Alabama Closes Out NCAAs With Their First Ever Relay Title (Splits Analysis)


The final day of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships was full of firsts. Not only did we have an ACC team crack the top two overall finishes for the first time ever, as UVA won and NC State took 2nd, but the Alabama Crimson Tide women closed out the meet with their first NCAA relay victory ever.

Swimming in the final heat, Morgan Scott led off with a 47.78, the 3rd-fastest leadoff leg in the field, behind UVA’s Kate Douglass (46.76) Michigan Maggie MacNeil (46.94), both of whom were swimming the same heat.

Alabama closed the gap with a pair of 47s from Kalia Antoniou (47.16) and Flora Molnar (47.94), then anchor Cora Dupre dropped the hammer with a 46.90, the 3rd-fastest overall split, and 2nd-fastest on a flying start, to get past UVA and touch in a time of 3:09.78 and set a new school record.

Cal junior Isabel Ivey had the fastest overall split in the field by a wide margin, anchoring the Bears with a 46.10 that was 0.66s ahead of the next-fastest time, Douglass’ leadoff.

Team Swimmer Time
Cal Isabel Ivey 46.10
Virginia Kate Douglass 46.76
Alabama Cora Dupre 46.90
Michigan Maggie MacNeil 46.94
NC State Kylee Alons 47.05
Alabama Kalia Antoniou 47.16
Tennessee Tjasa Pintar 47.35
Georgia Zoie Hartman 47.51
Texas Julia Cook 47.61
Virginia Alex Walsh 47.63
Texas Kelly Pash 47.72
Alabama Morgan Scott 47.78
NC State Sophie Hanson 47.80
Ohio State Katherine Zenick 47.86
Ohio State Amy Fulmer 47.93
Alabama Flora Molnar 47.94
Cal Elise Garcia 47.94
NC State Katharine Berkoff 47.94
Northwestern Maddie Smith 47.95
Virginia Paige Madden 47.98
Tennessee Bailey Grinter 47.98
Virginia Lexi Cuomo 48.08
UNC Grace Countie 48.10
Virginia Tech Sarah Shackelford 48.12
Florida Talia Bates 48.14
Georgia Gabi Fa’Amausili 48.17
Cal Emily Gantriis 48.20
Stanford Amalie Fackenthal 48.23
Louisville Alena Kraus 48.28
Georgia Maxine Parker 48.37
Stanford Lauren Green 48.37
Cal Robin Neumann 48.4o
Florida Katie Mack 48.4
Ohio State Taylor Petrak 48.41
Wisconsin Phoebe Bacon 48.41
Virginia Tech Reka Gyorgy 48.42
UCLA Claire Grover 48.42
Louisville Tristen Ulett 48.43
Virginia Tech Emma Atkinson 48.45
NC State Julia Poole 48.46
Tennessee Trude Rothrock 48.50
Northwestern Ally Larson 48.5
Louisville Paige Hetrick 48.53
Indiana Ashley Turak 48.56
Michigan Megan Glass 48.58
Missouri Sarah Thompson 48.58
Louisville Gabi Albiero 48.60
Stanford Anya Goeders 48.66
Wisconsin Alana Palmer 48.69
Indiana Abby Kirkpatrick 48.74
Northwestern Selen Ozbilen 48.76
Missouri Amy Fedderson 48.77
Tennessee Mona McSharry 48.83
Ohio State Freya Rayner 48.83
Michigan Olivia Carter 48.83
Indiana Elizbeth Broshears 48.91
Missouri Sierra Smith 48.91
Stanford Emma Wheal 48.94
Wisconsin Isabel Lampre 48.94
UNC Sophie Lindner 48.96
UCLA Delaney Smith 48.96
Indiana Laurel Eiber 48.99
Michigan Sophie Housey 49.00
UCLA Sophia Kosturos 49.03
UCLA Ella Kirschke 49.03
Georgia Courtney Harnish 49.04
UNC Amy Dragelin 49.05
Missouri Megan Keil 49.06
Texas Olivia Bray 49.07
Virginia Tech Joelle Vereb 49.08
UNC Heidi Lowe 49.15
USC Kaitlyn Dobler 49.22
Wisconsin Lillie Hosack 49.23
USC Jemma Schlicht 49.28
USC Marta Ciesla 49.31
Northwestern Annika Wagner 49.37
Texas Bridget Semenuk 49.42
Florida Gabrielle Hillis 49.70
Florida Kathleen Golding 49.75
USC Isabelle Odgers 49.84

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Hint of Lime
3 months ago

Crazy to think that Bama, NC State, and UVA had all yet to win a relay title before this year, but kudos. Milestones for all!

Broken record, but that split from Ivey is monster. I know there’s the relay start to factor in, but top-notch for her!

Reply to  Hint of Lime
3 months ago

I worry that she is going to be the best swimmer who never won an individual title.

3 months ago

Kalia is the LOML

3 months ago

Congrats to the Alabama ladies. In a year full of distractions, they made school history.