Baby Phelps #2 Born – Boomer Meets His Brother Beckett

Nicole Phelps, the wife of the most-decorated Olympian swimmer in history Michael Phelps, gave birth to the couple’s 2nd child on Monday, February 12th. The couple announced the birth on their Instagram accounts on Tuesday, along with the baby’s name: Beckett Richard Phelps.

This is their 2nd child, following Boomer Robert Phelps, who was born on May 5th, 2016. Boomer already has over 800,000 followers on his own Instagram account.

The caption on the post reads: “Magical moments yesterday…Nicole and I would like to introduce Beckett Richard Phelps to the world! We had a healthy baby boy and a healthy mama. I truly do feel like the happiest man in the world. Being able to build our family to now 3 (6 with doggies) is so incredible! #family of 4 now”

While the couple’s first son was given a middle name after Phelps’ lifelong coach – Robert “Bob” Bowman. Phelps said at the time that the name Boomer was a result of them ‘wanting something different’ and thinking “it was kind of a pretty neat name.”

As for the 2nd child, other than the alliterative effect, no revelation has been made yet of the reason for the name. Richard, Beckett’s middle name, is Nicole’s father’s name.

Phelps has won more Olympic medals and gold medals than any athlete in any sport in history, with 23 gold and 28 total medals. His wife Nicole, formerly Johnson, was Miss California USA 2010.

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4 years ago

There is a fan page of the child already on insta

4 years ago


Justin Thompson
4 years ago

Shouldn’t Lochte be following up with an announcement on #2 right about now?

Caeleb Dressel Will Get 8 golds in Tokyo
Reply to  Justin Thompson
4 years ago

I’m just waiting for him to swim at a meet.

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Great news! Big congrats!

4 years ago

Ok, now two girls to complete the (first) Phelps (and Johnson, always give credit to the mother) mixed relay: four BRP swimmers, just a bit anxious to know the female names?, and then the styles…
Surely a girl as a breastroker, and I think the other one for the backstroke leg, Boomer flier and Beckett freer,
my bet ?

Reply to  nuotofan
4 years ago

Probably be better off with Boomer and Beckett taking the back and breast legs. For times and alteration. Hopefully the girls get names starting with f

Reply to  Teddy
4 years ago

You’re right.
Obviously I was joking but instinctively thought that Phelps’ first son would have been a flier.

Reply to  nuotofan
4 years ago

Ah, thanks (seriously) for whoever gave thumbs down also for my first “harmless comment”.
Remind me that I have to write far less comments and spend more usefully my time,in the future.

4 years ago

Aww ?, such a cute picture. Congratulations ??? to the family.

Go Bearcats
4 years ago

Will he get an Instagram as well?

Phelps Phanatic
4 years ago

Beckett’s middle name is for Nicole’s father Richard Johnson!!

Reply to  Phelps Phanatic
4 years ago

That’s what the article said.

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