Gary Hall, Jr. and David Cromwell

Gary Hall Jr.

Gary Hall, Jr.

Gary Hall, Jr. has 10 Olympic medals in swimming and represented the United States national team for 15 years. He is currently an active healthcare consultant with a focus on diabetes care providing board support, strategic alliance, marketing and public relations strategy, international sales and distribution services, advocacy, awareness/outreach planning and implementation.

Gary serves on the Sanford International Children’s Board, JDRF Government Relations Committee, National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute Leadership Board, UA Dept. of Surgery Advisory Board and the International Diabetes Federation.

David CromwellDavid Cromwell

David Cromwell has approximately 10 less Olympic medals than Gary.  But, he is a former United States national team member, having been ranked top 10 in the world in both the 100 and 200 backstroke.  Currently, he is in lawyering school at the University of Washington, where he hopes to “one day get a real job.”  He would like to thank Gary and Mel for allowing him to write here and hopes that some of you enjoy it.