video above. Oops. Thanks

6 years ago

Great Stuff! Is there a picture available of the bucket and how it was drilled or if there’s a pulley down by the bucket too? It’s hard to tell from the video.

Manon van Rooijen
6 years ago

Awesome! When coaching @UM Florida he always tried to come up with better newer ways of coaching us swimmers. He is a true innovator!

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