Brazil Adds Gabriel Santos, Matheus Gonche and Bruno Fratus to Olympic Roster


The 2021 Brazilian Olympic Trials concluded tonight and with six days of racing completed, Brazil’s Olympic Roster has grown to 15 swimmers.

After Andre Souza , the top qualifier in the men’s 100 free, was removed from the roster following a doping violation, 9th place finisher Gabriel Santos was offered a time trial. He only needed to beat 48.95 to join the top 4 and be considered for a relay spot, but Santos blasted a 48.49 and undercut the Olympic qualifying time by .08.

Santos competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of Brazil’s 400 freestyle relay which finished in 5th place. This will be his first individual Olympic event. His fastest time before this meet was 48.30, a time he posted at the 2017 FINA World Championships.

Matheus Gonche won the 100 butterfly with a time of 51.94, being the only swimmer under 52.00 and beating the Olympic qualifying time by .02. Gonche was thrilled during his post-race interview, mentioning the unique training circumstances that the coronavirus pandemic inflicted on him and his competitors. He said he trained for 5 months out of the water.

Going into this meet, his lifetime best was 52.67 from 2019.

Since no one in the men’s 50 freestyle final was able to beat the Olympic qualifying time, two-time Olympian Bruno Fratus‘s spot is officially secured. He hit a 21.80 at the Pro Swim Series in Misson Viejo during the qualifying period earlier this month. Tonight, Pedro Spajari came the closest to the Olympic qualifying time of 22.01, missing it by .03.

Brazilian Olympic Roster After Day 6

  1. Guilherme Costa: 400 freestyle, 800 freestyle, 1500 freestyle
  2. Felipe Lima: 100 breaststroke
  3. Fernando Scheffer: 200 freestyle
  4. Breno Correia: 200 freestyle
  5. Guilherme dias Masse: 100 backstroke
  6. Guilherme Guido: 100 backstroke
  7. Leonardo De Deus: 200 butterfly
  8. Beatriz Pimentel Dizotti: 1500 freestyle
  9. Betina Lorscheitter1500 freestyle
  10. Pedro Spajari: 100 freestyle
  11. Caio Pumputis: 200 individual medley
  12. Vini Lanza200 individual medley
  13. Bruno Fratus: 50 freestyle
  14. Matheus Gonche: 100 butterfly
  15. Gabriel Santos: 100 freeestyle


FINA “A” Standards:

22.01 50 freestyle 24.77
48.57 100 m freestyle 54.38
1:47.02 200 m freestyle 1:57.28
3:46.78 400 m freestyle 4:07.90
7:54.31 800 m freestyle 8:33.36
15:00.99 1500 m freestyle 16:32.04
53.85 100 m backstroke 1:00.25
1:57.50 200 m backstroke 2:10.39
59.93 100 m breaststroke 1:07.07
2:10.35 200 m breaststroke 2:25.52
51.96 100 m butterfly 57.92
1:56.48 200 m butterfly 2:08.43
1:59.67 200 m individual medley 2:12.56
4:15.84 400 m individual medley 4:38.53

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3 years ago

Can someone tell me why they didn’t keep the top 4 from finals? What is the FINA protocol for that? I’ve never heard of they giving a second chance to the 9th place to swim a day later, rested, with the pool to himself? Pinheiros bought this so they could have 4 guys on the relay. SHAME

3 years ago

Gabriel Santos replaced the other guy that got caught in doping but wasn’t Gabriel also caught like 2 years ago?

Reply to  Murilo
3 years ago

Yes, and the guy who took his spot on the roster was the one doping this time. What an irony….

The unoriginal Tim
Reply to  Daniel
3 years ago


3 years ago

Mixed medley 3:45:51 SA record basseto opened 53,68 PB.

The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago

So Santos missed the final but the positive test allowed them to conjure up a second chance for him to swim a time trial? Why not let all swimmers 5th-16th swim again to establish the team. If he gets the individual why should he get an extra chance and not the guy who finished 3rd. He swam a good time trial but it doesn’t look fair to me.

Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago

He didn’t get an additional chance…since the initially pronounced winner wasn’t supposed to be there at all AND the trials were still going on, Santos just got a chance to swim the race he earned to be in…they could’ve gone the other way and that would also have been ok…but there’s no issue with their decision…both options the federation had were valid…

Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago

I agree that this was not handled right. He missed the final and could argue that having finished 9th in the semis, he would have made it but for doped Souza.

But the other 7 from the final who didn’t make the individual cut then have a stronger case than him.

A fairer decision would have been to have him and those who finished 7 and 8 to do a swim-off for the last place in the relay.

3 years ago

3:38:55 4×100 free

3 years ago

Women’s 4×2 free made the cut.

3 years ago

Actually Gabriel Santos’ fastest time is 47.98, from 2018 BRA Nationals.

3 years ago

No 4×1 or 4×2 free ?

Reply to  Comet
3 years ago

Women 4×1 and mixed medley will time trial today

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