Australian Labor Party Promises Free Swim Lessons To All Children

According to The Huffington Post Australia, all Australian children would have access to swimming lessons under a national water safety plan rolled out by the Labor government.

The opposition leader of the Labor Party is Bill Shorten, and if elected, Shorten and the party promise to provide not only swim lessons, but also water safety courses. This program would provide funding for children in primary schools all across the nation. Currently certain states and territories require water safety courses and swim lessons, but many have no such laws.

The Labor Party proposes to spend $41 million on these safety courses and swim lessons to help prevent children drowning in the nation’s pools and beaches. Last year, a reportedly 270 people drowned in Australia’s waterways, which is why Shorten is looking for a “national approach to water safety”.

“The beach and water are so much part of Australia’s identity. We know that … from the beaches to the rivers to the backyard swimming pools Australian kids love the water,” Shorten told reporters on Sunday.

The Australian Federal Election will take place on July 2, 2016. National Coalition Party candidate Malcolm Turnbull will face off against Labor Party candidate Bill Shorten for all 226 seats in Parliament and control of the country.

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6 years ago

That’s because he is an idiot .

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