2021 International Swimming League – Match 11, Day 1: Live Recap


  • Wednesday, September 29 – Thursday, September 30
  • 7:00 am – 9:00 Am EST (1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Local Time)
  • Piscina Felice Scandone, Naples, Italy
  • Short Course Meters (25m – SCM) Format
  • ISL Season 3 Schedules, Start Times, & More
  • Teams Competing: DC Trident, Team Iron, Tokyo Frog Kings, New York Breakers
  • Omega Live Results

It’s day 1 one of the “last chance match” for DC, Iron, Tokyo, and New York. Thus far, those 4 teams have found their way at the bottom of the league rankings for 2021. The high-stakes Match 11 requires a top 2 finish in order to join Aqua, Energy Standard, Cali, Toronto, LA, and London in the play-off round in November, while 3rd and 4th place will be sent home for the year.

Scores at the conclusion of Day 1:

  1. DC Trident – 277
  2. Iron – 226.5
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings – 214.5
  4. New York Breakers – 193



  • Lanes 1 & 2 – New York Breakers
  • Lanes 3 & 4 – Iron
  • Lanes 5 & 6 – Tokyo Frog Kings
  • Lanes 7 & 8 – DC Trident

Follow along live for recap analysis of Match 11:


After Aly Tetzloff got out fast and touched first at the 50, New York’s contingent made a big on the last lap to surpass her but didn’t quite get in there, finishing 2nd and 3rd. However, Tetzloff only jackpotted 1 person; her teammate Harriet Jones, which meant that her 10-point total fell just short of New York’s 11-point total.

This marks Tetzloff’s first win of the season, improving upon her 2nd place finish at match 10. DC and Iron started off with a tie for 3rd point-wise in this event, each collecting 7.


Jakub Majerski managed to use the momentum from the event prior to barrel his way to a first-place finish in the men’s 100 butterly. As was the case for Tetzloff, this marks the first time that Majerski has won this event this season, having placed 6th overall just a few days ago at Match 10.

Majerski dipped under 50 seconds here, getting within a second of compatriot Marcin Cieslak’s 49.18 Polish record from last season.

Matt Temple picked 3 points for New York which gives New York a 13-point total, meaning that they now sit at 23 points for first place and an early lead at Match 11. Camden Murphy and Zach Harting were 2nd and 5th here, scoring 11 points, while Iron got 8 points and Tokyo 5.


Gabby DeLoof and Paige Madden worked well together here to not only both place within the top 3 for Tokyo, but win the event overall with 15 points total. Daryna Zevina nearly got the touch that would have extended New York’s lead but her 2nd place finish, along with teammate Peda’s 7th place finish meant a total of 9 points overall.

Notably, Ingeborg Loyning fell from a 2:03.67 victory at Match 10 to a 2:07.15 here.


Before this swim by Jacob Pebley, no man in the league had been faster than Evgeny Rylov’s 1:49.61 at Match 1. Not only is Pebley now the quickest swimmer in the league this season in the men’s 200 backstroke, but he also swam his own personal best, dipping under the 1:48.98 he swam in 2016.

Pebley’s 12 points here included a jackpotted amount from teammate Mark Nikolaev and Tokyo Frog King Richard Bohus. Iron got second place points here considering their 3rd and 4th place finishes for a total of 11, while Tokyo and New York each netted 7.


The New York Breakers are showing today that they won’t be going down without a fight as Abbie Wood and Molly Renshaw pulled off the 1-2 finish here to pick up 17 points overall. That’s a slight improvement upon Wood and Renshaw’s 1-3 finish last match as they both dipped under 2:19.

Jenna Strauch wasn’t bad here, hitting third place and a 2:20.39 which is just off her recent 2:19.94 at Match 10 but her teammate Ida Hulkko took 8th for the 4th time this season, losing her points to Wood.


In what was his third 200 breaststroke performance of the season, Cody Miller got out to a quick start of 27.64 on the opening 50 and held his lead for the first 3 50s of the race. It looked like Miller had locked down the win for DC until Iron’s Erik Persson let out a powerful charge down the final lap and wound up out-touching Miller by just 0.05 seconds to pick up 12 points for Iron.

Iron teammate James Wilby was jackpotted here meaning that Persson’s 12 points was the team’s total for the event, while Miller’s 7 points and Tommy Cope’s 4 points from 5th made in 11 points for DC.

Daiya Seto wasn’t quite fast enough to collect his 3rd win this season and hit a 2:03.83 for 3rd place.


  1. DC Trident – 3:28.79
  2. Iron – 3:30.38
  3. New York Breakers – 3:31.00
  4. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:31.22
  5. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:33.48
  6. DC Trident – 3:33.50
  7. New York Breakers – 3:37.48
  8. Iron – 3:40.08

Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Barbora Seemanova got off to an early lead for Iron in the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay, hitting a 51.97 and 51.68 on their 1st and 2nd leg splits, respectively. Both of those splits for the Iron’s sprint stars marked improvements upon their times in this relay at Match 10 where Iron went on to win the event.

By the third leg, however, DC Trident’s Anna Hopkin was ready to chase. Hopkin joined the race in second-place for DC and managed to pass Iron’s Veronika Andrusenko, hitting a 51.06 freestyle split which is actually the 3rd-quickest 100 freestyle leg thus far this season. Teammate Annika Bruhn followed Hopkin with a 52.89 anchor leg, securing DC’s win and 24-point yield for the first-place team.

Combined with their 6th place finishers, DC raked in a total of 30 points, allowing DC to pull into the lead overall.


Just after Anna Hopkin delivered the league’s fastest 100 freestyle split the league has seen this year, teammate Ryan Hoffer powered his way to a 21.13 victory in the 50 freestyle which marks his own fastest swim of 2021. Hoffer picked up his first 50 freestyle ISL win at Match 5 for DC, fell to 3rd at Match 9, and then did what he needed to do here to extend his team’s lead.

New York’s Stan Pijnenburg was somewhat of a breakout swimmer in this event at the recent Match 10 where he rose to 2nd overall following 2 6th place finishes, Here, Pijnenburg nearly got another #2 touch but couldn’t quite catch Iron’s Thom de Boer.

Thom de Boer’s 21.19 for second place, combined with Marco Orsi’s 21.47 for 4th means 12 points total for the team.


After her team got out-touched in the 4×100 freestyle relay, Ranomi Kromowidjojo came back moments later with a vengeance. She powered her way to a 23.74 victory as the only swimmer under 24 seconds. Surprisingly, this swim for Kromowidjojo is actually her first top-2 finish thus far in 2021, improving upon a trio of 3rd place finishes and a 4th place finish.

Kromowidjojo’s teammate Melanie Henique decided to sit out of the earlier relay and that decision seems to have slightly paid off as she took 4th place here to bring Iron’s total up to 15 points for the event.

MEN’S 200 IM

Andreas Vazaios is on a dominant 200 IM win streak this season for DC and has picked up his 4th win here in as many matches. While his 1:51.15 was enough to wipe out the competition, he slightly trailed his own PB and Greek record in this event which sits at a 1:50.85 from back in 2019.

Vazaios was also near to the 1:51.12 that Daiya Seto swam at Match 6 which currently sits as the fastest swim overall this season. Seto was also in the heat and was not far off his season-best with a 1:51.80 for second place while Leonardo Santos for Iron was 3rd.


Following her Olympic victory in the long course version of this event, Yui Ohashi has remained a consistent force for her Tokyo Frog Kings in the 200 IM this season. Ohashi notched a 2:04.86 today for 1st place, marking her 3rd win of the season. That allowed her to jackpot New York Breaker Molly Renshaw and teammate Leah Gingrich.

Ohashi also got within a second of Sydney Pickrem’s league-leading time of 2:04.59 from Match 9. Renshaw’s teammate Abbie Wood was second here and considering Renshaw’s jackpot, picked up her team’s only points in the event, totaling 7. DC managed to beat New York point-wise with their 3rd and 4th place finishes from Andison and Jakabos.


Yasuhiro Koseki followed Ohashi’s win here win a first-place finish in the men’s 50 breaststroke, marking his second win of the season. Not only did he swim the fastest time in the pool, but he also swam a new Asian record of 26.01, shaving 0.01 seconds off his own mark of 29.02. He had swum that 26.02 first back in 2018 and then equaled the mark in 2019.

Kirill Strelnikov for Iron and Koseki’s Tokyo teammate Alessandro Pinzutti tied for 2nd place, earning 6.5 points each, while Koseki managed to jackpot both of New York’s swimmers meaning they picked up 0 points overall.


Ida Hulkko came back in a big way here following her 8th place finish in the 200 breaststroke less than an hour ago. Hulkko notched a 29.68 which is both her fastest time thus far in the season and her best finish, improving upon her pair of 2nd place finishes at matches 5 and 7.

Hulkko stole points from 1 swimmer on every team but her own, meaning that Iron’s 20-point total easily beat out Tokyo’s 7, New York’s 6, and DC’s 4.


  1. New York Breakers – 3:06.76 (20 points)
  2. DC Trident – 3:06.82 (14 points)
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:07.37 (12 points)
  4. DC Trident – 3:08.29 (10 points)
  5. Iron – 3:08.76 (8 points)
  6. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:10.07 (6 points)
  7. New York Breakers – 3:10.92 (4 points)
  8. Iron – 3:29.22 (- 2 points)

New York flipped between 2nd and 3rd over the course of the first few legs as DC Trident held a steady lead courtesy of Schegolev, Pebley, and Harting. Matt Temple from the New York Breakers, however, with a massive 45.99 anchor leg for his team and managed to beat DC’s Zach Apple who split a 46.32.

DC seems to have evened out their 2 teams, however, leaving Ryan Hoffer on their “B” team. That decision may have paid off in the end as DC’s 2nd and 4th placing team picked up 24 points total which actually equals New York’s combined total of 24 courtesy of 1st place and 7th.


Ali DeLoof and Melanie Henique battled it out here until the very last stroke, winding up with a perfect tie for first place of 26.32. The win marks Henique’s first one in the 50 backstroke this season, while Ali DeLoof won the event twice before at Match 4 and Match 5.

Alicia Tchorz and Paulina Peda were strong for New York, scoring 11 points total from 3rd and 4th place which actually ties DC’s total and is just one short of Iron’s 12.

The winning duo managed to jackpot both Tokyo swimmers who happen to be co-victor Ali DeLoof’s sisters, Gabby and Catie.


Mark Nikolaev continued DC’s powerful string of performances here with a sub-23 swim for first place. Having only swum the event twice before this thus far in 2021, Nikolaev marked his first win of the season and wasn’t too far off London Roar’s Guilherme Guido’s league-leading time of 22.60.

Fresh off a 200 IM victory, Andreas Vazaios was a solid #2 here for DC, bring their point total up to 14. Iron, Tokyo, and New York followed with 11, 7, and 7 points, respectively.


Paige Madden managed to get to the wall first at the 100-meter mark with a 55.99 to pick up the check-point points. Madden faded to 6th, however, by the end of the race while Joanna Evans surged to a 4:00.14 victory for DC. Iron’s freestyle ace Barbora Seemanova wasn’t far off with a 4:02.44 while versatile New York swimmer Abbey Wood finished 3rd time-wise with a 4:03.21.


Prior to this race, Brendon Smith held the top time of the season at a 3:39.20 from Match 10 and has now improved that mark to a 3:37.11. Smith has now pulled off a perfect 5-for-5 first place finishes in the event this season. Teammate Brandonn Almeida raked in 5 points for New York to give the team 19 overall.


  1. Iron – 3:49.91 (18 points)
  2. DC Trident – 3:50.22 (14 points)
  3. New York Breakers – 3:50.86 (12 points)
  4. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:51.59 (10 points)
  5. DC Trident – 3:51.97 (8 points)
  6. Iron – 3:53.64 (6 points)
  7. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:54.56 (4 points)
  8. New York Breakers – 3:56.29 (2 points)

Iron got off to a slow start here as Ingeborg Loyning notched a 58.04 backstroke split for 6th place overall, while Ali DeLoof lead the way for DC with a 56.73. Ida Hulkko made up some ground for Iron on the second leg and Emilie Beckmann caught up for Iron, tying Ting Wen Quah for the second-place spot at the end of the 3rd leg.

In the home stretch, Ranomi Kromowidjojo decided she wouldn’t let her team be out-touched for the second time in the session, swimming a 50.86 to beat Anna Hopkin to the touch.

Iron’s 1st and 6th place finish in the event netted them 24 points overall which will give them the ability to pick the stroke for tomorrow’s skins race.


  1. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:22.76 (18 points)
  2. DC Trident – 3:23.36 (14 points)
  3. Iron – 3:24.55 (12 points)
  4. DC Trident – 3:24.97 (10 points)
  5. Iron – 3:25.17 (8 points)
  6. New York Breakers – 3:26.12 (6 points)
  7. Tokyo Frog Kings – 3:26.16 (4 points)
  8. New York Breakers – 3:27.88 (2 points)

It was a similar story on the men’s side as the Tokyo Frog King’s trailed at 4th place following the backstroke leg but when recent Asian record-breaker Yasuhiro Koseki took to the pool they had advanced to 3rd place. Takeshi Kawamoto followed with a 48.74 butterfly split to bring the Frog Kings into the lead, leaving Nandor Nemeth to finish it off and pull off the win.

Tokyo may have finished first overall in the heat but DC picked up 24 points thanks to their 2nd and 4th place finishes, beating Tokyo’s 22-point total. That means that DC will choose both the men’s and women’s strokes.

Scores at the conclusion of Day 1:

  1. DC Trident – 277
  2. Iron – 226.5
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings – 214.5
  4. New York Breakers – 193

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M d e
2 months ago

So top 2 go on regardless of regular season?

I legitimately don’t understand what the organisers of this comp think they are doing.

Reply to  M d e
2 months ago

It balances out because some teams (DC I am looking at you) have tougher schedules compared to others so this match is a better indicator of which teams are truly better.

Reply to  M d e
2 months ago

Just like the playin games of any other sport.

M d e
Reply to  Mike
2 months ago

Show me another sport we’re every single team progresses past the regular season and I’ll show you another sport with a dumb format.

I have no problem with the playoffs, but what’s the point of the regular season if every team makes them.

2 months ago

Chalmers is racing the 100 fly again at the Berlin World Cup so maybe he’s gonna try again introducing it into his program after the injury caused it to be dropped.

Daeleb Creseel
Reply to  Troyy
2 months ago

He’s doing 100IM too. Exciting

Reply to  Troyy
2 months ago

Still waiting for news on a livestream 🙁

Ledecky will go under 8 minutes in the 800
Reply to  Troyy
2 months ago

Where is the starting list for World Cup?

Last edited 2 months ago by Ledecky will go under 8 minutes in the 800

FINA website lists athletes competing for each event. Omega timing will have the actual start lists

2 months ago


2 months ago

Stream has gone to sh-t.

Daeleb Creseel
2 months ago

Pls let NYB go through so we can see Popovici in ISL. *praying for miracle*

Reply to  Daeleb Creseel
2 months ago

Popovici won’t do it because then he’s ineligible for ncaa which I’m pretty sure he’s said he plans on doing

Reply to  Tyson
2 months ago

he said he is not sure yet but has been in contact with NCAA coaches. personally I dont see him being as great in short course as he is in long course. his power is in his swimming and his turns negatively affect his races. at an NCAA school like Florida, where guys like Kieran and Bobby have an incredible stroke and turns, he could be dangerous.

Reply to  NCAA>ISL
2 months ago

Well if his swimming is his strength and his turns are weak…why not go to the place that will make his turns better…

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  NCAA>ISL
2 months ago

Who knows, he might turn out to be someone like Haas who is great in short course despite terrible turns…

2 months ago

Legitimately the closest match so far in terms of the fight for 2nd and qualification

Arthur Ruppin
2 months ago

I must question Breakers’ decision not to use Meiron Cheruti on the 50m free. Clearly he isn’t in great form after the quarantine but he is still a sprinter, while Kraska’s range is around 200m.

Reply to  Arthur Ruppin
2 months ago

Only get 12 individual spots. Unless he’s going to win a 50 it’s not great use.

2 months ago

WHAT is James Wilby doing this season? He literally hasn’t been not jackpotted even once and he’s an Olympic finalist. What’s the point in racing ISL if you’re gonna be consistently swimming 3-4 seconds above your PB and earning no money?
Surely the coaches can field someone faster than 2:09 scm 200 breast…

Last edited 2 months ago by Uhhh