2024 Big 12 Championships: Texas Women May Lose Lead After 500 Free But Gain It Right Back


Texas came into the second morning with leads on both the men’s and women’s sides after sweeping the 200 medley and 800 free relay last night, as expected. Both teams will look to grow their leads on night two as they also have the most ‘A’ finalists tonight.

Women’s Ups/Mids/Downs

Texas TCU Cincinnati Kansas Houston BYU WVU ISU
500 Free 2/1/0 4/0/1 0/0/2 0/1/0 1/0/2 1/2/0 0/2/2 0/1/1
200 IM 5/1/0 0/0/2 2/0/0 0/0/2 0/4/1 0/1/1 1/2/0 0/0/2
50 Free 5/1/0 1/2/0 1/1/1 0/1/1 0/1/2 1/0/2 0/1/0 0/1/2

In what might be a bit of a shock, TCU might take over the lead from Texas after the 500 free as TCU has four ‘A’ finalists while Texas only has two. The 200 IM though will allow for Texas to take the lead right back as they have five ‘A’ finalists.

TCU will look to claim second by the end of the night with five ‘A’ finalists as no other team has more than three (Cincinnati) on the night. Although they only have one A finalist, Houston is one to watch for with five B finalists.

Men’s Ups/Mids/Downs

Texas TCU WVU Cincinnati BYU
500 Free 3/2/1 3/0/2 1/2/4 1/2/1 0/2/0
200 IM 3/4/1 1/1/3 1/0/3 1/1/1 2/2/0
50 Free 4/0/1 1/3/3 0/2/1 1/2/1 2/2/2

The Texas men will have a solid hold on the night, unless there is a DQ in the 500 free, which typically is unlikely. TCU looks to be in 2nd after the 500 free but BYU has two A finalists in the 200 IM and 50 free and will look to challenge.

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1 month ago

What happens when they join the SEC

Tea rex
1 month ago

Remember that season when Olivia Bray turned into a 500 freestyler, then never swam it again?

I miss the ISL (Go dawgs)
1 month ago


1 month ago

Fear the frog!

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