2022 World Championships: Day 5 Finals SwimSwam Watch Party


Thanks to our guests Cody Miller, Jake Foster, Kaitlin Sandeno and David Berkoff.

Grab a snack, grab a drink, and come watch finals of the 2022 World Championships every day with SwimSwam and some of swimming’s top stars. We’ll be sharing Swimming Stats for every single race and reacting to the swims in Budapest.

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Dr Deluxe
9 months ago

Not sure who Nick, the in-deck reporter, is for NBC, but he needs to loosen up a bit. He also needs to interview EVERY person who takes time after their swim to come over and be interviewed. He has failed to talk to several people who need to share their experience.

Reply to  Dr Deluxe
9 months ago

Nick is NBC Olympics’ lead editor/reporter. His specialty is writing. This is the first time I’ve seen him in this role. He’s a phenomenal journalist, to be able to manage so much knowledge across so many sports.

I’m also 98.6% positive that he has no decision-making authority over who he gets to talk to after races.

Dr Deluxe
Reply to  Braden Keith
9 months ago

Thanks Braden. Yes..I agree with your 98.6
( could be 100%) chance there were time restraints by the producer yelling in Nicks ear. I just feel bad for the kids who don’t get to express themselves on such a great day.
Not doubting Nicks knowledge, he just needs to act like he is enjoying himself !!!
A good start is just SMILING!!
The suggestion of Coleman doing this on -deck job NBC is excellent ! I would pay $( Make -A-Splash ) to have Coleman cut his hair and remove his piercings to fit the NBC
newscaster profile! He is missing out on s great opportunity!!

Jon Nap
9 months ago

These have been real fun! Thanks guys!

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