3 Projected Scorers Among Texas NCAA Scratches: Heasley, Harder, Crane


  • When: Wednesday, March 24 – Saturday, March 27, 2021
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Prelims 10 AM/ Finals 6 PM (Local Time)
  • Short course yards (SCY) format
  • Defending champion: Cal (1x) – 2019 results
  • Streaming:
  • Championship Central
  • Psych Sheets
  • Live Results

With 26 men in line to qualify for the NCAA Championships and an 18-person roster cap, the Texas men had to cut three swimmers who were seeded to score – with more cuts still to come.

Ethan Heasley was seeded 15th in the mile and 16th in the 400 IM. Ethan Harder was seeded 15th in the 200 fly, and Cole Crane was seeded 16th in that event. All three were scratched as Texas cut down to 18 men.

Interestingly, there are four swimmers not seeded to score who were not yet scratched. Junior Jason Park‘s top seed is 19th in the 200 back, freshman Coby Carrozza has twin 21st seeds in the 500 free and 200 free, senior JohnThomas Larson is seeded 21st in the 1650 free, and junior Charlie Scheinfeld is just 31st in the 100 breast.

It’s possible some or all the four haven’t fully tapered yet. But there are a few other reasons why Texas may have chosen the way they did. The major one is relay impact. Carrozza is the team’s #5-ranked 200 freestyler this year, and could wind up on the 800 free relay. Without Scheinfeld, the team would have just a single breaststroker at NCAAs – Caspar Corbeau. In the COVID-19 landscape, there’s plenty of value in having insurance relay pieces, just in case a swimmer can’t compete for any reason on the day of a relay.

Current 18-Person Texas NCAA Roster

1 Foster, Carson 1 4 7
2 Krueger, Daniel 1 10 32
3 Kibler, Drew 2 3 6
4 Pomajevich, Sam 3 18 N/A
5 Jiang, Alvin 5 7 11
6 Foster, Jake 5 10 45
7 Corbeau, Caspar 7 13 44
8 Johnston, David 7 20 22
9 Staka, Chris 8 15 25
10 Zettle, Alex 12 23 64
11 Vines, Braden 12 14 24
12 Larson, Peter 14 20 27
13 Katz, Austin 14 34 N/A
14 Sannem, Jake 15 69 84
15 Park, Jason 19 29 N/A
16 Carrozza, Coby 21 21 34
17 Larson, Johnthomas 21 26 30
18 Scheinfeld, Charlie 31 65 N/A

Divers also count against the 18-man cap, but each diver counts as half a roster spot, because they aren’t eligible to swim relays. Texas will bring at least two divers – Jordan Windle is a multi-event NCAA title contender and may outscore most of the swimmers individually. Meanwhile Noah Duperre is an elite dive recruit in his freshman year, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Texas bring up to two more divers out of Andrew Harness, Brendan McCourt, and Andrew Gawin-Parigini.

That could leave JohnThomas Larson and/or Jason Park on the bubble, based on the relay value of Carrozza and Scheinfeld. Texas will officially qualify its divers later this week at the Zone D meet, and we’ll get their final NCAA roster after that.

First Round Cuts

Here are the eight swimmers scratched from the official psych sheets, along with their seeds:

19 Heasley, Ethan 15 16 30
20 Harder, Ethan 15 31 42
21 Crane, Cole 16 32 N/A
22 Koustik, Andrew 19 52 N/A
23 Van Zandt, Zac 23 40 N/A
24 Neri, Parker 26 33 N/A
25 Bowman, Luke 27 58 N/A
26 Tannenberger, Matthew 32 48 N/A

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6 months ago

Is Luke Bowman Eddie’s grandson?

Reply to  Ghost
6 months ago

yeah, I believe so. I remember people were screaming nepotism when he committed because he wasn’t a stud recruit but he’s turned into quite the swimmer

Reply to  klorn8d
6 months ago

Eddie’s judgement is infallible.

Reply to  Guerra
6 months ago

Would appear so, GOAT gonna GOAT

Reply to  klorn8d
6 months ago

I swear Eddie could take any random 6”3+ guy off the street and turn him into a 1:35 200 freestyler in 2 years

Reply to  PVSFree
6 months ago

Not me 🙁

6 months ago

Just being nitpicky –

You mention they cut 10, but so far have only cut 8. Of course they will eventually have to cut more, but as it stands just 8 🙂

6 months ago

Incredible that we have articles based solely on the fact Eddie & the team qualified too many swimmers. Legend.

6 months ago

What’s the highest number ever qualified from one school?

Feels like Marsh’s Auburn and Quick’s Stanford teams must have had these kind of issues too.

6 months ago

Eddie’s solution to the Ethan Harder/Ethan Heasley situation: scratch them both.

I was a fan of the Ethan Hardsley method, but alas it must wait for next year.

Michael Andrew Wilson
Reply to  NCSwimFan
6 months ago

RIP Ethan Hardsley and his would-be teammate John Peter Larson

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
6 months ago

“Your middle name is Peter?”

“No my last name is Peter Larson.”

“Then what’s your middle name?”


6 months ago

I don’t agree with the ‘Texas would only have Corbeau as a breaststroker’ bit SwimSwam keeps repeating as reason to have Scheinfeld – if need be, they could always use Jake Foster who had basically identical 100/200 times as Corbeau in HS even if he’s doing the double IMs now. I would think Texas expects Scheinfeld to do something close to his bests

Reply to  iLikePsych
6 months ago

Might as well say, “Cal only has Whitley”.

6 months ago

First, I don’t have any inside information so these are merely educated guesses. It’s possible that the cut takes into consideration whether a swimmer is an upper classman (Jr. or Sr.) or under classman (Fr. or So.) That could explain why JT Larson and Jason Park are in and Heasley, Harder and Crane are out. (Both Larson and Park have qualified & been left home before). In regard to Coby Carrozza, I am guessing he was not rested or shaved at the Big12 Championships based on his times and that he is likely a member of the 800 Free Relay. In regard to Charlie Scheinfeld, again I don’t know if he was rested at Big 12, and he would be… Read more »

Reply to  TexasLonghornAlum
6 months ago

I like that (using seniority)but the end goal is to win and you take the ones that give you the best shot

Last edited 6 months ago by Horninco
Aaron J Thomas
Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

I don’t have a problem with using seniority as the determinant for the first round of cuts. In other words, if they know hey are going to cut Larson but held off until the 2nd round of cuts that seems fine. But yes, other than that, seniority doesn’t matter.

6 months ago

My guess its Larson and park that will be scratched. I also think scheinfield should be scratched in favor of heasley.

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