Allison Schmitt Evaluates Comeback Post-Pan Pacs (Video)


Reported by Nick Pecoraro.


  • World: 1:52.98 7/29/2009 Federica Pellegrini
  • American: 1:53.61 7/31/2012 Allison Schmitt
  • U.S. Open: 1:54.40 6/28/2012 Allison Schmitt
  • Jr World: 1:56.12 8/20/2014 Shen Duo
  • Pro Swim: 1:54.43 2016 Katie Ledecky
  • Trial Cut: 2:01.69
  1. Allison Schmitt (Sun Devil)- 1:57.70
  2. Melanie Margalis (Saint Petersburg)- 1:58.02
  3. Leah Smith (Tuscon Ford)- 1:58.47

Allison Schmitt took this race out fast and kept it that way, holding off Melanie Margalis for the win with the 3rd-fastest time in the world this year. Margalis’ time is now #5 in the world this year.

Also staying under 2 minutes and cracking the top time are Leah Smith, #6 in the world, and Hali Flickinger (1:58.59), now #8 in the world.

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2 years ago

listen to the bass go BOOM explosion, overpowering

Derek Albertson
2 years ago

She’s awesome. I hope she has continued success in 2019. What a great example to us all. Go!

2 years ago

I appreciate the question about inspiring women on international women’s day, but I’d just like to point out what’s obvious to most of us on this website, Allison and her fellow female athletes inspire us all. One of my favorite things about our sport and our fan base is that we are equally as impressed and inspired by the female athletes as by the male ones. I’m not sure exactly why that’s not the case in most other sports, but I just really am happy and grateful that my favorite sport has amazing athletes, male and female, who are celebrated equally.

Sunny Cal
2 years ago

Doesn’t she live in the Phelps house??

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